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Total Eclipse


Level Select

Fly through Total Eclipse with this life-saving level select. Go to the Quit/Preview option screen, hold down the Stop button, and push B, L, A. Then release the Stop button. Now push B, L, A, B, L, then A. You are now able to begin the game on any of the first 20 levels.

Metal Gear Saga Remix
Mario Game: Beetle Strikes Back 2


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en fly over it again. You will see Elvis with his yellow cape waving his arms! Laser Power-up, Missile Power-up, Smart Bomb, and Invincibility Press II to pause the game during play and enter this master cheat: B, A, C, C, A, A, and X. Press II again, enter any of the codes below, and then press X. You can use the missile power-up and smart bomb only once per mission. Laser Power-up: C, A, A, B, A, C, A. "Xtra Laser" message appears. Missile Power-up: C, A, A, B, A. "Nuke 'Em Up" message appears. Smart Bomb: A, C, A, B, A, A, C, A, A, A. "Smart Bomb" message appears. Invincibility: A, B, A, C, A, A, B, A. "Invincible" message appears.

Road Rash
oney that you need for the best bike.