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Out of the Park Baseball 6


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KKnd 2: crossfire
game, press CTRL and TAB together at exactly the same time. It may take you a little while to hit them together. When you do, a message will be displayed saying 'Cheats Enabled.' Then enter any one of the following: CTRL-M = Extra money. CTRL-C = Win level. CTRL-F = Lose level. CTRL-W = Turn on waypoint information. CTRL-E = Turn off waypoint information. CTRL-T = Turn off the fog of war Command line parameters ----------------------- To use a custom unit configuration file in the single player missions, run the game with the command line parameter '-stats' followed by the name of the configuration file. For example: Kknd2.exe -badnews -stats justybear Invincible Army --------------- Create an invincible army in unit editor. Start a multiplayer game using that setup. Exit the multiplayer game onto the main menu. Go into singleplayer and start a mission. It will then activate your invincible army. Game-Tips ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Tip: Read the manual carefully: using the Constructables menus properly is the key to victory. Tip: Be very careful when setting up defenses, as the computer AI is good enough to find weaknesses. Tip: Always use scouts and plan your attacks carefully; the computer will launch counteroffensives when your base is vulnerable.

Mech Commander Gold
00 RP. Invincibility Activate cheats, then in combat type: osmium - Makes you invincible to enemy attacks. Max gunnery skill for MechWarriors Activate cheats, then in combat type: deadeye No drop weight limit Activate cheats, then in the Logistics Phase type:rockandrollpeople - Turns off the drop weight limit on the Battalion Transport. Repair and Reload Activate cheats, then in combat type: lorrie - Repairs your mechs and vehicles as well as gives back wasted ammo. Reveal the map Activate cheats, then in combat type: mineeyeshaveseentheglory Salvage all mechs in a level Activate cheats, then in the Logistics Phase type:glennrocksthehouse - Salvage every mech as long as you don't check your salvage because then all the mechs destroyed so far will be removed from the salvage box. You only need to type the code once through the whole game. It will work every level after you type it. Show the framerate Activate cheats, then in combat type: framegraph Unlimited nuke strikes Activate cheats, then in combat type: lordbunny. Hold B and left-click to use.

African Safari
e1 Hunting License (Eland) license2 Hunting License (Zebra) license3 Hunting License (Elephant) license4 Hunting License (Kudu) Change Villager's Clothes: When you are in Africa and can go to the shop, inn and the small village, click on the village. It should take you to a screen that shows a man. Click on him about 4 times. He should talk about hunting and his shorts will turn black. Click on him 4 more times and he will put a shirt on. Free Money: For some free money, move the cursor to the upper left-hand corner and press Ctrl-4. Be sure the mouse is all the way in the corner or it won't work. Poaching on the Plains Normally, poachers are arrested as they attempt to smuggle spoils out of the country. But the savvy hunter can take home poached animals by retiring to their hut (and sleeping) for the reminder of the expedition!