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Batman & Robin


30 Lives:

To start with 30 lives, press C, Left, Down, B, Right at the title screen.

Infinite Lives:

At the title screen, press Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up,

Down, Left, Right, Up, Down.

Small Characters on the Selection Screen:

Go to the OPTIONS screen, highlight EXITS and press Left, Right,

Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Down. Repeat

this three more times then start the game.

Sound Test:

Enable the "View ending sequence" code. Press Left + C during the

ending sequence to pause. Press B, C, D, or the D-pad to hear

different sounds.

Unlimited Weapons:

At the player selection screen, press Up, Left, Down, A, C, D.

Submitted by Craig Lowe

View Ending:

To view the ending animation, press B, D, B, D, B, D at the title


Donkey Kong Country Returns
Wolfenstein 3D for Windows
Falco Lines
Cheese Megadventure
Sid Sucks PC Edition


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