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Mary-Kate And Ashley: Sweet 16


Driving game:

On the driving game, follow another car and take all of their spaces. Note: When you get to the exit there may be cones to avoid.

Zombie Protocol
Hoyle Card Games
Sims3 - Paris Square
Egyptian Addiction


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NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
er: First Name: Walmart, Last Name: Exclusive Pocono Track Finish in first place in all 34 races in a full season to unlock the Pocono track. Cheat Codes Create a new driver with the following names (use first word in the name as the first name, and second one as the last name) to enable a desired cheat: $10,000,000 in Chase for the Cup - Walmart NASCAR 10,000,000 Fans - MakeMe Famous 2,000,000 Prestige Points - You TheMan Unlocks All Thunder Plates - Open Sesame Unlock Dale Earnhardt, Sr. - The Intimidator Unlock Mr. Clean Pit Crew - Clean Crew Lakeshore Drive - Walmart Exclusive All Dodge Events - Dodge Stadium All Mr. Clean Cars - Mr.Clean Racing Unlocks Old Spice Track - OldSpice Venue Unlocks Levi Strauss Cars - Levi Strauss153 Unlocks Old Spice Cars - OldSpice Motorsports Unlocks Dodge Cars - Race Dodge Unlocks Auto Zone Cars - GetIn TheZone Busch Series 2: Ron Hornaday 02: Hermie Sadler 5: Kyle Busch 8: Dale Jr. 9: Jeff Burton 9: Mark Martin 10: Terry Cook 12: Tim Fedewa 14: Casey Atwood 17: Matt Kenseth 18: JJ Yeley 20: Mike Bliss 21: Kevin Harvick 22: Jason Keller 23: Kenny Wallace 25: Bobby Hamilton Jr. 27: Johnny Sauter 32: David Stremme 33: Paul Menard 37: David Green 46: Ashton Lewis 56: Cody Holt 60: Greg Biffle 63: Luke Nixon 64: Russel Hughes 66: Billy Parker 81: Bart Hawkins 82: Randy LaJoie 83: Manny Brown 86: Shane Kirkland 103: Trey Murray 106: Wally Renshaw 107: Gene Martin 108: Jared Holmes 109: Lance Brantley 110: Bobby Butler 112: Nick Richardson 113: Tiny Buchanan 116: Jimmy Hill 117: Corey Haynes 119: Eddie Hammock 121: Ray Westberry 123: Jay Chapman 124: JC Mathers 125: Al Wiggins 128: Donnie Hart 131: Drew Campbell 134: Johnnie Moore 135: Dwayne Borlan 137: Shawn Batson 138: Blue Castleberry 139: Steve Callaway 152: Darrell Bradford 168: Craig Miller 178: John Jones Nextel Series 0: Ward Burton 01: Joe Nemechek 2: Rusty Wallace 5: Terry Labonte 6- Mark Martin 8: Dale Jr. 9: Kasey Kahne 10: Scott Riggs 12: Ryan Newman 15: Michael Waltrip 16: Greg Biffle 17: Matt Kenseth 18: Bobby Labonte 20: Tony Stewart 21: Ricky Rudd 22: Scott Wimmer 24: Gordonowitz 25: Brian Vickers 28: Tracis Kvapil 29: Kevin Harvick 30: Johnny Sauter 31: Robby Gordon 32: Ricky Craven 33: Paul Menard 38: Elliot Sadler 40: Sterling Marlin 41: Casey Mears 42: Jamie McMurray 43: Jeff Green 45: Kyle Petty 48: Jimmie Johnson 50: Derrike Cope 77: Brendan Gaughan 88: Dale Jarrett 97: Kurt Busch 99: Jeff Burton Truck Series 4: Bobby Hamilton 6: Matt Crafton 16: Jack Sprague 18: Chad Chaffin 22: Bill Lester 24: Travis Kvapil 38: Brandon Whitt 50: Jon Wood 56: Scott Bush 64: Ryan Carter 82: Billy Wilson 83: Richard Johnson 86: Jake Bradley 99: Carl Edwards 103: Larry Watson 105: Kevin Quinn 106: Carl Richards 107: Mark Handle 108: Barry Wilder 110: Bennie Allen 116: Troy Perry 117: Wesley Schmidt 119: Keith Grimsley 121: Lee Anderson 123: Adam Bell 124: Doug Thompson 128: Chad Wright 131: Gary Freeley 135: Kenny Hall 137: Robbie Young 139: Ace Johnson 152: Bob Speer 164: Andy Lyman 178: Jack Baker

Rainbow Six: Lockdown
ntel points More damage: Spend 250 intel points Weapons MP7SD: Spend 40 intel points SPAS 15: Spend 40 intel points UMP-9: Spend 50 intel points AS9: Spend 60 intel points U100MK3: Spend 60 intel points MTAR-21: Spend 70 intel points USAS 12: Spend 70 intel points M249SPW: Spend 80 intel points P90TR: Spend 80 intel points GL69A: Spend 100 intel points SR-4 CQB: Spend 100 intel points

Die Hard: Vendetta
At the main menu, press L, L, R, L. Pin Heads: At the main menu, press B, X, Y, B, X, Y. Exploding fists: At the main menu, press R, R, Y, B, X, R, R. Hot fists: At the main menu, press L, L, X, B, Y, L, L. Exploding bullets: At the main menu, press L, R, Z, Y, B. Slower enemies: At the main menu, press B, X, Y, Z, L, R. I Got The Power mode Press Z, B, Z, B, Z, B at the main menu. A message at the bottom of the screen will confirm correct code entry. All characters in the game will have blue electrical energy flowing all over their bodies. It also seems to give your weapons more knockdown power. Hero mode Press L + Y with a full special meter. Unlimited ammunition Press Z(4), L, R at the main menu. A message at the bottom of the screen will confirm correct code entry.

Room Zoom
el and found all the keys, do not worry you still get the prize. However to go onto the next level, you must place third or higher. In the third Grand Prix, in the second to last level "Tomb And Gloom" is where you can unlock the find fastest car once you have found all the keys. The third and last key is hidden well here. It is in a curtain draped off the ground in a descending matter (just hop of the ledge onto the curtain). A good rule of thumb when looking for keys is to change the cars view to a more elevated position, then try to spot the sparkling keys in the distance.

Tom And Jerry: War of the Whiskers
s Butch. Unlock Nibbles: Successfully complete challenge mode as Spike. Play as Spike: Successfully complete challenge mode as Tom. Unlock Tyke: Successfully complete challenge mode as Jerry. Disable Robot Cat: Successfully complete challenge mode as Lion.