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Excel 2000 Spy Hunter:



1. Open Excel 2000.

2. Go to File, Save as Web Page.

3. Then Click Publish.

4. Check the little box that says "Add Interactively With"

5. Click Publish.

6. Close Excel .

7. Open IE

8. Click File,Open, Browse.

9. Go to where you saved it and click open

10. Now you should be looking at a spreadsheet.

11. Go all the way to row 2000.

12. Click column A and drag all the way to column ZZ

13. Hit Tab and it should take you back to A.

14. Hold Tab all the way to WC. When you get there make sure WC is a white

box and all the others are green

15. Hold ctrl + alt + shift and left click on the four puzzle piece thing

(The MS Excel Logo) in the upper left hand corner.

Excel 2000 Spy Hunter:

Open Excel 2000, (it automatically creates a blank book for you) then

go to File, Save As, then in the dialog box, under where you would type

the file name, select the drop-down menu next to 'Save As Type:' then

select ' Web Page' then just under the large box that lists folders &

files, select the radio button for 'Selection: Sheet' then click 'Add

Interactivity' (it is right underneath the 'Selection: Sheet' then

click the 'Publish...' button. In the 'Publish As Web Page' dialog box,

just click the 'Publish' button at the bottom. Oepn the page in Internet

Explorer (I used IE 5.0) then scroll or page down to line 2000, then

highlight it (very important) then, without clicking anywhere else, tab

to cell 'WC' then, Shift-CTRL-Alt-Click the Office Logo, then have fun!

I just stayed in the lane I started in and held down the spacebar and 'O'

(as in Oscar) keys and If I saw other cars with headlights on, I pressed

the 'H' key. (The headlights stay on until you click the 'H' key again.)

Dino Spell
Napoleon: Total War
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros Classic
Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas
Starcraft 2 Replay 0079 - Nazgul[P] vs HayprO[Z] #2


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Sims, The: Double Deluxe
keep hitting enter and then clicking the OK button. Cheat Codes To bring up the cheat screen, press alt+shift+c, then type in any one of these passwords: Code - Effect: rosebud - adds an extra $1,000 move_objects on - allows you to move all objects cam_mode - camera toggle (cam_mode on to turn on, cam_mode off to turn off). prepate_lot - fix required lot objects mansion - gives you the best mansion autonomy - intelligence (0-1,000) interests - It'll let you change your interests and personality music - music toggle lot size - set lot size (number) set_hour - set the time you want to get up (1-24) soundevent - sound event toggle sound - sound toggle reload_people - total reload of animations, people, skins, and suits move_objects off - turns off the cheat above html - web creation toggle water tool - you can put water around your house

Advent Rising
te SeekerXJ9 - Darkfire SeekerMicrowaveGun - Discord Pistol - Faust PlayersOnly - Freeze Everyone but You SeekerLauncher - Fury God - God Mode Blaster - H.A.Z.E. Assault - Kaull Suicide - Kill Yourself BadAss - Max Skills On/Off Teleport - Move to Crosshair Invincible - One-Hit Kills Photon - Stalker StunGun - Stun Gun Launcher - Talmage SeekerPistol - Talon UseAmmo - Unlimited Ammo/Energy XJ9 - XJ9 Bonus Boss battle: Wait until the credits end to face another Boss in a bonus battle. Defeating Ethan: When facing Ethan in the bonus battle (if you took Oliva), he will start charging the black ball above his head. Equip the Surge power. When he tosses it, you can knock it back. He will catch it and throw it back three more times. After the third time, it will hit him. He will then fall to the ground and three gold colored rocks will fall from the ceiling. Use Lift to pick them up and throw them. Repeat this about four or five times to kill him. You and Ethan will then get sucked into a warp hole and get dumped in a snowstorm. Your health will drop very quickly. Walk to the top left and a strange figure will find you. Easy kills: To have easy kills, max out your Aeon Pulse to level 5. After doing so, switch you Aeon Pulse so that you will be able to do radial flare. Because your pulse is maxed out, it usually kills in one hit. It will also mostly kill everyone in the room that you are in . Escape pod choice: After you return to the escape pod bay with Olivia, Ethan tells you to take Olivia and run to the escape pod while Olivia tells you to take Ethan. At this point, you may choose either one depending on who you walk towards. If you walk towards Ethan, you take him to the pod and see Olivia get scanned. If you walk towards Olivia, you take her to the pod and see Ethan get scanned. At the end of the first chapter, you will choose who gets to come with you on the escape pod. This choice only affects the banter between your character and the one you save. After the credits end, you will play the epilogue, and the person you left behind in the first chapter is who becomes the final Boss in the game. Chapter 1: Secret Super Mario Bros. tunnel: After Ethan and Gideon are at the escape pods, Ethan will instruct you to find Olivia. You must first find and use six hidden buttons in this level. To find the first button, repeatedly hit the locker in the first room until it disappears. To find the second button, look behind the pillars to the left of where you start in the first room. To find the third button, exit the first room in the direction you entered this level. The button is located near the door with the fire in front of it. To find the fourth button, look behind the left locker in the second escape pod room. The fifth button is found behind the pillars in the second escape pod. The final button is located on a door on the first section of walkway overlooking the large room with people running below and ships flying in space above. Once the final button is pushed, simply turn around and follow the now open path to the secret tunnel. Once on the other side you can find a pipe that resembles those from the Super Mario Bros. Climb into it to warp to a Mario-style cave, where the music also changes to match that of a classic game. Jump across the platforms and reach the end of the cave. Once there you will find three more pipes. Each one of them will warp you ahead to a farther point in the game. The pipe on the left advances to the intermission sequence showing Marin, Giddeon, and Olivia taking off from the planet in Chapter 4. The middle pipe warps you to the top of a building in New Bahn. The pipe on the right warps you to the escape pod intermission sequence. Chapter 4: Secret Super Mario Bros. pipe: Find and use the six hidden buttons in level B of this chapter. To find the first button, when you first start destroy the black object in the wall in front of you. After you pass under a large gun and you will walk into an open area with three more black objects. Destroy the black object in the corner opposite the entrance to the area to find the second button. Then, go up the small ramp and wait until two bridges appear, on one side of another large gun. Use a charged jump from the bridge to reach a platform above the large gun to access a hidden room with the third button. Proceed through the level until reaching an area with three doors that enemies are appearing from. There should be two small doors to the right and a large door under a turret farther back (which leads to a tunnel that contains the fourth button). To find the fifth and sixth button, get to where you must use a switch to create a bridge. Do so and start crossing it. While walking across the bridge, look to the right to find an alcove with two large explosive objects in it. Destroy both of them to find the last two buttons. Note: Use the button closer to the start of the bridge first or the secret pipe will remain locked. After all six buttons are used in order, the locked door at the end of the bridge can be opened, leading to the secret Super Mario Bros. pipe.

James Bond:The Stealth Affair
ake UNUSED PASSPORT 5. Use UNUSED PASSPORT on OPENING 6. Operate DOWN BUTTON until the name of the country appears 7. Operate ENTER BUTTON 8. Operate FALSE BOTTOM 9. Take PEN 10. Take AMERICAN PASSPORT 11. Examine AMERICAN PASSPORT 12. Operate BRIEFCASE 13. Exit thru door 14. Go back to room 1 Room 1 (Again) 1. Use Newspaper Country's PASSPORT on CUSTOM OFFICIAL 2. Speak to WELCOME HOSTESS 3. Examine TELEGRAM 4. Exit left Room 3 (More customs) 1. Use AIRLINE TICKET on GUARD 2. Exit middle left (by 'Salida' sign) Room 4 (Baggage) 1. Examine BAGGAGE 2. Take Mr. MARTINEZ's BAGGAGE 3. Exit right Room 3 (Again) 1. Exit thru door on upper right Room 5 (Other Bathroom) 1. Enter 1st stall 2. Operate BAGGAGE 3. Exit stall 4. Examine ELECTRIC PLUG 5. Examine ELECTRIC RAZOR 6. Use ELECTRIC CABLE on ELECTRIC PLUG 7. Exit left Room 3 (Again) 1. Use Newspaper Country's PASSPORT on CUSTOM OFFICIAL 2. Exit to lower left Room 6 (Airport Entrance) 1. Go thru glass doors 2. Wait for taxi 3. Walk up to taxi Scene 2 : Flowers of Death Room 1 (Outside Flower Shop) 1. Exit to the upper left Room 2 (Outside Bank) 1. Enter bank thru door Room 3 (Inside Bank) 1. Use BENCH OF NOTES on BANK TELLER 2. Exit right Room 2 (Again) 1. Exit right (Go back to the flower shop) Room 1 (Again) 1. Use COINS on FLORIST 2. Take RED CARNATIONS 3. Exit upper left Room 2 (Again) 1. Exit upper left (up and behind the bank) Room 4 (Park) 1. Move to PARK BENCH 2. Use RED CARNATION on JOHN 3. Quickly leave screen to the lower right (After animation sequence) Room 2 (Again) 1. Enter bank Room 3 (Again) 1. Use BENCH OF NOTES on BANK TELLER 2. Use CARD AND KEY on BANK TELLER 3. Go downstairs (Bottom of screen) Room 5 (Bank saferoom) 1. Use KEY on lower right SAFE 2. Take LITTLE BOX 3. Take ENVELOPE SCENE 3 : Cave in! Room 1 (The cave) 1. Examine GROUND by John 2. Operate GROUND 3. Examine PIECE OF METAL 4. Use CORDS on PIECE OF METAL 5. Operate PIECE OF METAL 6. Operate PICKAXE three (3) times (Stand facing the rock wall on the right side of screen) 7. Exit thru hole in the wall SCENE 4 : At the Hotel Room 1 (Seawall by Flower Shop) 1. Exit to upper left Room 2 (By the bank) 1. Exit to lower left Room 3 (Seawall by hotel) 1. Walk down stairs to beach 2. Speak MAN 3. Use COINS on MAN 4. Go up to the hotal Room 4 (In front of Hotel) 1. Go thru turning glass doors Room 5 (Lobby) 1. Speak to RECEPTIONIST 2. Operate ELEVATOR BUTTON 3. Get in ELEVATOR 4. Operate 2 BUTTON Room 6 (2nd Floor) 1. Exit ELEVATOR 2. Operate DOOR on the left Room 7 (Stairwell) 1. Go up first staircase Room 8 (Top of staircase) 1. Exit bottom of screen Room 9 (By elevator door) 1. Go right to last room Room 10 (In from of room door) 1. Operate DOOR SCENE 5 : On the Boat & In the water After 'THROW THEM IN THE WATER but before you are tied up, Operate BRACELET After hitting bottom, quickly Operate BRACELET the Operate GIRL then swim for the surface SCENE 6 : MAZES & The Bad Guy's Mansion After the long animation sequence : Arcade Sequence Room 1 (Hallway) 1. Operate DOOR 2. Go thru doors Room 2 (Mansion Study) 1. Examine STATUE 2. Operate STATUE'S ARM 3. Use LITTLE BOX on SAFE DOOR 4. Operate VALIDATION SWITCH 5. While watching the first four lights on the little box, click on the up and down buttons. When the first light on the little box lites up, that is the first number. Click the round button next to the up and down arrows (the LOCK COMBINATION). Click on the up and down buttons again, when the 2nd light on the little box lites up, click the round button and so on. 6. Operate VALIDATION SWITCH 7. Take LITTLE BOX 8. Operate LOCK COMBINATION 9. Take ENVELOPE Arcade Sequences : Hint - Watch carefully for patterns SCENE 7 : Shark Attack A hint about the large sharks - when they move across the screen either make sure you are high (or low) enough -or- swim straight through the middl of them. ( Room 1 (Water) 1. Swim left Room 2 (More water) 1. Swim down Room 3 (Bottom) 1. Examine SEAWEED (The one on the far left) You must find the ELASTIC BAND 2. Swim right until you can no longer continue right Room 4 (Sea bottom w/ Palm trees) 1. Examine PALM TREE 2. Operate BUTTON 3. Exit to the right (Hole in cliff) SCENE 8 : Captured, Pirhanas & Rats Room 1 (Over fish tank) 1. Use PEN on LOCK 2. Use WATCH on left WALL 3. Use WATCH on right WALL 4. Move to the right 5. Operate GRILL Arcade Sequence : Hint - the way is never simple SCENE 9 : In the ENEMY HQ Room 1 (Bathroom) 1. Operate SOLDIER 2. Take CLOTHES 3. Take ARMY BOOTS 4. Take LACES 5. Use LACES on SOLDIER 6. Take NAPKIN 7. Use NAPKIN on SOLDIER 8. Take GLASS 9. Exit to the bottom of the screen Room 2 (Corridor) 1. Exit to the bottom of the screen Room 3 (Corridor w/ 3 doors) 1. Go thru 1st door at top Room 4 (Drawer room) 1. Operate lower right hand DRAWER 2. Examine same DRAWER 3. Take BLANK STAMP 4. Operate DRAWER (1 up from bottom left) 5. Examine DRAWER (1 up from bottom left) 6. Take LACES 7. Use LACES on JOHN 8. Exit bottom of screen Room 3 (Again) 1. Go up to room 2 Room 2 (Again) 1. Go right Room 5 (Corridor Junction) 1. Wait for information, then go up Room 6 (Corridor w/ 1 door) 1. Go thru door Room 7 (Control room) 1. Use GLASS on WATER FOUNTAIN 2. Operate GARBAGE DUMP 3. Take LIFERAFT 4. Examine CLOTHES 5. Take MISSION INSTRUCTIONS 6. Exit to room 6 Room 6 (Again) 1. Take upper right hand corridor Room 5 (Again) 1. Go left Room 2 (Again) 1. Go thru right hand door Room 8 (Officers room) 1. Use FULL GLASS on OFFICER 2. While OFFICER is drinking, Take STAMP 3. Exit bottom of screen Room 2 (Again) 1. Go right Room 5 (Again) 1. Operate CIGARETTE CASE 2. Examine all CIGARETTEs 3. Operate BLUE RING CIGARETTE 4. Use CIGARETTE PAPER on GLASS 5. Exit bottom of screen Room 6 (Again) 1. Go thru door Room 7 (Again) 1. Use STAMP on INK PAD 2. Use INK PAD on MISSION INSTRUCTIONS 3. Exit bottom of screen Room 6 (Again) 1. Exit upper left hand corridor Room 5 (Again) 1. Use FINGERPRINT on FINGERPRINT ID 2. Exit thru open door Room 9 (Security corridor) 1. Go right Room 10 (Security Room) 1. Use AUTH MISSION on MAILBOX 2. Exit thru open door on top of screen Room 11 (Another Corridor) 1. Use ELECTRIC CABLE on ELECTRIC PLUG 2. Make sure RAZOR is on, Use RAZOR on TRASHCAN 3. Exit to the right Room 12 (Master Control Room) 1. Wait until RAZOR voice starts 2. Quickly Use RED CIGARETTE on COMPUTER 3. After COMPUTER blows up, Quickly Operate Otto 4. Quickly Use COMPACT DISK on CD PLAYER 5. Quickly exit thru door in upper left hand corner 6. Walk along window to right (This whole room must be done VERY QUICKLY) SCENE 10 : End Game 1. On the helicopter, Use ELASTIC BAND on BOMB 2. When falling, Operate LIFEBOAT. Victory!!!

Gangsters: Strategy Guide
amn Cops I. Intro Gangsters is a game of city wide domination. It varies from giving orders, running business, dealing with other gangs and cops, committing crimes, and doing whatever it takes to gain income. It may sound hard trying to all this, but it's not... well, it won't be if you read this damn strategy guide I wrote up. Mainly, I learned these things either by myself, or by flipping through the Gangsters manual. Heck, a lot of it was taken from the manual.. but that's how I learned how to play the game. Everything else is original, nothing was stolen.. hell, to my knowledge, this is the first Gangsters FAQ out there. I haven't been playing the game that long, so I'm sure there are some things I haven't figured out yet. Look for an update of this strategy guide in about two weeks or so.. if I feel like it =) Go on, and let me teach you now. II. Getting Started a) First Orders You first orders should be to extort and recruit. Those two things should be all you're doing in the first week. In the second, you should add Money Collection to your priorities. Hence, the main three things to think of at start are: collecting money, getting more territory (by extorting) and recruiting new hoods. Protecting your area is something you could consider, but it isn't necessary since in the first weeks nobody will be starting a war.. not yet. b) The Hoods Your boys, your gang, your men. You need to use these guys in the right way, or your orders will fail time and time again. The gang leaders are called Lieutenants, and should always be high in two things: intelligence and organization. Along with that should be a high rating in the skill needed for his team's task (ex. the Lieutenant of an extortion team should have a high intimidation factor). At start, you should build four teams. One for protection, extortion, money collection and another for recruiting. The protection is the team that will guard businesses and patrol your territory. The hoods in this group should have high rating in firearms (at least four stars), and a good rating in fists would help as well. The extortion team will get more territory, and each hood in it should have at least four stars in intimidation. The recruiting team should include gangsters with high ratings in intelligence. As for the collectors team, it doesn't really matter since anyone can collect cash. Equipping your Lieutenants is important, and you should consider whether they actually need guns or vehicles. Give weapons to those who really might need it- patrol teams and gangs that are going in to commit a crime. Give guns to the people who have a rating in firearms of at least four stars- they'll know how to use it best. As for vehicles, give them only to the people who you are sending far away. Cars don't come cheap- use them wisely. III. Moving On In The Game a) Buying Businesses Once you have some dough, think about buying a business. This brings in legal money. Since the business are legal, the FBI won't raid them as they would your illegal businesses. Legal cash will hide the amount of illegal money you have, somewhat. If you're making too much illegal money, the FBI will get suspicious- not something you want. However, if you have a good accountant, you don't have to worry about this- a good accountant can cover up the amount of illegal money you pull in. Buying a legal business it pretty simple, and you don't need to worry about sending someone to run it- it's automatically done for you. b) Illegal Businesses Once you feel like it, set up some of these. However, as with normal businesses, you have to place them correctly (ex. a casino would go in a wealthy area, prizefights go in poor areas). Want to know more? Hell, I'm a nice guy... Card Games: put these only in the poor areas. Best location for card games is a pool hall or a book store. Counterfeit: these won't bring in any profit, but will be spread out throughout your legal businesses. The best location for this is the Printer, however the Bank is fine as well. Casinos: put these in wealthy areas and you'll get tons of cash. The Main Bank is the best location. Gambling Den: let's just call this "the casino for the poor." The best location is the pool hall. Dice Games: these go in the real poor areas of town. The best location is either a pool hall or a hotel. Insider Trading: these belong in the commercial centre. Good locations are finance companies, banks and real estate. Loan Sharks: these can be anywhere in the city, but do best in banks, real estate and finance companies. Grifters: also known as pickpockets. They belong in the poor areas of the city, and the best locations are poll halls. Moonshine Stills: no profit comes from these, but they are essential for your speakeasies. Best places to put them are drug stores. Speakeasy: probably the best illegal businesses. It gets its liquor either from the moonshine stills, or you can steal it from other places. These can be easily hid in breakfast bars, cafes, milk bars and restaurants. Teamsters: can only be set up behind the Union Building. This will let you control the strike of the industrial area and can also call on the block vote during an election. Prizefights: boxing and gambling make a good couple. Doesn't matter what part of town they go in, as long as they are located in a gym or pool hall. Numbers Racket: the lottery with one catch- it's fixed so that nobody ever wins. They do best in poorer areas and should be located in general stores, cafes or printers. Whorehouses: these can go anywhere in the city, since everyone wants to get laid =) Good locations are dance studios, massage parlors and hotels. Offices: no profit here, but they are important. Your hoods will depart for their jobs from the local office, so having more then one can improve your gang efficiency. To set up an illegal business, you'll need a front and an empty lot in the center of a block. Pretty simple. c) Accountants and Lawyers You should get both of these early in the game. The accountant covers up your illegal money, preventing an FBI raid. The more stars an accountant has, the better he is at this. A good lawyer is also a necessity. He helps keep your men out of prison and bribe officials. d) The Election If you decide to enter an election once it comes around, you'll need three things: an excellent lawyer, lots of cash and lots of land. Something to try is reducing the protection money, which will make the people happy and get more votes for you. As said before, the Teamster building helps you in the election. It will automatically give you at most 10% of the votes. IV. Your Opposition a) Other Gangs If they're bothering you, you'll have to take care of them- at one point or another. First off, try locating their office. Explore, and do it often. Try exploring areas in which you often see the opposing hoods, and sends a lot of people at once. Kidnapping is another way of finding the enemy base. To do this, you must find a building in which you often see the opposing hoods. Pulling this off will require a group of hoods that have high ratings in intelligence, intimidation, stealth, firearms, and organization. Succeed, and you will gain a list of businesses owned by the enemy. Investigate these buildings. Once you find the office, decide what you really want to do. You can try to get the leader arrested. Destroying that gang's legal business will increase the suspicion of the police towards that gang. If the suspicion gets real high, the leader will get arrested. You can also take the hard way to it- kill the leader. If you decide to do just that, make sure you send a lot of hoods, make sure they have vehicles and guns, and make sure you have a lot of cash to get new hoods since many of yours will get killed. Send every hood that you can, and hit 'em with all you got. b) Those Damn Cops There's no way around this- the cops will be after you. They patrol the city every week looking for crimes, or those who are accused of it. Watch out for FBI agents near your businesses. If you see a group of them, you better get ready 'cause they're about to raid your illegal business. You can either attack them, or let them go forth with their actions if you have enough money to bribe the Judge to get yourself out of trouble. If you see an agent who is solo, it means that the FBI has some suspicion towards you. Either kill him, or close down the illegal business. If one of your men gets arrested, bribe the judge. OR, you can bribe the District Attorney. By doing this, you'll get the names of the witnesses and jurors. You can either bribe them, or intimidate them... and if they don't work with you, you can kill them. If you copy this strategy guide and try to take credit for it, I will rip your heart out, and feed it to a mad goat who will then proceed to wildly rape you. Got it? Good.