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Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix


Play as Akuma

Place your cursor on Ryu and push Left.

Play as Dan

Place your cursor on Ken and push Right.

Enigmo Deluxe
Pokemon World
Sims3 - Lady Gaga - Alejandro
Mario Game: Super Mario: The Star Quest
Bubble Rocket


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Manx TT
hen accerate. This must be done quickly, before the timer runs down. If your successful, you'll hear a "baaah" noise.

Mace: The Dark Age
l' Rashid, Koyasha. Big Head Mode: Ragnar, Al' Rashid, Takeshi. Small Fighter Mode: Takeshi, Al' Rashid, Ragnar, Xiao Long. Super Speed Grid Mode: Ichiro, Xiao Long, Koyasha.

Mortal Kombat 4
the character you selected. Alternate Colors To change your fighters color or clothing, press the following button sequences at the character select screen: Kai: Hold Start, HP+BL+LK Raiden: Hold Start, LP+BL+HK Shinnok: Hold Start, HP+BL+LP Liu Kang: Hold Start, HK+BL+LK Reptile: Hold Start, LP+BL+LK Scorpion: Hold Start, HP+HK+BL Jax: Hold Start, RN+LP+BL Reiko: Hold Start, RN+HP+LK Johnny Cage: Hold Start, RN+LP+LK Jarek: Hold Start, HK+HP+RN Tanya: Hold Start, HK+LK+HP Fujin: Hold Start, LP+HP+HK Sub-Zero: Hold Start, RN+BL+HP Quan Chi: Hold Start, HP+RN+HK Sonya: Hold Start, LK+HP+RN Automatic Combos At the Character Select screen, hold START on the character you want to be and press LK HK RN.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
ave to worry about pesky guard breaks. To use this code, hold fierce punch and fierce kick (before you start the game that is,) tap start, move the cursor on the character you want, release the punch and kick, and select the character you highlighted. Don't feel too miserable when you lose! Normal Survival Mode To access Survival Mode hold all 3 punch buttons before you hit the start button to begin your game. When you get to the character select screen it should say "survival mode" at the top left corner of the screen. This means that a second player can not join in and that the fights will only last one round. It also means that your energy bar will only refill partially after each fight. Also the order of the characters you fight is predetermined and you will fight every character if you can beat it for a total of 27-30 rounds of fighting. Which is more than the 20-22 you would normally get when playing the game. Street Fighter 2 Moves Hold down HP + HK before you insert your money. Insert your money and hit start. Continue to hold HP + HK until you pick your character, then release. When you start the round your super power bar will be gone and you will have Street Fighter 2 moves. Super Hard Survival Mode While at the title screen, hold MID-PUNCH and MID-KICK and press START then choose your character and -ism. You will see at little icon says L/O On/Off at the mid-bottom of the screen when you are playing. If you lose a round, that's it! Dramatic Battle On the title screen hold all three kicks and press start. When you pick your fighter you will be teamed up with a CPU buddy. Hidden Characters First your Street Fighter Alpha 3 machine has to have been "on" for about a month. These codes are dependent on the time release feature much like the Tekken series by Namco. For Balrog: go to Karin, stay there while holding start for 5 sec. Now go to any random box still holding start and press any button. For Juni stay on Karin for 5 sec. go to any random box. If on the right side hold right, if on the left side hold left then press any button. For Juli stay on Karin for 5 sec. go to any random box. If on the top hold up, if on the bottom hold down then press any button. Karin's Super Throw First, use the Low Guard Meter code. Choose Karin and then your ISM. When you throw your opponent, you will take off 25-99% of their life!

X-Men vs. Street Fighter
least 10 seconds, then tap JAB, PUNCH and FIERCE PUNCH. Play as the Same Character Enter the random selection code, and if you can make it stop on the highlighted character, the highlight will remain there, enabling you to select the same character twice. This does some strange things to the life bars, so be careful. It may also screw up the palette for one of the characters on the selection grid, but this will not effect game play. Random Character Selection Highlight one of the leftmost characters (Sabretooth, Wolverine, etc.) or the rightmost characters, then press and hold the joystick away from the selection grid. Rogue's Hidden Win Pose To view another win pose, you must first make sure that one of your characters is Rogue. Then, you need to beat the opponent with Rogue. Don't use a Team Super to do this! Then, before Rogue does her win pose, hold all three punches or kicks. Rogue will turn around and give you a nice view of her butt! 99-hit Super Combo While player one is doing is super combo, have player 2 join in. The number of hits will keep going up until it reaches 99. Change Costume Color To wear a different colored costume, choose a character by hitting a punch button (for dark colors) or a kick button for bright ones. Dismember Apocalypse To dismember Apocalypse, perform a Double-Team (using the primary partner) while he clings to life. If successful all that will be left will be his head and an arm! Note: You must have Akuma as your secondary partner. Extra Hits on Super Combos While doing a super combo, slide your hand back and forth on the buttons pressing the same strength punch and kick simultaneously. Do this as fast as you can. 95% of the time you'll only get a few more hits but if you do it perfectly you can get a lot more. Kick Them When They're Down Press Start when you win a round. You can now walk around and beat up the character on the ground. Play as Akuma At the character select screen, highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or M.Bison and press Up. Akuma's picture box will appear.