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Jump High

Hold B when skiing, then release when you get to a ramp and do a trick.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #2
Pocket Tanks
ZX Puzznic
Shepherd Dogs Team
Sims3 - Platform sandals 003


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Lord Of The Rings, The: The Two Towers
cave troll start runnig away from you. If you folow it, it will break a rock and you can get the morgul chainlink (one of the eight artifacts) Troll Tusk: You must be frodo to get this artifact. In the caves of moria, right after you pass the bridge of Kaza-dum go up and you will find the troll tusk laying on the ground. Unlock Gimli in multiplayer: Beat the game with any two characters to unlock Gimli in multiplayer. Unlock The Misty Mountains level in Multiplayer: Collect all 8 "Artifacts" to unlock The Misty Mountains in Multiplayer. Overdraw: You know that really cool Overdraw attack Legolas has? Once you acquire it, you can hit both the "A" button and the "B" button. HOLD THEM DOWN TOGETHER. You can now do 1 of 2 things: 1)Release them at the same time for the two arrows two be released, hot on eachother's tails. 2 2) Release the "B" button. Your regular attack has been fired off into some poor, unfortunate Orc...(YEAH RIGHT!) The power meter rings are still there, but Legolas is not poised to shoot. Whenever you want to shoot this arrow, simply hit the "A" button, saving you much time "Overdrawing" it. Running: Sometimes, you just have to know when to run. Time like those are (take note): The Great Hall, Moria, The Dead Marshes *Frodo, Endless Stair, Lower Moria *Gandalf, Throughout Amon Hen *Frodo and whenever you encounter Hero creatures when you have almost no hit points.

Bionicle: The Game
72 as a name.

Mega Man Battle Network 3
rd on Bass. And make sure on the swords have the same letter code too) also have 4 Airswords.And 1 of these Stepswrd,Stepcros and Airshoes. And 4 Recov 120. These mega chips Muramasa and Heroswrd. Have these programs HP+300 (4 Charge+1) (3 Atk+1) (and/or) Humor in the middle (so you wont have problems). You should be an Elec Style and have 1160 HP or over now that your prepared lets fight. Your first boss battle in Alpha is Bass He has 1000HP + 100 on his Life barrier and you cant hirt him untl the Barrier gone so hit him with an Airswrd or a chips attack 100 or higher.But befor that use the FstGauge so you can get chips faster. When the Barrier gone charge your buster and avoid Basses attack and get him befor he unleash a fury of attack that dose 100 damage each(after the fury the barrier comes back). If you have the Muramasa and lost 1000HP hit him fast befor the Barrier comes back nd he's dead. If you do miss P.A so you get the Lifesword and avoid the Earthchrush and Keep Charging to freze him. Next is Alpha it has 2000HP Be happy you get full HP this Battle. First use FstGauge if you have the Stepswrd use it in the middle squair of your side It wont hirt him but you'll see a purple round thing .That how you hit it.Alpha has 4 attacks. It's left arm attack up and down. The right arm attack side to side. mishingun and a beam.The left always attacks first and were you stand the right just shoots were you stand to avoid Just keep moving. To avoid the minsengunmove around the perimeter. and the beam bracks the fromt 3 pannel and the middle one but stay on the bottem left conner and have the airshoes on so you san move freely. When he get under 1000 HP ues Muramasa to kill him injoy the end. submitted by: Damen Romero Number Man machine Enter one of the following codes in the Number Man machine at Higsby's shop to get the corresponding item. Item Code AirShoes 23415891 AirShot3 * 15789208 CopyDmg * 01697824 FullEnrg 56892168 FullEnrg 99826471 GaiaBlde * 33157825 GtStrght S 95913876 HeroSwrd P 03284579 HiCannon * 21247895 LockEnmy 87824510 MiniEnrg 86508964 Mr. Famous' wristband 90690648 Muramasa M 50098263 QuickGge 67918452 Salamndr * 65497812 SetSand 19878934 SneakRun 24586483 SneakRun 24586483 SpinBlue 11002540 SpinGrn 28274283 SpinRed 72563938 SpinWht 77955025 Spreader * 31549798 StpCross S 76889120 Thndrblt * 54390805 Tsunami * 88543997 Unlocker 35331089 Untrap 05088930 Untrap 46823480 VarSword F 63997824 WpnLV +1 41465278 The following codes were obtained by buying lots of chocolates at the Yoka Metroline station for 500 Zenny in the White version of the game. These codes can be input at the NumberMan like machine at Higsby's shop to win the lottery. You do not really win money, but you do win programs for your Navi Customizer and also some rare chips. However, you can only enter these codes once. Item Code HiCannon * 21247895 Tsunami * 88543997 Salamander * 65497812 Daifunsui * 88543997 Thunderbolt * 54390805 Gaia Blade * 33157825 Untrap 46823480 Mr. Famous' wristband 90690648 Add power-ups If you do not have a bug, you can still add a power-up to yourself. Press Select whenever Lan says "OK" and put in these codes after you run your customizer. There are special customization symbols after Z (represented as "1", "2", and "3"). Note: You must have mod tools to do this. HP+350: "GJHURIE2 "HP+1000: "CNJDU2EM" (Glitch for HP+1000 causes the panels to turn to poison after you walk on them) Shield: "EIR3BM3I "Reflect: "SK13EO1M" (Glitch for Reflect causes you to get 1 less B. chip in the chip selection. Float Shoes: "PEOTIR2G "Shadow Shoes: "GKHU1KHI Error codes Go to the beach and buy Modtools. Next, go to your Navi Customizer. Rearrange your Customizer and hit "Enter". Sometimes, you will need an error code. When it says "OK" press Select and you can now enter an eight character letter code. Here are some of them. Note: There are strange shapes at the bottom left corner. The far left shape is indicated by "1", the middle shape will be "2", and the far right shape will be "3". H2: "UTIWA2SMF "S2G: "AX1RTDS3 "C2: "UTIXM1LA "D2G: "OI1UWMAN "H3: "SK3LROT1 "E1: "P2I1MSJL "F3: "ITA2CRWA "B5: "BM2KWIRA "B2: "ALSK3W2R "B3: "Y2UOMNCR "A3: "LO13ZXME HP +100: "JIEU1AWT "HP +150: "U2IEOSKW "HP +200: "ASK3IETN "HP +250: "SIE1TMSD "HP +300: "SEIUT1NG "HP +350: "GJHURIE2 "NCP Block: "ZBKDEU1W "NCP Float Shoes: "PEOTIR2G "NCP Humor: "SJH1UEKA "NCP Mega Folder1: "JDKGJ1U2 "NCP Shadow Shoes: "GKHU1KHI "NCP Shield: "EIR3BM3I "NCP SneakRun: "UIEU2NGO "NCP Super Armor: "KTEIUE2D "NCP Under Shirt: "SKJGURN2 "SloGauge: "2BKD1UEW Compression codes for NaviCustomizer Program Blocks Turn up the volume (optional). Go into the NaviCustomizer and put the pointer over the Program Block that you want compressed. Hold Select and press the corresponding buttons of the code listed below. You must do this in under seven seconds. If done correctly, you will hear a sound and the Program Block will have one less block area. Shinobi Dash: R, L, B, Down(3) Oilbody: Up, Right, A(2), R, "Up "Fish: L, R, Down, Up, Left, "Right "Battery: Right, R, Right, R, L, "Left "Jungle: A, R, Left, B(2), "A "Collect: B, Down, Right, R, Right(2) AirShoes: Up, B(2), Down, A, "R "UnderShirt: Left, Up, B, L, Left, "Up "FastGauge: B, Down, A, R, Left, "R "BugStopper: B, Down, Up, B, Down, "B "Dark License: R, L, R, Down, Left, B, "R "Humor: Up, R, A, Left, Right(2) BlackMind: Right, Left, Right, Down, R, "Down "Buster MAX: Down, A, R(2), L, Left(2) GigaFolder1: L, Down, A, Down, R, B, "Up "Block: Down, B, Up, Down, A, "Left "Shield: Left, Right, Down, R, Down, "R "Reflect: B, Up, A, Left(2), "B "Shadow Shoes: Up, Left, Right, L, Up, "R "Float Shoes: Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, "L "AntiDamage: L, Left, R, A, Right, "Down "Set Holy: A, B, R(2), Left, "R "Set Magma: B, Right(2), B, R, "A "Set Green: Down, R(2), Down, B, "Left "Set Ice: A, Up, A, Up, Left, "R "Set Metal: B, R, Right, Right, L, "L "Set Sand: Left, A(2), B, Up, "Left "MegaFolder1: Right, R, Down, R, L, "Left "MegaFolder2: A, R, Down(2), Right, "Left "BreakCharge: B, A, Left, L, Up, B Xtra Codes To find the Xtra codes for this game, you need Megaman Network Transmission on the Gamecube. Code 1: In Den area 1, go to the Cyber Bar at the end of the area. You need Double Jump and Repair. Double Jump onto the right block at the end of the Cyber Bar, then cast Repair. Write this code down. Code 2: In Den area 2, destroy the first cannon that you see (look for the pink targeting reticule) and jump across. For this, you need a punch attack, like ColdPunch or Brnzefist; Repair; and a Double Jump. Break the strange block with the punch attack and go through. Double jump above the spikes. Get on the longest section, and cast Repair. Write this code down. Code 3: In Den area 3, where the fire was located, go to the ledge where the crumbling blocks are found. You will need to max out on Double Jump and Repair. Double jump to the right, towards where the link to Fireman was located. When you get to where he was, cast Repair. Write this code down. You can enter these codes in Megaman Battle Network 3 to power-up Mega Man. SP Navis Get five stars, then highlight the "Continue" option at the main menu. Hold Left and press R(2), L, R, L, R, L(2). The stars will move together to confirm correct code entry. Continue the game and find the SP Navis. Test fire Buster Go to the Mega Man option at the start menu. Press "L "button to see Mega Man fire his buster. This is useful if you need to see if the Bug effects your Buster. Scroll through text This trick works best before a Boss if you saved the game and want to fight again but do not want to see the long conversation. Press Start and it will skip past the dialogue and proceed to the battle. Most powerful P.A The most powerful P.A is called "Master style". to use it , get the 4 chips salamander, tsunami, bolt, and gaiablade.You can get these by entering codes at the number trader at higsbys. Put them in order, from strongest to weakest, and press OK. you should then have a move called master style that does over 1000 damage. submitted by: Alex Cottage Extra damage Lay down a RockCube and GutPunch it. It will slide straight across the field, doing a lot of damage to anyone in its path. 1000 Barrier Use the 500Barr Program Advance (Barrier R, Barrier100 R, Barrier 200 R) and either HolyPanel or Sanctuary to form an unbreakable 1000 point barrier. Block Wind Boxes Using a Barr10 or Barr100 will stop Windboxes from blowing you back, as it is considered a 0 damage attack. Copy* To get a second Copy*, install Blkmind in Mega Man and go to Beach Square. A purple Navi is trying out for a part in a television show. Talk to him to get the chip. Copy 2* First, get the Humor program then jack into the lion head in the Yoka Hot Spring. Then, go to the transport to the Yoka Net. Make sure to install the Humor program before you do this. Then, talk to the Navi in front of the warp to get the Copy 2* chip. Flamman V2 It can be found in Under Net 5, near the teleporter in a dead end. FolderBoy FolderBoy's quiz answers are 3-2-1-3-1. In the Blue version of the game, the quiz answers are: 100 L, Zoo keeper, Yasu, Aquaguts. Hammer To get the hammer, go to Undernet 7. You must battle and defeat Flaman B. To do this you must first defeat Flaman A (Undernet 4 at the dead-end near the entrance to Under Square). Defeat him and go to Yoka 1 near the heater (equip Oil Body) and run around the heater. If you are lucky, you will encounter him. Battle and defeat him. After this, go to Undernet 6 then go to the left and unlock the cube. Keep going and you will find a passage to Undernet 7. Go to the right and you will find a Spikey-like virus. Give it 50 Bugfrags and it will let you pass through. Go up on the top and you will find the "the hammer". LifeSword To make the LifeSword, use Sword L, WideSword L, and LongSword L. Note: The LifeSword does 400 damage. Magnum With Magnum chips, if you want to hit your opponents second row, do not push any buttons and it will hit the second row from the front. If you want to hit their first row, repeatedly press [A] until it hits. There are no special techniques for the third row. Mail Sometimes instead of having to opening the start menu, you can press [L]. HPMemory When you buy HPMemory, sometimes a new higher priced one will replace it. Kingman Before battling Flamman, jack out and go to the beach. Go to the studios where you will find Tora in the same location as he was at before the N1 started. Defeat him and you will get Kingman. Modtools Buying a Modtools for 5,600 Zenny at the Beach will allow you to add Navi customizer items with Error Codes Nobeam 1, 2, or 3 It is actually very easy to use this chip. All you need is an object (rock, cube, etc.) behind you. Then get in front of it and use the chip. Paladin Sword P chip Get the Paladin Sword P chip from the number trader ("03284579"). The hero sword does 180 damage and cuts three squares ahead. Poltergeist Giga chip Go to the bottom floor of the hospital on Beach St. Go to the right side of the tree and press [A]. A person who resembles an Undernet Navi will say "..." and silently hand you a chip. That chip is the Poltergeist. Recover 120 * Hack into the television in the hospital to get a Recover 120 *. Scuttlest There are two Scutlest families and an Omega version. The first is in Secret Net 1 directly west of where you enter. The second is in Secret Net 3 past the press path before you get to the 'frag trader in a little dead end. After feeding them a total of 100 Bugfrags, you can get the Omega version. Go to the WWW base. North of where you enter is a little path beside a cliff with a secret computer that you cannot see. It may be in the southwest corner. Try the corners until you get the Omega version. Jack into it and prepare for a tough battle. Security Cubes To destroy those cube things, you need to use a passcode from people or defeat a V2 and V3 version of a Navi. Team2* Once you get the Blackmind program, equip it go to the purple Navi in Beach Square and talk to him. He will be trying out for a part in a soap opera. He is going for the part of a bad guy. Lan will tell Mega Man to try it out. After that the Navi will give you Team2*. Team2* will heal you when you get hurt. Timebom+ Use three Timebombs to get the Timebom+ program advance. It does 500 damage. Custom Style Frequently defeat enemies by using different chips with the same code (for example, Cannon B and MiniBomb B) to get this style. Custom Style allows Mega Man to start a battle with six Battlechips instead of five. After you level this style up, the number of starting chips increases. Elec-Ground Style In the White version, jack in Lan's doghouse (for easy style change) and use chips such as Grass Stage. Ground Style Frequently defeat enemies with IceStage, LavaStage, GrassStage, MetalStage, SandStage, or other field change chips in play to get this style. Ground Style allows Mega Man to equip Field Change-type custom-blocks without having to enter an error code. Also, when he charges his Mega Buster, all panels touching his attacks get cracked. Guts Style Frequently defeat enemies with your Mega-Buster to get this style. Guts style increases the power of your Mega-Buster by one, and can be upgraded to use your buster like a machine gun. Mystery Style Myst Style is actually a very powerful Program Advance. When performing it on a very weak virus, Mega Man first splits into three parts/ Then, Heatguts will punch the enemy with Gut Punch and your Mega Man creates a large explosion. When fighting a Boss (Alpha), you will also split into three, but you will attack the enemy multiple times, and your Mega Man will make a large explosion. Shadow Style For Shadow Style in the Blue version, before you fight the Bubble Brigade, load up your Folder with Invis * chips and Mole* chips. Only use those chips. In the Blue version, jack in Lan's doghouse (for easy style change) and use chips such as Mole 1, 2, 3 or Invis 1, 2, 3. Shield Style Frequently use Barrier or Recovery chips during battles to get this style. Shield Style automatically starts the battle by giving Mega Man a barrier with 10 defense.

King of Fighters EX
ete the game as Ryo under the very hard difficulty setting in single mode to unlock Yamazaki.