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Gundam Side Story: Colony no Ochichita Chide


Extra Option

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting and save. Then an Extra Option selection will appear on the main menu. The extra option contains battle records of your levels and power-up items. The power-up items are as follows: Beam Spray-Gun, Hi-Power Generator, Photo 1, Proto Beam Rifle, Photo 2, Lunar Titanium, Photo 3, and a Beam Rifle. The photos appear pinned up inside your Gundam or mobile suit.

Call of Duty: World at War Patch
Skate 3
30 Seconds
Sims3 - diesel black jeans
Vatn Squid


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Toukon Retsuden 4
, X, Y, X(2), Y, X, R when "Press Start" appears at the title screen. Tiger Hattori (referee) Press L, X, A, X(2), A, X, R when "Press Start" appears at the title screen. All bonus wrestlers Press L, X, A(5), R when "Press Start" appears at the title screen. Antonio Inoki Press L, X, Y, A, B, X, Y, R when "Press Start" appears at the title screen. Heel version of great Sasuke Press L, X, A, Y, B, X, A, R when "Press Start" appears at the title screen.

Dragons Blood
de. Press Start and load or begin a new game. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function Full health Pause the game, then hold L + R and press Right.

Fighting Force 2
e screen, press L + R + Y + A + Left (on the analog stick). [send by:Vlad Tepes] Fireworks Successfully complete the game, then return to the screen with the "Start Game", "Load Game" and "Options" selections to see fireworks.

Sonic Adventure
where you can see Sonic up close, without using the D-pad. Hold B or X to start spinning, and Sonic should look like glass. Bonus NiGHTS area: Drop in the top hole while playing in the pinball section of the casino level to reach another pinball machine. Place the ball into the middle hole to fly through a warp and reach an area based on NiGHTS. Play as Tails: Controller two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during game play. Note: Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected. Full pause screen: Pause game play, then press Y + X. Hidden Puzzle VMU Game: Connect a controller with a VMU in its first slot to port D before turning on your Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure in the drive. You will be able to play a hidden VMU game called Chao Puzzle on that controller when you start a game. Alternate Twinkle Park Race views: Press Up during the Twinkle Park Race level to change views. Alternate snowboards: Press X immediately before entering the snowboarding portion of the game to get a blue snowboard or B for a yellow snowboard. Hidden artwork: Put the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find additional images from the game in the "extras" directory. Clone characters: Play through the game (with all the characters) until Super Sonic is unlock. In Super Sonic's Adventure, go to the crashed island. You will see Knuckles and Eggman (Robotnik). After the FMV sequence, press A + B + X + Y + Start. Then, choose Knuckles. Return to the same place to find two Knuckles. Note: This also can be done with other characters. Hints Defeating the whale: When on the whale stage(s), run over a speed ramp as soon as it appears. Then, do not press anything on the controller; the CPU will do the rest. Defeating Chaos 6: Wait until Eggman drops his freeze bombs. Then, use the homing signal to turn his bombs into eggs and throw them into Chaos' mouth. He should freeze. When he does, attack him. Repeat this as many times as needed. When playing as Knuckles, get the Fighting Gloves then go to the trial (if you have already completed the game). If you have not completed the game, you can find the Fighting Gloves behind Big's house -- climb the wall, then go right until you find a ledge. When you fight Chaos 6, freeze him, power up, then get close to him and release the button. Repeat this two times. Defeating Perfect Chaos: When starting, get as many rings as possible. Then, go over one of the speed tracks to gain speed. Once you are glowing blue, speed straight for Perfect Chaos and you should hit him. Repeat this as many times as possible. Hurt Perfect Chaos at less than maximum speed: You can hurt Perfect Chaos without going top speed, although you have to be fast. Go onto the road and speed up. Stop moving during that until you are not in a Blue Shock ball, then quickly move into Chaos. If done correctly, you will hurt him without going at maximum speed. Perfect Chaos face smash: As Super Sonic, go to the fight with Perfect Chaos. Instead of hitting Chaos head on, go to either side of him. Try going into Chaos through his arm. If done correctly, Super Sonic will fly up and smash Chaos on his chin. Note: This does not do any more damage than the usual attacks. More than one Gold, Metallic, or Black Chao with one memory card: First, get a Chao that you want more than one of (whether it is the gold or silver). Then, bring the Chao to a Chao Garden and put it into your memory card. After it has saved, turn off your Dreamcast, then turn it back on. Go to the Chao Garden and take it out. Go back to the place where you got the Chao and repeat this until your Chao Garden is full or you do not want any more of them. Super Sonic Chao: Raise a Golden Chao and give him all the animals to make the Chao look like Sonic. The Chao should look like a Golden Sonic, which is Super Sonic. To make him like a real Super Sonic, raise all of his stats to 999. Chao moods : Heart: Happy Swirl: Angry Question Mark: Confused Exclamation Mark: Surprised XX over eyes: Angry -- over eyes: Happy Half Closed eyes: Tired Waving Arms: Wants Attention Flailing Arms: Angry Hint: Silver Chao egg: Go to the Mystic Ruins. Go to the water fall located in the middle of the Adventure Field. Push the stone that is jutting out of the wall to the right of the water fall. A silver egg will fall from behind the waterfall and float to shore. When it hatches, a silver Chao will be born. Golden Chao egg: Go to the Station Square area. Then, go to the area when you fought Chaos for the first time. Look to the side of the City Hall entrance to find egg shaped rock. Take the rock to the building to the left from City Hall. Walk to the window to see a golden Chao egg. However, if you try to take it the front door will lock. Replace the egg with the rock and the door will unlock, allowing you to leave with the egg. When the egg hatches you will have a golden Chao. Black and blue Chao egg: Go to the egg carrier. Then, go the jail area where Amy was kept. In the cell next to where she was held is a black and blue egg. Step on the switch to open the door. Take the egg to the garden. When it hatches, it will be a dark grey and dark blue Chao. Iron Chao: Your Chao must first be evolved. Mate a Gold and a Black Chao and hatch it. Only one out of three eggs will be iron. Bronze Chao: Your Chao must first be evolved. Mate a silver and black Chao and hatch it. Only one ne out of three eggs will be bronze. Special Chao: Collect at least 100 emblems to get access to a special section called the Black Market on the Dreamcast Network. A Special Chao can be downloaded from this area. Get all five Chaos Emeralds with the Chao: To get all five of the Chaos Emeralds that you can get with the Chao, you need to log on to the Dreamcast Network and go to the Chao Daycare Section. Download one of the Chaos that are 999 in all four categories. Return to your Chao Garden and race him in a Chao Race. He will leave easily defeat all the other Chao. Repeat this on all five races to get the five possible Chaos Emeralds. Copy Chao: Place the VMU with the Chao in socket 1 and the destination VMU in socket 2. Enter the Chao Garden, then leave the Chao Garden. After the "Now Saving" message, look at the data on the VMU. If done correctly, it will have Chao data. Note: The VMU will not have the Chao Game on it. This can be fixed by taking your copied chao out of the VMU, and putting it in the Chao Garden. Then, put the Chao back in your VMU. Hint: Alternate Chao copying: To copy a single Chao, you have to have at least one VMU and one memory card. You have to chose the memory card to save your game onto and not the VMU. Go into any of the gardens and pause game play. Then remove the memory card from the controller. Pick up the Chao you want to clone and put it into the VMU. After it is in the VMU, do not put the memory card back into the controller. Instead, just shut off the game so it cannot save it. When you start the game again, the Chao should be in the garden and in the VMU. Copy up to 24 Chao at once: Note: A mega memory card is required for this trick. Choose the game on the MMC with the Chao you want to copy (all twenty four in the three gardens). Go into any garden and pause game play. Switch the port on the back of the MMC to the game that you want to put the Chaos in. Caution: The copied Chaos will remove any of the other Chaos in the game you switched it to. After switching the ports, resume the game and exit the garden. After it finishes saving, you should turn off the game. The copying of Chaos does not affect the game itself, only the Chaos in the gardens. Super Chaos: There are four special evolutions possible for the little Chao creatures: the Sonic, NiGHTS, Alien, and the Dragon. After giving a normal Chao so many certain colored animals it will evolve into one of these. After the first evolution, keep giving it more of the same colored animals. Its new features will continue to grow. If you give it different colored animals, they will shrink. Sonic The Armadillo : Go to the past when the Master Emerald altar is on fire. Move the camera so Sonic is facing the screen head on. In the red light, he looks just like Mighty The Armadillo from Knuckles Chaotix game on the Sega 32X. Get Big The Cat early: Play as Sonic in a new game and start the Windy Valley level. Go to Station Square and go outside to where the boat that leads to Egg Carrier is located. Big will be next to it. Walk up to him, press Action, and he will say "Froggy, where are you?". You will then have Big The Cat as a new character. Sonic Stage 1 shortcut: On Sonic's first stage, when you are propelled upward by a booster at the base of the level's highest ramp towards the end of the level, spin dash up to gain extra air. You should see a later part of the level. While falling, go towards there. If done correctly, you should make it, cutting ten seconds off your time. Emerald Coast: More rings: On Emerald Coast (level 1) go back when you are at the beginning, and then gi to the right. You should find three capsules. Hit all of them and you will get 30 rings. When you are at the green hill around the middle of the level, do not go up it. Instead, go around to find three capsules. Break them all to get 1, 5, 10, 20, or 40 rings. Hint: Casinopolis: Unlimited rings: When you get to Casinopolis (level 3), go to the Night Pinball. Try to get five cards. You have to get one pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, four of a kind, or five of a kind to get rings. Note: This is the best way to complete the level. Hint: Casinopolis: Ring room: Play as Sonic until you get to Casinopolis. Enter the slot machine pinball (the blue pinball room). Make sure that every time you lose a ball it goes behind the flippers. You will end up in a room with many rings. Hint: Mystical Ruins extra life: Tail's workshop is located all the way at the top of the mountains in the Mystical Ruins. Go to the very top and look around to find an extra life. Use the spin attack to zoom over and collect it. Hint: Easy rings with Sonic: When you are at Casinopolis, go to the slot machines and press Jump twice. This will make rings appear from the slot machines. Hint: Easy rings with Amy: Play through until you defeat Hedgehog Hammer. Go near some grass and do the Revolving Hammer Attack (X + rotate Analog-stick) Sometimes rings will appear. Hint: Easy coins with E-102 in Adventure Field: Go to station square and in the hotel, go up the stairs to the second floor. Stand at the very top step. Shoot your laser at the second button on the floor. Keep shooting to get coins. Hint: Easy rings with E-102: When you complete the game, go to the Egg Carrier by taking the boat from Station Square or the lower level of the Mystic Ruins train station. The boat is available when Egg Carrier crashes. Go to the place where the pool used to be located, then jump, hover, press X, and release. If done correctly, you should get some ring capsule shot. There are some on top of the pool, by the emblem. The pool room is by the Golden bridge. Hint: Easy coins with Tails: Find a patch of dark green grass. Move over and stand on it, then twirl your tail around. A group of coins will appear out of nowhere. Hint: Easy rings for Tails: As Tails, fly up and ring the bell which appears around the halfway point of Speed Highway. About 40 rings will pour out of the bell. Hint:: Easy coins with Knuckles: When inside the hotel, go upstairs to the switch to make coins appear. Then, stand on it with Knuckles and repeatedly press X. Go to almost any spot of dirt or grass, then press A + B to dig down and come up with many coins. Hint: Easy rings for Knuckles: Go into to the entrance for Red Mountain, but do not go in all the way inside. Dig at the entrance and many rings will almost always appear. Hint: Easy coins and lives for Big: Go to one of the Chao gardens as Big. You can fish out coins or even lives from the water areas. Keep trying if you did not get anything the first time. Hint: Two employee cards: As Sonic after beating Twinkle Park for the first time, an employee card to get into the Speed Highway will appear in Station Square. Carry it into the hotel. Put it down. Go back to where you first found the card. The card will be there and a copy of the card will fall from the sky. The copy will also open Speed Highway, but if you do not touch it for a while it will disappear. However, you can recreate it. Hint: Get to Sky Deck in adventure mode: Choose either Sonic or Tails, then go to the Egg Carrier. Go to the top to get to the control room outside. Then, switch the ship to first mode. After that, go down to the bottom of the Egg Carrier and catch a train ride back up. The ship should change modes. From there, head up. You should see a door that leads into Sky Deck. Hint: Take a shower: Go to the Casinopolis zone as Sonic and enter the shower area. Get into one of the stalls and push against the wall to give Sonic a shower. Hint: Power-up locations: Sonic Light Speed Shoes: Sewer in Station Square. Crystal Ring: Elevator on second floor of hotel. Ancient Light: On rock near bridge to Angel Island. Tails Rhythm Badge: Follow Tikal to past (it is on a pyramid) Jet Anklet:In the sewer behind Twinkle Park. Knuckles Fighting Glove: In the cave near Angel Island. Shovel Claw: On a cliff behind Big The Cat's house. Go to the Mystic Ruins and go to the ledge where you entered the level. Turn to your right. The Shovel Claw can be found right above Big The Cat's house. They allow Knucles to do an attack similar to Sonic's Homing attack. Information in this section was contributed by GCBSigler. Amy Warrior Feather: Defeat Hedgehog Hammer for the first time. Long Hammer: Defeat First Place score again. Big The Cat Life Belt: In the lake in the cave leading to Angel Island. Power Rod: In Forest under Big's bed. Lure 1: In Sewer Behind Twinkle Park. Lure 2: In a cave in the Forest. Lure 3: In the Icecap level. Lure 4: In a prison cell on the Egg Carrier. E-102 Gamma Jet Booster: In the Ammunition Room of the Egg Carrier. Gun Upgrade: In the room opposite the Ammunition Room. Hint: Getting every Emblem: Information in this section was contributed by heathneedham. Sonic: 30 emblems to collect in Sonic's Action Stages. Tails: 15 emblems to collect in Tail's Action Stages. Knuckles: 15 emblems to collect in Knuckles Action Stages. Amy: 9 emblems to collect in Amy's Action Stages. Big the Cat: 12 emblems to collect in Big's Action Stages. E-102 Gamma: 15 emblems to collect in E-102's Action Stages. Adventure Field: 12 emblems to find in Adventure Field. Mini Games: 10 emblems to collect in Mini Games. Chao Races: 5 emblems to collect in Chao Races. Complete the game with all six characters to get 6 emblems. This brings the total number of emblems that are collectible in the game to 130. Hint: Train Station Sonic Emblem: There is a Sonic Emblem in the S.S. Train Station that you can get with Tails. But there is also a way to get it with other characters (except perhaps Big). As you walk in, the Sonic Emblem is right above you. Walk to the train but do not go in. Instead, head right or left. There should be a small ledge, or railing there. Use the ledge to walk to a loft type object. That is where the emblem is located. Information in this section was contributed by RAPTOR2676. Play as Knuckles and go to the other side of Station Square. Go to the hamburger place where the women wanted to make out with the man. There are four trees on each side. Go the right and dig in the middle of the tree to find an Emblem. Hint: Change Station Square appearance: Connect to the Dreamcast Network through the Sonic Adventure disc and download the new file. Hint: Go up the mountain as Tails: It is possible to go up the mountain as Tails in level 3. Aim Tails up and keep pressing Up while jumping. It is difficult to tell what Tails is doing, but this is a good way to pick up arches that were missed. Hint: Hitching a ride: To get a ride, stand in front of the car, then jump on top of the car. You can go anywhere in Station Square except for the hotel parking lot. Hint: Continuing with a bad disc: If you have a scratched disc, the game may freeze at certain points when a character speaks, and they must finish for you to continue. If this happens, simply switch the voices to another language and you should get past that point. Glitch: Accidental game deletion: Warning: Do not turn off the game at the following places or your entire game will be erased. Chao Garden (While saving) In an Action Stage Glitch: Sonic in the sand hill: Get on top of the ledge and pushing the button to drain the sand. Locate the sand hill cave, but do not enter. Move a short distance back out of the cave entrance. Charge up your speed of light dash, but not to the point where he says "Ready". Release, then jump immediately before you go over the little bump or lip. If done correctly, Sonic will end up in the sand hill. Note: It is just like the sand hill in trial mode. Glitch: Giant characters: Go to the Mystic Ruins as any character. Walk on to the platform by the train. Jump on the train and have your character face the sea. Rotate the view so that the character is facing you. It now should appear as if the character has grown to immense size on the platform. Glitch: Skip Egg Carrier loading time: There is a way to skip the loading time on the stairs on the docks at the Egg Carrier. First, go to the dock. Angle Sonic so that he is on the opposite side from the boat. Then, jump diagonally on to the stairs and keep jumping up to get to the top. For fun, jump off the stairs to see Sonic float for a bit. You still cannot get to top because of loading time, so jump diagonally onto the Egg Carrier. Glitch: Upside-down Knuckles: When playing as Knuckles, fly in a circle by rotating the Analog-stick counter-clockwise. Do this as many times as possible, until Knuckles turns upside-down. Glitch: Tails falls forever: In the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden, go to the far right of the garden(so that your left is towards the fence and a stone wall is to your right). Make Tails fly off the fence to the right as far as possible. The screen will turn black and you will see a blue ring trail behind him after awhile. Glitch: Tails falls through wall: In Speed Highway as Tails, fall off the path. You can fall through the walls of a building. Note: This will not keep him from falling. Glitch: Sonic falls forever: In the Mystic Ruins, go to the part with the Master Emerald altar. To the right (where Knuckles met Robotnik on the floor when you are Super Sonic) is a ledge. Go to the end of the ledge and go back slightly. Face the end of the ledge again and do the spin attack. During the spin attack, press A at the edge and hold Analog-stick Forward. Do the homing attack and Sonic will fall forever. Unlike Tails, you can still see Sonic but every thing else will turn black. Information in this section was contributed by Jose Romero. Glitch: Knuckles falls through wall: Go to the Chao Garden in the Mystic Ruins with Knuckles. Go the VMU area, and look at the VMU model. There is a wall behind it. Jump off and glide to that side of the wall to go through it. Glitch: Wrong character voice: After unlocking Knuckles, go close to Tails' Workshop under the bridge and talk to Knuckles with everybody except Sonic and Knuckles. Whoever you chose will say, "What's the matter. What are you waiting for?" in Sonic's voice instead of the correct character. Glitch: Open and close train doors: When you arrive at the train station, go to the train and stand in the center of the doors. The doors will close halfway and open up again. Glitch: Look inside the train: To look inside the train, enter it and press the D-pad for any of the views. You will see what is inside, although you will not be able to move