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Battletoads Double Dragon UT


Five lives:

Hold Up + A + B and press Start at the player selection screen. Note: This code may also be re-activated at the Game continue screen.

Level select:

Press Down, Up(2), Down, A, B(2), A at the player selection screen. Game play will begin with ten lives after a level is selected.

Extra lives:

Start a two player Game and play all the way to the end of level 1-1. Do not enter level 1-2 yet. Instead, turn on player two and use up all of his lives. Continue the Game as player two, then repeat this process until all of player two's continues are used. Then, continue the Game as player one. However, if all the pods on Level 1-1 were broken, you will have eight more lives and will have earned more through the points awarded while defeating player two. Two more lives can be obtained by going through level 1-1 again.

Twisty Tracks
Virtual Toybox Puzzle Collection
Axium Adventures
Figure Fifteen


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ses all lives. Press Start on the next map screen to continue game play. Control dragon: Defeat the tool worker and take the stick/sword from him. Use that sword to defeat the dragon during the second half of level 1. Position your character on the dragon and press A to ride it. Tap A to fly and press B to shoot fireballs. Immune to electric shocks: Press B when next to your partner to pick him up and intentionally place him in any electric field. Your character will be shocked in the process. It is important that you are holding your partner while shocked. Reverse the process and have your partner carry your character into the electric field. Both characters will now be immune to future electric shocks. Level warps: Level 1 Quickly head butt the first pair of pigs, then run to the right to find a warp on the first ledge. Level 3 Aim for the tenth wall on the fifth speeder course to find a warp to level 5. Level 4 Fall halfway onto the first platform in the last section of this level. Then, quickly and repeatedly jump up to find a warp to level 6. Level 6 Ride the snake as high as possible in the second section of this level. Then, run right, jump, and run right again to find a warp. Destroying the Roto Blaster: You can destroy the Roto Blaster in one hi on the second stage. Go up against the side until you turn into a ball and press Attack.

Krustys Fun House
the block. While standing on top of the first block, release the block that Krusty is carrying and trap the rats. If the area where the rats are trapped is only as wide as one block, all the rats in that space will be compressed into a single rat. This is especially useful in areas where Krusty must build stairs for the rats to climb in order to reach the trap.

getting a Tetris during game play, press all the controller buttons to reset the game. Your next game start with the points from the previous game.

Star Trek Next Generation
and press Select. The sound of an explosion will confirm correct code entry. Rank Password Ensign LORE Lieutenant SELA Lt. Commander SAREK Commander SOONG Captain VASH