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Star Ocean: The Second Story


Getting the Enternal Sphere

First get the Sharp Edge from Gamgee after the tournament of arms then use the customize speciatly and combine it with mithril and then you'll get the minus sword, then combine another piece of mithril and you'll have the Enternal Sphere (it helps to have the orchestra playing while doing this) ^_^

Secret Shop

During the second disk after you get the Synard fly around the snowy islands and between the 2 large islands are 3 smaller ones land on the middle island and run around unitll the screen fades a way and you end up some where.

Go back to Expel

When you are about to meet the final boss save and head back out of the tower and go to fun city and talk to the old man in the battle arena and answer every question with "yes". WARNING: I haven't found a way back to Nede ^_^

Universal Difficulty Level

If you get over 45% of the voice clips, which is about 600 or so, a new 'Universal' difficulty level will open up. Enemy HP and Attack power is doubled in this mode.

Two Levels for the Price of One

You must have two items in your inventory for this to work: "Forged Medals" and the "Dream Bracelet." (I suggest reproducing medals until you have many). Equip the Dream Bracelet on the character you wish to level. Now use a Forged Medal on that character. De-equip the Dream Bracelet. After the next battle, you will gain two levels, at the cost of only one Forged Medal.

The Ring of Happiness

When you are told to go to the town of Cross for the first time,stop in Alen's house on your way through. Talk to him twice. The second time he should give you the "Ring of Happiness".

Rip Off Santa

Here is a simple cheat that will help you purchase those majorly overpriced Santa Boots 10,000,000 Fol) from Santa, the wandering merchant on the 6th floor of the Cave of Trials. First off, you have to meet him. Santa will appear randomly on Level 6, usually by the statues of the thieves so if he isn't there the first time, try leaving the dungeon and comming back. When you finally meet up with him, he will sell Sage's Stones for 50,000 Fol a piece and buy them back for 65,000 Fol. Buy 20 Sage's Stones and sell them right back to him for a 15,000 Fol profit!! Now, if you have the super specialty command Identify All, you can make a 45,000 Fol profit by buying low and selling high! I

just wonder if I'll get that Eternal Sphere I wanted for Christmas?

Priest's Password

In the demon's den there is a glass priest who asks you for the special word necessary to get the cardkey. The password is APOCA.

Hidden Dungeon Tips

The Hidden dungeon is tough and interesting at the same time. There a various enemies here that have a word in front of their name that are very tough...however, there are weapons [normally useless] that have that same word that wil kill the enemy with one hit. Example:Lvl.99 Funny Thief...pretty tough, Lvl.99 Funny Thief when someone has the Funny hit kill. On the sixth level, there will be a man who occasionally appears in the statue room. He sells very rare stuff, including all the rare metals, the real tri-emblem [not the fake "emplem"], and items that can teleport you out of the dungeon....for you see, there are no save points, so if you are on level 13 of the dungeon and die, your screwed, so you must leave to save on occasion, and when you re-enter there will be methods of going down quickly, such as a trap door. The dungeon also contains very powerful equipment, including [but not limited to] The Levantine Sword, Ashton's ultimate attack, Leon's ultimate attack, Celine's ultimate attack, the angel armband,several pair of bunny shoes, and the valiant armor. As far as monsters go, from around level 3 onward, you may run into boss class monsters as normal can even run into the last boss of the dungeon as a normal

enemy, so be careful.

Hidden Dungeon

Save in front of the last boss, and leave the final dungeon. Proceed to fun city and talk to the old man in the back area of the colusseum. Say

yes to all his questions, and you'll be transported back to expel, in Arlia. You'll notice two important things that are different: 1.There is a

penguin walking around where you appear, talk to him and call him silly, he'll kick you back to Nede. 2. When you leave, there will be a

Synard waiting for you. Hop on it and head to the area you couldn't access without it, the dungeon should be glowing with a red dot. Land

and enter. The special dungeon is very tough, much harder than the regular last fact, you'll start out fighting harder enemies than

you saw in the normal last dungeon on the very first floor.

Easy Skill Level Gain

For an easy way to level up skills, you need to level up the perserverance skill to level 10. After you do this, leveling up the other skills will be

much easier. For example making it where you can level up most skills with just one Skill Point.

Easy Money

When you get your Super Specialty Skill "Master Chef" up to level 6 or higher, go to a store that sells fruits, vegetables, and egg/dairy

products. But 20 of each, then go to Super Specialty Skills and choose "Master Chef" in the item screen, then pick 1 fruit and 1 dairy. Every

other try or so (depending on your skill level) you should create "Coconut Milk" which sells for overy 1000 Fol a piece!! You can also take 2

vegetables and make "Fried Vegetables" which sells for over 2000 Fol a piece! Keep creating the food until you run out of ingredients then go sell everything you created, buy more ingredients and do it again until you have

the desired amount of money you want.

Easy Level Up

Use Reverse Side to make a forged medal, and then duplicate it as many times as you want to with Reproduction. The forged medals bring a

character to 1 point under a level up.

Discovering Talents

When you learn the super specialty skill "Orchestra", and have enough songs and instruments for each character, use this skill and for a short

time, you will be able to create items without the necessary talents. (For Example: cooking without the talent "Sense Of Smell".) While the

song is playing, you will have the chance to learn a new talent by using your specialty skills. (For Example: While the orchestra song is playing,

use the cooking "Machinery" skill to learn the talents Dexterity and Sense of Design.)

Become Extremely Powerful in a Relatively Short Time

There are several methods to become very powerful that are available quite early in the game, here are a few. 1.In the beginning of the game, there is a mountain dungeon that isn't meant to be faced until much later, thusly the enemies will raise your characters' levels VERY quickly. At first they'll kick your butt, but with every victory you eke out, you'll become stronger [kitchen knife skill makes things easier here, btw] you can build your characters to 3000 hp levels here with some work. 2.Make sure you learn pickpocket [poker face and courage skills] and save up 40,000 bucks. Make your way over to Clik harbor and purchase a thief's glove. Now you can go on a world stealing tour, and get many things. Very notably, there is a man in Mars who carries a treasure box, which when used will dispense three random items. Once you get it, save your game and open it until you get what you want. Though it usually gives you items and such, it occasionally gives you VERY powerful weapons including the Force Sword, the Sorceress Knuckle, and the very rare and powerful Marvel Sword. 3.Later in the game, in the colusseum, the A-class battle earns you right around 100,000 exp, and allows you to quickly build levels until about level 105 [note: Level 90 is adequate to beat the limited version last boss] 4.On one of the snowy islands near Giveaway, there is a shop that sells magical rasp, which allows you to create the most powerful weapons and armor in the game.

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Press Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X. Invincibility: Hold R1. Press Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Down, Down, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, X Solve voice puzzle with any sound: Hold R1. Press Triangle, Up, Circle, Left, X, Down, Square, Right. Cool Tip! Whenever you possess a Slip, you can yell "look out" if you need to shoot another Slig and there are Mudokens in the way. The Mudokens will duck to avoid your gunfire. Supper jump Press X,O,X,O,Square, triangle - From Justie

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ress Left, Circle, Square, Right and X. This will allow you to acess invincibility, 50000 oil and full map at the new menu (cheats) on the pause menu.

Medal Of Honor: Underground
screen, enter "entrezvous". Go back into passwords and enter "porteclefs". [send by:Jay Royle] Invincibility Enter "PUISSANCE" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already been completed. Quadruple firing rate Enter "BALLESVITE" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already been completed. Bouncing bullets Enter "RICOCHET" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already been completed. Podoski mode Enter "LATIREUSE" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. This allows one shot kills, including tanks with a handgun. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already been completed and also gives your enemies the ability to kill you with one shot (unless the "Invincibility" code has also been activated). Wacky taxi mode Enter "AUTODINGUO" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. You have 60 seconds to kill each enemy in this mode. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already been completed. DreamWorks Interactive personal screens Enter "DWIECRANS" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Team gallery Enter "MOHUEQUIPE" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Cartoon gallery Enter "MOHDESSINS" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green.

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of the heavens go on top of wins wind mill shed pause and press L1 L1 L1 O triangle X R2 L1 then do that twice in a row and tomba will aquire a magical power from witch he will stick his finger up his Butt and he will start laughfing un stopably untill you put the code in again(this was a code that made in privet by a really works [send by:sake larow] Gold Fish hook Turn al of the seesaws in the town of fisherman and the Starting Beach by putting red on top. The water will drain on the bridge. The fish hook lies in the bridge in the waterfall of the heavens. [send by:Kim] To Find All Three In Kujara Ranch: Their are hiding in three places, each easy to get. The first place is on the water slide. Simply go down it. She will gev you a snow firefly, as will the other two. The second is a little harder, she is near the AP box in this area. You should have the squirrel clothes before finding her. The third is hardest. She is hiding in the top of the two holes. You must throw an enemy in the bottom hole and she wil jump out of the top one. If you have any questions, E-mail me at "" with the topic "Tomba 2 Questions". ´ 1/2 of courage song: When the guy asks you to get him clay in the mine level get a piece of mud and go to the laundry place. There you can clean it and recieve a piece of clay. Take it back to the guy to get a pot. Then go to the house across from this one and give the guy in there that pot. He'll teach you half of the courage song. Find five evil pigs: Fire: In hole in laughing crying forest swim into it Ice: Behind waterfall in water temple Ghost: Under pipe next to trolley stop Water: House near win's house jump to right with squirrel clothes and fly into it Earth: Near mountain peach jump up The whole courage song: Use whole courage song at the lift shed. Sing it to the chickens who you have to give mountin peach to. Find the three towers: First have aleast 1/2 of each spel. The tower of courage is located in the pipe area; first go next to the trollary stop than go to the right past the chain onto the platflom and use the courage spell The tower of streath is located in the kajura ranch; first from where you found the mount peach countiue to the left till you reach a dead end and use the streath spell The tower of wisdom in located in the deep forest; from where you found the rock crab and the A.P. box use the wisdom spell the door shal apper

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