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Epics Extreme Pinball


Cheat mode

Press the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Key - Effect

1 - Disable anti-gravity

2 - Enable anti-gravity

[End] - Exit to DOS

[F12] - Change scoreboard color

Z - Nudge table right

/ - Nudge table left

[Space] - Nudge the table.

[F1] - Change ball type

[F9] - Sound Effect

[F10] - Sound Effect

[F11] - Sound Effect

Screen capture

Press [Print Screen] to save the current screen in .PCX format in the "EXTREME" directory.

Table select

Start the game with the extreme command line. The game will start directly at the selected table.

Thirteen balls

Highlight the "Balls" option at the main menu and press B + A + L + [Enter].

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level to minimum to eliminate obstacles during certain missions, such as the B-Wing Historic Mission 6 (Death Star Trench). Easy proving ground sequence: Select a ship and enter the proving ground. Press to cut power and stop before entering the first gate. Turn around 180 degrees and fly past, not through, the final section of three gates and pass the next section of gates. Stop your ship, turn around 180 degrees, and fly through the gates to the final section. The level will be marked as complete with extra bonus points. Destroying Imperial Star Destroyers: On a level where an Imperial Star Destroyer is in the enemy arsenal, shoot off its warhead launcher on the bow. This will open a hole which actually allows you to fly inside the ship and "enlighten" it from within. An added bonus is that other craft on destroyer's side will shoot it to hit you and on occasion fast movers such as TIE defenders or Avengers will ram the ship. A good tactic when dealing with two enemy capital ships (e.g. an Imperial Star Destroyer and a frigate or space station) is to shoot up the smaller vessel so it will fire at you. Then, go inside the Destroyer.

Earthworm Jim 2
k around bab tarm 9 money worms load bait bait Suicide l8tr jim i hate my hair and want to dye View ending sequence just cut to the end i love cows Activate all passwords go anywhere giv mig alt Advance to Anything But Tangerines level fruit Advance to Puppy Love level dublin Advance to Flyin' Kin level hoffman Advance to Cow Abduction level abrown Advance to Inflated Head level shiny shines Advance to Hammerhead level mortificator Advance to Blind Sally level quiz show Advance to Iso 9000 level blue Advance to Door Chase level morrison Advance to Level Ate level carlosr Advance to Flamin' Yawn level gomba Advance to See Jim Run level chase Screenshot1 say cheese cheese 1. The screen shot will be saved in the game directory in IFF file format.

Terminator 3: War of the Machines
Tech-Com and switch thru till you see The Terminator (aka Arnold in his T3 Outfit), now you can play as Arnold on the Tech-Com side.

Jagged Alliance 2
de is turned on, you can use: (Tactical Screen) [ALT] + E Make all characters (enemies and NPCs) and items visible [ALT] + O Kill all enemies in current sector [ALT] + T Teleport selected character to cursor location [CTRL] + H Hurt character under cursor location [ALT] + D Refresh APs of selected character [ALT] + R Reload selected character's gun [CTRL] + U Refresh all characters' health and energy (heals them) [ALT] + ENTER Aborts enemies turn (Map Screen) [CTRL] + T In travel mode, teleport squad to sector under cursor [ALT] + AUTO RESOLVE Kill all enemies in sector (without having to load sector and use ALT + O) (Laptop) Code Result [+] Increase funds by $100,000 [-] Decrease funds by $ 10,000 [SPACE] While Left-clicking merc forces any "away" character to join team (Others) Code Result [ALT] + B Enemy appears at cursor [ALT] + C Civilian appears at cursor [ALT] + I Item appears at cursor [ALT] + K Mustard gas explosion at cursor [ALT] + O 100pts of damage to all enemies in sector [ALT] + 5 Character changes to monster [ALT] + G Create new character [ALT] + V Create robot [ALT] + 4 Character sits in wheelchair Unlimited Inventory Transfer Between Sectors You need to have mercs in both sectors you are transfering to and from. First, open the sector inventory, and put the item you want to transfer in the sector inventory. Second, on the left hand side of the screen, it should be displaying the list of all mercs. Third, this is the important part, pick up the item from inventory screen and left click on a merc's destination, as if you are trying to move the merc (the merc has to be on duty in order to do that). The sector inventory screen on the right will disappear and enter the sector movement screen. Fourth, Right-click the mouse to exit the sector movement screen. And TADA! Just simply right-click on any merc's portrait you are transfering the item to, and put it on him. This feature is a little too complex for transfering large amount of items. But in the cases when you are short of a certain type of ammo, it could save you.