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NFL Quarterback Club 2000


More Injuries At the cheat screen put in HSPTL Alien Stadium At the cheat screen put in SCLLYMLDR Rugby Play At the cheat screen put in RGBY Flubber Ball At the cheat screen put in FLBBR Short Players At the cheat screen put in SHRTGYS Big Coin at Coin Toss At the cheat screen put in BGMNY Huge FootBall At the cheat screen put in BCHBLL Landmine Mode Go to enter cheat at the MAIN MENU screen and type "PPCRNRTRNS" you should heir a sound in the back ground.

Medal of Honor: Friends from Afar Trailer HD
Dead Rising 2: Fortune City Trailer #1 HD
Zodiac Mania
Mario Game: Mario Star Ride DX
Mario Game: Super Mario Cowabunga!


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Madden 2000
s. small team MICEANDMEN No interceptions VICEGRIP Perfect passes QBINTHECLUB or QBISINTHECLUB Players fatigue faster CHAINSMOKER Get 10 point TD's and 7Point FG DRBENWAY 100 yd Field Goals BIGFOOT 100 Yard Passes! PIGSKINSFLY 20 Yards for 1st Down FIRSTIS20 5 Yards for 1st Downs POPWARNER Ball Cam VERTIGO Unlock 4th And Incas stadium QUETZLCOATL Unlock Dodge City stadium WILDWEST Unlock Nile Hi stadium DENILE Unlock Salvagefield stadium TENANU Unlock Gridiron stadium KLAATU Unlock Maddenstein stadium COUNTMADDEN Unlock Alpha Blitz stadium PANCAKES Unlock EA Sports Stadium ITSINTHEGAME Unlock Circus Stadium 3RING Unlock Tiburon Bros. Stadium COTTONCANDY Unlock Tiburon Stadium WEPUTITHERE Unlock Antarctica stadium XMASGIFT Unlock Cosmodome stadium SPACEBALL Unlock Mummies team WRAPPEDUP Unlock Praetorians team DOASWEDO Unlock Clowns team SCARYCLOWN Unlock Comets team ONESMALLSTEP Unlock Toymakers team XMASFILES Unlock Industrials team INTHEFUTURE Unlock Junkyarddogs team MADMADDEN Unlock Monsters team KTHULU Unlock Sugarbuzz team TREMENDOUS1_2 Unlock Marshalls fantasy team COWBOYS Unlock Vipers team PLAYWTHHEART 1972 Raiders GETMEADOCTOR 1972 Steelers DONTGOFOR2 1976 Patriots HACKCHEESE 1976 Raiders GAMMALIGHT 1981 Chargers BUILDMONKEYS 1981 Dolphins 15MOREMIN 1985 Bears DOORNOB 1985 Dolphins CHICKEN 1986 Broncos BLUESCREEN 1986 Browns KAMEHAMEHA 1988 49ers CALLMESALLY 1988 Bengals PTMOMINFOGET 1990 Bills SPOON 1990 Giants PROFSMOOTH 1995 Colts PREDATORS 1995 Steelers STEAMPUNK 1997 Broncos EARTHPEOPLE 1997 Packers TUNDRA

Madden NFL 2002
. Press L to choose a random visiting or R to get a random home team at the team selection screen. Skip coin toss Repeatedly press A + Start + Z (about five to six times) at the coin toss screen to advance to the kickoff.

Flying Dragon
mode and fight in the circuit. Defeat a platinum character to earn a medal. The platinum characters will be playable after all ten medals have been collected. Fight as Bokuchin Defeat Bokuchin during the game. Easier difficulty level Highlight the "Easy" difficulty option, then repeatedly tap Left until "Very Easy" is displayed. Harder difficulty level Highlight the "Hard" difficulty option, then repeatedly tap Right until "Very Hard" is displayed. Ryumaou tournament Earn nine medals to play in the Ryumaou tournament.   Hints & Tips Defeating Metal Robo Na Hanna Use the Mr. Virus item to damage Metal Robo Na Hanna. Also use projectiles during the battle. Dark Dragon Claw Successfully complete the Ryumaou Tournament as Yuka at Rank S with 60 second, two round and normal difficulty settings. Note: You must already have nine medals. Mystery third place winner Win the championship on circuit under SD Hiryu. Two other people will appear, but at times the third place winner will not be anyone that was in the championship. Disappearing Wiler shirt Select Wiler do his Ninja Circus. If done correctly, he will not be wearing a shirt while climbing down the stick. However, it will reappear after he gets off the stick. Black suit for Bokuchin Select Wiler and do his Wiler Bomb any other bomb with a character on Bokuchin. He will wear a new black suit briefly. Red belt for Ryuhi Select Ryuhi and do his Super Kinryuha do Robo No Hana. His belt will turn red briefly. Cheaper items Certain items may be sold by the store for less money at certain times. However, they will not appear unless you character is familiar with the girl.

Micro Machines 64 Turbo
Down, Up, Down, Left, Down, Down Double Speed C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down Slow CPU Cars C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down. Debug Mode Pause the game and press C-Left, Up, Down, Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down. Then enter one of the following codes while playing. Quit Race and Win Press Z + C-Down. This doesn't work in time trials. Change Camera Angle Hold Z and press Up, Down, Left or Right. Change Camera Zoom Hold Z and press L or R. Turn Player into Computer Drone Hold Z and press C-Left. Blow Up All Cars Hold X + C-Up + C-Right + C-Left

Buck Bumble
nd press R, R, L, L, Up, Down, Left, Right Easy Way to Destroy Bees: Here is an easy way to destroy bees: Wait to hear the buzzing sound that notifies you of their arrival. Then wait for them to get very, very close to you (when they lower their altitude to hit you). Use your weapon with star-type ammo to shoot them. You will hit them 99.9% of the time. If you shoot them and they hit you, you will not lose as much health as normal. Play as Dark Stinger: While the game is loading hold Z and UP on the joystick. Then press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left 5 times. Next press B, A, B Refill Life and Ammo: While playing press A + B + R to restore your health and ammo. Infinite Lives: At the title screen press L, R, B, A, Z, Left, Right Fast Forward Text: When text appears press Z to fast-forward or A to skip it entirely. Level 6 Gun: On level 6 pick up the nuclear device then while carrying the device, fly towards the mountains to a steel like drum. Fly over the drum and you will get a special gun How to Kill The Evil Heard Queen: To kill the queen just fly real high and shoot her in the head,she has another body! To kill it shot in the head then run if not you'll get killed so keep repeating and you'll beat the queen! Easier Destroying Enemys: Instead of using the normal laser beam as your primary weapon, try using the Plasma Cannon as your primary weapon. This way, most basic enemys will fall down with just one shot of the gun!