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Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde



Hold down L + R + Y + Down for 3 seconds to enable cheats, then press:

Disable Fog of War:

R, L, R, R, L, L, Y, Y, L, R

Slow Down:

L, L, L, L, L,Y, Y, Y, Y, R

Speed Up:

R, R, R, R, R, L, Y, R, R, R

God Mode:

R, R, R, L, L, L, R, L, Y, R

Level Select:

Y, Y, Y, L, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, L, R, L, R, L, L, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, Y, Y, Y

Win level:

R, R, L, L, L, R, R, Y, Y, Y

+100 Gold:

L, R, R, R, R, L, Y, L, L, L

+100 Souls:

R, L, L, L, L, R, Y, R, R, R

+1000 Gold and Souls:

R, R, L, R, R, Y, Y, Y, L, L

Level Select


Easy win

When playing a mission with two or three Clans, you can defeat oncoming enemies rapidly by creating only ranged Goblins such as Archers, Hunters, Mortars, Savages, Mages etc. When the enemy is attacking, line your Clans of 10 into a line and wait for the enemy to approach. When in range, your Goblins will fire a volley or two and mow down most of the enemy without sustaining much damage.

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Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2
attack To do an instant death attack, you must have mist in the area of the person. Enter the mist using your dark skill ability "Mist", then sneak up behind them. A skull will appear. Use this time to attack and you will cause instant death to the enemy. Please note: If you run into the front of the person, they will immediately attack. Raising Kain's lure When you encounter a save point, avoid it. Instead, first kill all the enemies ahead. After your satisfied with the amount of enemies you have killed, backtrack to the save point that was skipped and hit it. The game records your current lure level at this point. Next, after the save point is hit, kill yourself. Therefore when you regenerate at the save point, you will have the same amount of lure. All the enemies that you already killed are back. Kill them again and get even more lure. The Relic Boxes also work in the same way. Instant death attack To do an instant death attack, you must have mist in the area of the person. Enter the mist using your dark skill ability "Mist", then sneak up behind them. A skull will appear. Use this time to attack and you will cause instant death to the enemy. Note: If you run into the front of the person, they will immediately attack. Easy health Immediately after clearing a checkpoint, if you are low on health, reload the game. You will be back exactly where you just were, except your health meter is now completely full. Easy kill After defeating Sebastian and acquiring the Dark Gift Charm, use it on a enemy that you cannot charm. It will appear as if they have a headache. Quickly run towards the enemy and attack. Repeat this until the enemy is killed. Sarafan Lord To defeat the Sarafan Lord there are 3 stages. The first stage The SL(Sarafan Lord) shoots a laser type energy. He does this 3 times and rests. Just jump and it will go under. Another will go over your head. Jump and the last burst will go under. This is a perfect time to use your telekinesis to push him down and thats all it does. No energy hit points will be taken. He does lose his balance. Then you run or jump to him as soooon as you see him lose his balance. hit him with the combination to knock him down by pressing x repeatedly. Then quickly use telekinesis to knock him off bridge. The second stage He attacks. Use your block and when he uses his red attack jump to the side making sure you dont fall off. You can try to attack But I wouldn't because it will throw you off your objective. You will repeat until your attack gage fill up and turns brite red. Then use immolate. This process takes 3 or 4 times before the last and final stage. The 3rd stage you cant use immolate because he is now desperate, which makes him move out of the way of your field of immolation. Instead use beserk to attack or the long way regular attack. Make sure you are in constant movement after you attack so you can set up the necessary repeat steps. He will usually hit you 3 or 4 times before he unleashes red attack, the most powerful attack that can not be blocked. submitted by: Josh Wharves: Jumping to Rune Knights Around the middle of the Wharves chapter is a place where you have to constantly jump across a river with one Rune Knight in each area you jump to. Before you jump, hit the Rune Knight twice with Telekinesis. When you jump, try to make the jump indicator red so that you hit the Rune Knight. While he is on the ground, draw your weapons or get your claws out. Immediately when he stands, start attacking and catch him off guard. Two hits should be required with bare claws and only one hit with some sort of weapon. Canyons level: Get in train There is a part where a train goes around on a circular track. There is a man in a small shack that you can charm. Make him pull the switch on the wall and the train will come out of a shed. Then, stand back a bit, charm the man again, and make him pull the switch. Quickly run to the shed where the train came out, and you can go in it. If you walk through it, you will be in a place that has a ledge. A Question Of Faith level: Standing dead man In the fourth chapter (A Question Of Faith) is a man and woman standing in the mist and talking about glyph energy and its amazing properties. When you find them, turn into Mist and stand behind the man without being seen. Make sure there is also a skull above his head. Wait until the woman is about to talk about how her workers are afraid of being around glyph energy. When she is about to say that, quickly use the one hit kill with your claws on the man. He will die and not fall over. You can also drain his blood as normal, and he still will not fall. Kill the Sarafan lord: In the first third of the fight all you have to do is you your telekinese to hit him of balance and then select jump and target him then press b. In the second third of the fight all you SHOULD DO is block until your rage bar is at full the attack him with IMMOLATE. Continue that proces until cinamatic. In the last third all you have to is attack him with fury and berserk. Attacking him with Immolate wont work any more. Once you kill him the game is over.

Soul Calibur 2
ter mode. The last stage will pit you against Cervantes. Defeating him allows you to play him in all modes. Unlock Characters in Weapon Master Mode (Import) Play through Weapon Master mode to unlock characters, modes and stages. As you beat a character in Weapon Master Mode, that character will be unlocked for use in other modes. Unlockable characters include: Cervantes Charade Lizard Man Seung Mena Yoshimitsu Alternate stages Some of the stages that can be unlocked in weapon master mode have alternates. To choose an alternate, highlight the desired stage and press Right or Left. Not all stages have alternates, and some have more than one. Change character profile view Select any character in character profiles. Once you are in his or her profile menu, tap L or R to have the character turn around. Note: Keep tapping to have him or her move in a complete 360. Regaining health When you are in a dungeon and do not regain full health back after a battle, just go to the first square in it and fight there. You will start at full health again. Higher ranking titles Rankings are based on experience in edge master mode. A good level to earn fast experience is Er Rai. It is in extra chapter 2 (Cepheus). For example, 500,000 experience earns you level 77, Grand Edgemaster Of The Basilisk. Defeating Voldo in weapon master mode The first time you meet Voldo in weapon master mode you must hit him twenty times in twenty seconds. Do a ring out; even if you only have hit him less than nineteen times, you will pass. Raphael: Easy wins As soon as the match starts hold the right side of the "over right button" on the controller and press [Y] repeatedly. Raphael will do quick strikes with his sword repeatedly. Keep doing this, even if it is blocked (it may pierce through). During weapon master mode, make enough money and buy as many weapons for Raphael as possible. You will probably get a high offense low defense or something of that sort. If you can, get one that can pierce defenses easier. With your hits being mostly piercing, you will hit your opponent almost every time. When close to the edge, grab your opponent. He should be knocked off if you use the grab where he hits them multiple times with his sword. Seung Mina: Health gain Select Seung Mina and equip her ultimate weapon, the Hraesvelgr. While in battle, you can regain lots of health quickly with this weapon if you do her spinning staff attack. Whether it hits the opponent or not, you will gain health. Note: If you are not attacking, the weapon will drain your health, so be careful. Spawn: Fireballs Hold [Back] and press [Black] to do a fireball; or hold [Back] and press [Black], [White] to do a green fireball that can push people back when against the edge. Taki: Strong kick combo When you get hit first, press [L] + [R] + [Up] + [Kick] together in any position. You will do a kick combo. Note: You have to get close to your opponent. Voldo: Easy weapon master mode Use Voldo to complete weapon master mode by running at the opponent, then press [Y] and continue this for an easy ring out. This will cut the time to completing weapon master mode in half. Yoshimitsu: Easy wins Use either of his frontal throws and constantly use them until the enemy is defeated. This is especially useful for the subchapter dungeon with all of the Berzerker enemies, as most of them are at half health. Yoshimitsu: Suicide Get near the opponent then press [Down], [A] + [K]. One person demos If you wait at the title screen, a demo fight will play. After that, rankings of players will appear on screen. Finally it will announce the word "Namco" and a random character will appear. They will do fight/dance demonstrations that range from Raphael's Spanish Flamingo to a spine twisting performance from Voldo. Some are shorter than others, and sometimes instead of showing the single character demos, the opening will repeat itself. Keep trying, and it will eventually appear. Unlock Seung Mina In chapter 6 of weapon master mode, a palace icon will be in the middle. Fight Seung Mina there, win, and unlock the Korean princess for play in all modes. Unlockables List Unlockable - How to Unlock Alternate Opening Screen - Complete every all Weapon Master mode missions Alternative Extra Time Attack - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 9 Mission 4 Assassin - Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 3-Stage 2 Beserker - Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 1, Extra Mission Cervantes - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3 Character Profile - Beat Arcade Mode with a Character Charade - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3 Stage 1 Egyptian Crypt - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 8, Stage 5 Extra Arcade Mode - Beat Arcade Mode once Extra Practice Mode - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 1 Extra Survival Mode - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 5 Extra Survival Mode (Death Match Mode) - Complete Subchapter 4, Stage 3 Extra Survival Mode (Extreme Mode) - Complete Extra Chapter 2, Stage 2 Extra Survival Mode (Standard Mode) - Complete Chapter 6, Stage 5 Extra Team Battle Mode - Defeat Team Battle mode Extra Time Attack - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 5, Stage 1 Extra Versus Mode - Beat Extra Arcade once Extra Versus Team - Battle Beat Extra Team Battle once with any setting Extra Weapon Master Missions - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 7, Stage 2 Labyrinth - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 6 Lakeside Coliseum Stage - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 3 Lizardman - Beat every stage in Weapon Master, including extra missions Money Pit/Top Tier Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4, Stage 1 Opening (Arcade Version) - Beat Extra Time Attack (Extreme) mode. Or play it 5 times. Opening (Home Version) - Beat Extra Survival Mode (No Recovery) or play it 5 times. Second Alternate Title Screen - Unlock all Secrets listed under Collection History Seung Mina - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 3 Sophitia - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4 Subchapter 2 - In Weapon Master mode, gain 300,000 experience to reach Iron Edgemaster. Then beat Chapter 4-3. Weapon Master ending movie - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 Extra Weapon Master opening movie - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 Yoshimitsu - Beat Weapon Master Chapter 2 Unlock Sophitia When you tire of playing with her little sister, you can unlock a playable Sophitia by whacking her silly in Weapon Mode.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus
M R D S L - Lose Shuriken S L S D R D L - Nightmare M R L M R M R - Pizza Paradise D R S L L S R - Poison D R M S R L R - Self Recovery M L D S R D M - Squeaking L D R M R L M - Super Defense Power R D S R M R L - Super-Tough S S S M R D D - Toddling Super Offense Power: Enter SDLSRLL as a password. Your attacks will be doubled. Super Defense Power: Enter LDRMRLM as a password. Your defense will be doubled. Infinite Shuriken: Enter RSRLRSM as a password. Lose Shuriken: Enter RLMRDSL as a password. You will not be able to use shuriken. New Nexus outfit for Donatello: Enter DSLRDRM as a password. New Nexus outfit for Leonardo: Enter LMRMDRD as a password. New Nexus outfit for Michelangelo: Enter MLMRDRM as a password. New Nexus outfit for Raphael: Enter RMSRMDR as a password. Playmates unlocked in bonus materials: Enter SRMLDDR as a password. Fatal Blow: Enter LRSRDRD as a password. Enemies have one hit kill ability. Abyss: Enter SDSDRLD as a password. You will lose all health after falling. Poison: Enter DRSLLSR as a password. Your character will slowly lose HP. Challenge Mode Endurance: Enter MRMDRMD as a password. Stamina restore will no longer be available. Play as Splinter: Successfully complete level 11-7. Alternately, Splinter is unlocked ten days after a saved game file is created; you can change the system date to do this. Splinter replaces Donatello. Play as Casey Jones: Win the Open Brawl Tournament. Alternately, Casey Jones is unlocked five days after a saved game file is created; you can change the system date to do this. Casey Jones replaces Raphael. Play as Slashuur: Win the Battle Nexus Tournament. Alternately, Slashuur is unlocked forty five days after a saved game file is created; you can change the system date to do this. Slashuur replaces Leonardo. Play as Karai: Defeat Karai in the Foot Fight Tournament in less than 150 seconds. Alternately, Karai is unlocked thirty five days after a saved game file is created; you can change the system date to do this. Karai replaces Michaelangelo. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game Got to level 9-1 and get the hidden Antique. Do this by going down one of the alleyways. There will be a pile of crates and a broken down bus. Jump on the crate and onto the bus. From the bus, jump onto the building . There should be two crates here, containing Pizza and the Antique. Then, complete the level and defeat all the Purple Dragons, Foot, and Mobsters. Next, go to the " 2nd Time Around". If you look through the different objects in the "NY" section, you will see the image of an arcade. Select the arcade to see information on it. When you exit out of the information, the message "Classic Arcade Mode Unlocked" will appear, and that option is now on the main menu at the title screen. Note: Do not worry if the screen remains black, or the arcade main screen takes a long time to load; this is normal. In the arcade game, press [B] to get more lives instead of quarters. The joystick and certain buttons including the pause feature do not work. The character selection is just like the arcade. Each controller controls a different turtle. You cannot which turtle to assign to a controller. Controller one is Leonardo, controller two is Michaelangelo, controller three is Donatello, and Controller four is Raphael. Character's feet pass through wall Whenever you do a wall-jump, look very carefully to see that your character's toes (or sometimes even their feet) are passing through the wall.

LMA Manager 2005
when it comes onto enter name enter lma2005b and a message will come up at the bottom saying no more money worries. Healing hands when you start a new game and you have choosen your team enter lma2005a at the name screen and you will have no more injury worries Recommended teams Create team with the following players: GK: Buffon/Robinson LB: Maldini (until he retires, then Chivu) CB: Cannavaro CB: King/Kompany/Metzelder RB: Thuram/Vanden Borre LM: Roisisky CM: Nedved (until he retires, then Emerson) CM: Beckham RM: Joaquin/Camorenesi CF: Baros/Trezeguet CF: Saviola/Keane GK: Petr Cech LB: Ahsley Cole RB: Gary Neville CB: Rio Ferdinand CB: John Terry LM: Michael Tonge RM: Cristiano Ronaldo CM: Frank Lampard CM: Steven Gerrard ST: Michael Owen ST: Alan Shearer (until he retires, then Thierry Henry) Submitted by: Master