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King of Fighters 96


Alternate Colors

When selecting your character, press the D button instead of A.

Bonus characters

In order to gain access to alternate characters in the game, hold the START button while choosing your character.

Starcraft 2 Map - Alien 1v1
Pennys Arcade
Alan Wake


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Twinkle Star Sprites
ark-Ran (Down).

Fatal Fury Special
ook at the demo game. When you hear the "Fight!", enter this code: Up, A, Left, A, Down, A, Right, A, Up, A, Up, C, Right, C, Down, C, Left, C, Up, C. If this code is entered correctly you will hear Ryo's voice. Then you can push start button. Note: Ryo is only available in P1 VS P2 mode.

King of Fighters 94
nt. Keep on using your projectiles until they have no more health. When the last projectile hits the opponent, some of their clothing will break. Note: It will only work on King or Yuri Sakazaki.