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Underground CD Volume 4.1


Toggle music:

Press R1 + R2 + Start at the main menu of Disc 1.

View Grand Theft Auto 2 codes:

Press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 at the main menu of Disc 1.

View Sled Storm codes:

Quickly press [L1 + L2, R1 + R2] repeatedly at the main menu of Disc 1.

View WCW Mayhem codes:

Hold L1 + L2 + X at the main menu of Disc 2.

View GameDay 2000 codes:

Quickly press [R1 + R2, L1 + L2] repeatedly at the main menu of Disc 2.

View NBA Shootout 2000 information:

Press L2, R2, L2, R2, L2 at the "Bulletins" screen of Disc 1.

View Knockout Kings 2000 information:

Press L2, R2, R1(2) at the "Cool Moves" screen of Disc 1.

View You Don't Know Jack information:

Press L1, L2(2), R2 at the main menu of Disc 2.

View Syphon Filter 2 hints:

Enter the following Security Codes.

1: L2

2: Triangle

3: L1

4: R1

5: Square

6: R2

7: X

8: Circle

Mario Game: Attack of the Goombots
Erotic Blackjack


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Bio Freaks
will chop off the opponent's head. Delta's One-Hit Kill: To pull off Delta's scissor move (one-hit kill); press forward then back + left kick at the same time. If done correctly, her hands will glow and she will scissor her opponent in half. Durge's One-Hit Kill: While fighting with press back foward + Right Punch + Right Kick. Sabotage's One-Hit Kill: When fighting as Sabotage, tap Left, then press and hold Left + Right Punch + Right Kick. If the move connects, your opponets head will explode. Minoteck's One-Hit Kill: While facing right tap Left then hold Left Punch + Left Kick + Left. Ssapo's One-Hit Kill: When playing press: Forward-Back-Back + LP + LK [when close to opponen Zipperhead's One-Hit Kill: Push Right + Left + Triangle then Zipperhead's fist glow and cuts your opponents body in half. First-Person View: While fighting hold L2 + R2 and press the direction opposite the direction your player is facing. It should say FIRST PERSON FIGHT CAMERA ON or something like that. To turn it off hold L2 + R2 and press Down. Easy win with PsyClown: You need a turbo controler for this one, Turn turbo on for R1 or Fr. Then when fighting with PsyClown push Down + Left Punch + Right Punch and PsyClown will bend down then right after he does hold down R1 and you should take 2 limbs off of your opponent and 3-4 his life. To play as Mutilator: This ones kinda tough, first beat survivor with Sabatoge and get 30, the highest top score, and then beat arcade on freak dificulty with Bullzeye and after you have done that save it to your memory card! Now you can play as Mutilator if you have done it correctly! Opponent Taunt: To taunt your opponent, while fighting press LP and RK simultaneously.

finals and you should get 20 Beypoints. Get Blader A, B, C: When you select your player, go to the tournament. As soon as you see the jazz man, press Triangle and you should cancel out of the tournament. Go to free battle and the Blader should be there. Note: There should be a sign of a Beyblade. Also do not customize the Beyblade or it may freeze the game. The Blader will be random, so you may get Blader A, B, or C. Avoid losing LP: When summoning a monster, press Circle(2) immediately after the screen turns black and you will not lose LP. Get extra BP: Go to free battle, and choose yourself. If you have two or three Beyblades, choose one and battle. If you win, you will get 10 BP. However, if you lose, you will get only 5 BP, as in the tournament. Destroy your opponent's Blade: When the Blader's Blade has about 50 or 100 spin remaining and you have 25 LP, summon your Bit Beast and it will blow up. Note: The screen will say "Out Of Ring Blader". Easy win: Stay in middle so that your enemy will go out of arena. Summon Bit Beast: Increase your LP up to 25 by pressing X when your hitting Beyblade. Then, press Triangle and it will be summoned. Save yourself from a loss: Immediately before you lose and go out of the arena, use your Bit Beast power attack if you have 25 LP or more. Recommended defense: Have a Draciel Bit, the Attack Ring Of Giffon, the Eight Balance Weight Disk, and the Base Of Wolfborg. Also, do not forget the Dragoon Lanche. Information in this section was contributed by Dani. Special launch: To do a special launch, you must have 20 LP or more. Press either Square, Triangle, or Circle instead X at the launch screen. Your Beyblade's attack power will double if done correctly, and your Bit-Beast will be shown with your Beyblade when launched. Keep blade spinning: When you launch a Beyblade, press Circle + Triangle instead of X. Your blade will keep spinning. Make your Beyblade spin HP longer: When the "Launching" screen appears, press the Up/Right. You should see a sparkle under the characters on the launching screen. While continuing to hold the D-pad the colors red, yellow and green will appear in order. When green appears, press X, Circle, Triangle or Square to stop it. Note: To do the special launch you must have 20 LP. When you have successfully done the special launch, your bit beast will appear. Your Beyblade power should be doubled, so that when your opponent is hit he could be knocked out of the ring.

resume the game. Unlock third level in all zones and more At the zone selection screen, pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2, then resume the game. Game Shark Codes P1 Score Modifier 801F2B8C 00?? P2 Score Modifier 801F2CFC 00?? Have All Gold Bars 801F1C84 0063 All Power-Ups P1 (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed) 50000E02 0001 301F5020 0001 Golden Atari Sign 801F1E90 0015 801F1E94 0015 801F1E98 0015 Unlock Zone 2 801F1CD0 0100 Unlock Zone 3 801F1D10 0100 Unlock Zone 4 801F1D50 0100 Unlock Zone 5 801F1D90 0100 Unlock Zone 6 801F1DD0 0100 Unlock Zone 7 801F1E10 0100 Unlock Zone 8/Old School Pong 801F1E50 0100 Unlock All Penguin Pong Levels 801F1C94 0105 801F1C96 0101 Unlock All Soccer Stars Levels 801F1CA0 0105 801F1CA2 0101 Unlock All Log Jam Level 801F1CAC 0105 801F1CAE 0101 Unlock All Clown Around Levels 801F1CB8 0105 801F1CBA 0101 Unlock All Beach Party Levels 801F1CD4 0105 801F1CD6 0101 Unlock All Rock N Roll Levels 801F1CE0 0105 801F1CE2 0101 Unlock All Seal Jungle Levels 801F1CEC 0101 801F1CEE 0101 Unlock All In A Spin Levels 801F1D14 0105 801F1D16 0101 Unlock All Puck Pong Levels 801F1D20 0105 801F1D22 0101 Unlock All Fishing Frenzy Levels 801F1D2C 0101 801F1D2E 0101 Unlock All Jungle Japes Levels 801F1D54 0105 801F1D56 0101 Unlock All Balloon Circus Levels 801F1D60 0101 801F1D62 0101 Unlock All Flock Fiasco Levels 801F1D6C 0101 801F1D6E 0101 Unlock All Dervish Danger Levels 801F1D94 0501 801F1D96 0101 Unlock All Pongball Wizard Levels 801F1DA0 0101 801F1DA2 0101 Unlock All Frog Follies Levels 801F1DAC 0101 801F1DAE 0101 Unlock All Henhouse Surprise Levels 801F1DD4 0501 801F1DD6 0101 Unlock All Polar Pivot Levels 801F1DE0 0101 801F1DE2 0101 Unlock All Zone 7 Levels 801F1E14 0101 801F1E16 0101 Unlock Pong Size/Speed Secret 801F1EA2 0001 801F1EA6 0001 801F1EDE FFFF Have Ball Speed Secret 801F1EAA 0001 801F1EE0 FFFF Have Grab Secret 801F1EAE 0001 801F1EE4 FFFF Have Whack Secret 801F1EB2 0001 801F1EE8 FFFF Have Spin Grab Secret 801F1EB6 0001 801F1EEC FFFF Have After Touch Secret 801F1EB8 0001 801F1EF0 FFFF Have Smart Bomb Secret 801F1EBC 0001 801F1EF4 FFFF Have Magnetic Grab Secret 801F1EC0 0001 801F1EF8 FFFF Have Boomerang Secret 801F1EC4 0001 801F1EFC FFFF Have Stretch Secret 801F1EC8 0001 801F1F00 FFFF Have Spike Secret 0801F1ECC 0001 801F1F04 FFFF Have Turbo Throw Secret 801F1ED0 0001 801F1F08 FFFF

Fear Effect
cle, Triangle, Square, Left, Triangle Extra ammo: L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Left, Left, L1, L2 Easy kills with all guns: L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Down, R1 Easy kills with other weapons: L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Down, L1 Puzzles Completed: L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Up, Up, Up, Down Expert mode: Down, Down, Down, Triangle, Down, Down, Down, Square, Left, Right.