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Queer as Folk: Season One


Hidden Deleted Scene

On disc 6 of the Queer as Folk Series 1 Box-set, select the [BONUS FEATURES] option from the [Main Menu]. Under the heading [MEET THE FOLK], there are 3 options. 1. Characters, 2. Actors and 3. Production Team. Select [CHARACTERS] and you'll see all the main character's names. Select Michael Novotny. The option [Video Clip] will be highlighted. There will be a heading on top of the screen that reads "Michael Novotny THE BOY NEXT DOOR". You'll find that if you press the [Up] arrow on your remote, the heading MICHAEL NOVOTNY will be highlighted as an option. Hit [Enter] to view a deleted scene of Michael


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lery]. Cycle through to the sixteenth photo (a shot of Hawkins with his glasses on his head). Use your remote to highlight the predator targeting triangle on the right hand side. Click on it to get an hilarious hidden documentary about the cast having to run to the toilet between shots after drinking the water in Mexico! Hidden Featurette Insert disc two. Press [Enter] on [Inside the Predator]. Select the first featurette. Press [Up] (you should see the laser cursor move up into an empty space near the page title). Press [Enter] and another featurette on Jesse Ventura will begin.