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King Of Fighters Evolution


Full pause screen

Pause game play and press X + Y.

Omake data

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find more graphics and HTML web pages for the game in the "omake" directory.

Point prices to buy/unlock extra strikers

The Justice version and Dark version of each extra striker is different. To unlock the Dark versions, buy all the Justice versions of the extra strikers. The Dark versions can then be purchased with points.

Justice version extra strikers

Fio: 2000 points

Kyo: 800 points

Goro: 800 points

Chizuru: 800 points

Athena: 800 points

B. Kane: 800 points

Yamazaki: 800 points

Alfred: 2000 points

Dark version extra strikers

Fio: 2200 points

Kyo: 1000 points

Goro: 1000 points

Chizuru: 1000 points

Athena: 1000 points

B. Kane: 1000 points

Yamazaki: 1000 points

Alfred: 2200 points

Syo and Gai

Two bonus strikers, Syo and Gai, will be unlocked at the Extra Strikers menu after fifty hours of game play are accumulated.

Easy points to buy extra strikers

Play game in single or team battle mode. Select four fighters for team battle or two fighters for the single battle game.

For team battle, choose the order of fighters, then play the first team. After last CPU fighter loses, points will be awarded to the player. Choose the order of fighters again for the second team. Play the second team and intentionally lose. Lose with all three fighters and wait for continue screen. Do not continue and wait for countdown to complete. Points will be awarded to overall points to buy strikers.

For single battle, choose a fighter and striker to play with. Play against first CPU fighter/team. After defeating the CPU fighter/team, points will be awarded. Play against the second team and lose. Wait for the continue screen to appear. Do not continue and allow the timer to count down. Points will be awarded to overall points to buy extra strikers.

If your continue at the continue screen, the player will play the team over again. The player has chance of lowering overall awarded points after playing the last fighter of the second team, and so on with other teams.

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Trick Style
d Defeat the Boss on the U.K. track. Speed board Defeat the Boss on the U.S. track. Submitted By Germain Trick board Defeat the Boss on the Japan track. Submitted By Germain Quick Start During the starting countdown, hold R when the word Go appears. Hints: Fast start: Tap R three times during the starting countdown, when the numbers 3, 2, and 1 appear. Then hold R when the word "Go" appears. Return to UK: The following trick can be used to return to the U.K. area from the Japan area when the all the doors are locked (such as when the "Access Japan early" trick is used). Get a good start and get some speed. Board down to the ramp used on the time you jumped over and did a spin. If you get high enough, you can go over the fence back to the U.K. area. Access Japan early: Enter the U.K. area that features a hill right before a wall that locks you from the area where Japan is located. In order to do this trick, you must hit the hill fast, jump from it, then do a spin. If done correctly you will end up jumping over the wall and into the Japan area. Note: If Japan has not been unlocked normally, you will be stuck in this area because none of the doors have opened. Break the glass at UK Races 1 and 2: You will see a big clock In UK races 1 and 2. Towards the end of the course in race 1, go up the ramp and use a boogie drill or hammer drill to break the glass and save some time. At the start of race 2, go on the right side and get the speed boost. Break the glass by using boogie drill or hammer drill to cut off a sharp turn. Defeating the UK StuntBowl Boss: Just stay there when the starting countdown ends, then jump and do a 360 in the air. Repeat that. Make sure you do the move while in the air. You will receive 500 points each time. Repeat this until reaching 1500 points. You can also take your time to finish with about 30 seconds. Special tricks: A globe that resembles a mini-sun is hidden in each level. Find one of the globes, and it will hover next to your board for a short time. Before it disappears hold the L and press B to execute your rider's signature trick. Some signatures must be done in air. Location of globe in Japan 1: There is a globe fairly close to the beginning of the Japan 1 level. Once you go through the figure eight track in the beginning, there is a section that goes up a wall and down the other side. If you keep to the right and do not go up the wall, you can see a loop-the-loop. Go straight and do not try and turn while in the loop to avoid falling. The globe is right at the top. Be careful, as other trickers can take your globe by touching you. Location of globe in UK race 1: Near the beginning of the race, when you jump up the staircase, make sure you go the very left side and you'll find it. Score high points: To score very high points, you firstly have to be high in the air. Then do a gyro trick (you have to score an 800 gyro) and then do a backflip, a doubleflip and a tripleflip. OR you could keep doing a handspin or a handflip to get a multiple of 3000 points each time!

Net teams. Note: The code is case-sensitive. Play as the rapper Redman Enable the "Hidden teams" code to unlock the Mo Cap team. Redman will be on their reserves. Random team selection Select exhibition mode, highlight a team name, then press L + R + A. Additional stat view Pause the game and select the "Substitution" option. Press X at the substitution screen to view a player's 3 point shooting rating, and rebound rating. Full energy with fatigue on While playing a game with fatigue on, go to options, turn fatigue off, and go back to the game. Then go back to options and set fatigue back on. All your players will have 100% energy. Distract free throws While playing as the home team, repeatedly press X when the visiting team is shooting free throws. The crowd will start making noise and flash white balloons to throw the shooter's concentration off. While playing as the visiting team, repeatedly press X when the home team is shooting free throws. Your players will trash talk to the shooter. Blocking If you are going up to block a shot, you can hold the button, then release it when you want to block the ball. Better Ally Oop Instead of going up, stopping and doing the ally oop, keep going and just press the Analog-stick, then whenever you are ready, press R. This makes the move more realistic. Always steal ball in street ball While playing against the CPU in street ball, press D-pad + R to have your CPU-controlled teammate intentionally foul the other team. Your teammate will shove your opponent and steal the ball without being called for a foul, because you are playing by street ball rules. If done correctly, your opponent will never get a shot off. Custom created players : Michael Jordan Name: Michael Jordan (his last name will be announced) Position: SG Team: Bulls Graduated: 1984 Years Pro: 15 Height: 6'6'' (212 lb) Number: 23 Skin Color: 2 Face: 12 Body Type: Regular Head and Body tweaks are not to be changed Left Arm Band: Elbow Color: Red (Team Color 1) Left Knee: Black Brace Socks: Short Shoe: 10 Attributes: Pure Shooter: If done right, rating will be 100 Ball Handling: 10 Pass: 10 Free Throws: 1 Shooting: 10 3 Pt. Shooting: 10 Dunking: 10 Low Post: 0.5 Off. Reb: 9 Def. Reb: 9 Blocking: 0.5 Steals: 10 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Height: 6'2" Best Hand: Left Skin Color: 6 Face: 3 Body Type: Regular Muscle Tone: Ripped Hair Style: 1 Mustache: 1 Beard: 5 Facial Hair Color: Brown Head Shape: Negate by one Neck: Maximum Size No other body tweaks adjusted Left Elbow: Black pad Right Elbow: Black pad Left Armband: Wrist Left Armband Color: Black Right Armband: Wrist Right Armband Color: Black Left Finger Tape: White Right Finger Tape: White Left Knee: Black pad Right Knee: Black pad Short Length: Long Socks: Short Socks Color: Black Sneaker: 10 100 rated SG Ball Handling: 10 Pass: 10 Free Throws: 1 Shooting: 10 3 Pt. Shooting: 10 Dunking: 10 Low Post: 0.5 Off. Reb: 9 Def. Reb: 9 Blocking: 0.5 Steals: 10 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 100 rated PG Ball Handling: 10 Pass: 10 Free Throws: 8.5 Shooting: 10 3 Pt. Shooting: 10 Dunking: 0.5 Low Post: 0.5 Off. Reb: 10 Def. Reb: 10 Blocking: 0.5 Steals: 10 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 100 rated C Ball Handling: 0.5 Pass: 8 Free Throws: 8 Shooting: 9.5 3 Pt. Shooting: 9.5 Dunking: 9.5 Low Post: 9 Off. Reb: 10 Def. Reb: 10 Blocking: 10 Steals: 0.5 Speed: 8 Stamina: 7.5

ce Harrier, hold A, X, or Y. "Up input is down" should appear below the number of credits. Press Start to play the game with reverse control. Extra money After getting your job, on the second day of work move all the boxes to Warehouse 3 as normal. When the shift ends, do not go to the back of Warehouse 17. Instead, play darts or practice your moves to waste time until Ryo says it is time to go home. When you wake up the next morning, you will have the same work day over again. If you made quota the previous day, you will get paid more money for the same job. This can be repeated as much as needed. Better slot machine chances Go to the Lapis fortune teller and choose "Gamble" for your fortune. She will give you a lucky number. Go to the slot house and find the slot machine with your lucky number on it. You should win approximately 70% of the time. Hidden artwork Place any of the three game discs in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find high resolution .BMP files in the "Omake" directory. Infinite money (Japanese version) Take the 500 yen you are given each day from the table and leave the house. Return to the house and enter your room. Leave your room and 500 more yen will be on the table. Repeat this as much as needed to collect an unlimited amount of money. Hidden move shop and not the one in dobuita complete the game 47 times and then complete 70 person battle which youve unlocked 14 times and then go on the passport disk and check out the facts about ryo and his father then get all of the collection which you can get off the disk and finally go to the old ware house districted no.8 but ring master chen before going in a new game on disk three before you get your job and then master chen will give u a picture of your fathers shop and he'll take u there and you will find 23 pictures of him and his freinds but one will be of him in china which master chen will take u to and you'll get 56 move scrolls in chinese and master chen will translate 4 u and the china shop in dobuita will translate 2 of them 4 u [send by:jeremy taylor]

Colin Mcrae Rally
ay SPECIALED Turbo boost ROCKETMAN Double power BIGGUNS Rear wheel steering TURNBACK Green jelly car ALIENGOO