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Need for Speed Underground

kurts killer ride

strip your mazda rx-7 or nisson 350z to stock eccept for preformence and keep trying until you win. i hope you beat your game because i'm still stuck on tis one if you beat it please e-mail me at thank you

submitted by: mike smolinski

Drift Physics for All Cars

On the main menu, press: R, UP, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, L.

Unlock All Circuit Tracks

On the main menu screen, press: DOWN, R, R, R, X, X, X, Z.

Unlock All Sprint Tracks

On the main menu, press: Up, X, X, X, R, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

Unlimited Nitro

Down, Down, Left, Right, Y, X, Right, Left

Drift Tracks

Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, X, R, Y

Points for 360 in Drift

When you are in drift mode you can get some extra points for doing doughnuts. Hold one direction and the handbrake and gas and let go of the handbrake after a second. You'll just sit there and do doughnuts. This won't get you massive points but it's something.

Unlock All Visual Upgrades

To unlock all visual upgrades for single and multiplayer mode, simply complete Underground mode.

1988 Nissan Skyline GTR34:

Select underground mode and complete at least the first 80 missions. A recommended car to use is the Acura RSX. You will then challenge Samantha. Defeat her under the medium difficulty setting and win the next drag race to unlock the 1998 Nissan Skyline GTR34.

Eddie's Nissan Skyline:

To unlock Eddie's car in the end, keep winning style points. Note: It is faster to win them in drift. When your style meter maxes out, a message stating that you have won Eddie's Nissan Skyline will appear.

Defeating Eddie:

An easy way to defeat Eddie is to run into the back of his car and continue to stay there. The CPU does not know what to do in this situation, and spins out at the first turn.

Choose a Nissan Skyline and you should start out in the lead. Try to maintain it, because you cannot easily get the lead back. Also, you may not get the lead in the beginning with other cars (the same with Melissa).

Defeating Melissa:

When you try to defeat Melissa to be the ultimate street racer, use the RX7 (all level 3 performance mods). She is more difficult than Eddy. Try to use shortcuts as much as possible. Avoid the tram past the second corner of the track. If you are next to her, ram her into the wall. She takes much longer to recover from a crash than you. Note: Save your nitrous until the end.

Samantha's car:

Keep getting style points until you get all the vinyls, then fill up the next meter.

Kurt's Killa Ride:

Use a stock mazda RX-7 and keep trying until you win.

Use the following trick to win Race 95 (Kurt's Killa Ride) and Race 103. During these two races, the CPU will have the same top speed as you, but can get to it a lot faster. To overcome this problem, do the following. Trade in your car for the Honda Integra Type R. Use the following performance upgrades. You must tune your car so that you have the highest possible acceleration, but the lowest possible top speed. By doing this, because the CPU will have the same top speed, he will not be going very fast, and you can take the corners faster because of your acceleration. You will not need to worry about handling, but the higher it is the better. The easiest way to do this is to get the Honda Integra Type R and tune it with the following parts:

Engine/Exhaust: Extreme Performance

Drive-Train: Street Performance

Tires: Extreme Performance

ECU: stock (do not tune this part)

Turbo: Pro Performance

Brakes: Extreme Performance

Weight Reduction: Extreme Performance

Suspension: Extreme Performance

Nitrous Oxide: Extreme Performance

Visual Upgrades-As desired, but your car must have a reputation rating over 4 stars.

With all this done, both races will be a lot easier to complete. After you have won the races you can trade back to your original car and put all the desired upgrades back on.

Junkman's Honda Civic:

Get 2,250,000 style points in quick race mode.

Melissa's Nissan 350Z:

Get 2,500,000 style points in quick race mode.

Quick start:

For somewhat of a faster start, hold the emergency brake and press the accelerator. Note: You will be behind the other racers, but you will catch up. Also, this may take some time to get used to.

Always land on wheels:

The Dodge Neon tuned to the extreme will almost all of the time land on its tires. This makes it useful for heavy traffic. Note you will lose some speed.

When a Miata is fully tuned, after hitting a car it will land back on the ground and you will start to lose control. Because the miata has so much power it will do a semi-cat walk.

Barrel roll:

Get any car and tune it to extreme but do not install the suspension. Then, go to the Drag track 14th And Vine. Go as fast as you can, and just before you hit the jump at the end turn to the left so that only one side of your tires touches the ramp. Note This will require a few attempts.

Easy drift points:

Simply stay behind a car and watch the points rack up.

Turn off the stability control by going into options and selecting "Car". This will make the car drift easier.

As you progress through the levels, the score required to win the drift competitions get higher, especially when you have upgraded your car's handling. Before you enter the drift competitions, go into "Customize Car" and "Setup". For example, go to the engine upgrade section and refit stock tires to your chosen wheels. This will make drifting much easier. As you approach a bend with a bit of speed, back off the throttle, turn into it, and return to full throttle. With practice you can earn 50,000 style points on the figure of eight style track. Note: Do not forget to refit the better tires before entering a street race.

To get more points in drag and drift races, use named cars(Petey Pablo, Rob Zombie and Lost Prophets).

Use the mazda Miata. Keep it in second gear. To achieve an easier drift, switch between first and second gears.

Unlock the first drift track, then tune the RX-7 to extreme. To do an Insane drift for 50,000 points, when you go around corners, drive into the bonus zone at the inside and outside of the track. Do not tap the hand brake. When on the straight away, swerve slightly to keep the combo going. About two or three laps drifting is required to get it.

Whenever your RPMs go down from hitting something or sliding out, hold the emergency brake until they get very high. Release the emergency brake, then tap it again. Your RPMs will go up. giving you easier points.

When drifting, drive fast and slide the corner. When you are coming out, tap the handbrake. Turn the car twowards where you are sliding, then turn it in the opposite direction and tap the handbrake. Repeat this until it fades.

When in drift mode, wait until you are in a combo then drive into the wall at a fast speed. At the time of the collision repeatedly press Start to get 999,999 drift points added to your score.

Hint: Easy vinyls:

Go to "Quick Race" and get over 300,000 on a drift track to unlock a lot of vinyls.

Go to "Quick Race" then go to drift. Set ten laps on your favorite track. Choose your car, then get the most points and keep restarting. You can also unlock cars by doing this.

All parts:

To unlock all of the parts, complete Underground mode.

Sick Spoiler:

To get this spoiler, you can have any car with the Duotek unique spoiler with any visual upgrades. Trade your car for the VW Golf then trade back to the car you had before. You should have a spoiler that is not part of your options, even after you have unlocked the level 3 spoilers.

Vinyl color:

To change color of vinyl, select your vinyl and press A. Then, press B to leave the menu. Next, press X and the color menu will appear. Then, choose a color.

Use rims that normally will not fit

Certain cars can only fit so big of a rim. For example, the Miata can only fit 17s, but if you get a car like the Skyline put 20s on it and trade it in for the Miata. The Miata will now have the 20s that the Skyline had in it. Do not try to install any other rims on your new car because the rims will go back to the maximum sized allowed.

Chrome rims

Choose a rim style of your choice. Then, when you paint them, choose the color in the first row, third from the left. It should look like a chrome color.

Purge nitrous

To purge your nitrous and appear to shoot out smoke, either put your car in neutral, or at the beginning of the race press "Nitrous".

Change color of vinyl

Choose any vinyl except for uniquem then select the layer you changed on the layers menu. Press [B] and the color change menu will appear.

No Way Jose race

Jose will start strong, but then will sometime make the mistake of trying to take a short-cut during the race. He drives off track and will allow you to take the lead. He may kick your tail in the first lap, but this "shortcut" causes his downfall. During your race, do not crash and you should defeat Jose.


Look for alternate routes on your in-game map while driving. These can get you ahead of an opponent easily or shave off seconds on your timer. They will look like another road on the map, but sometimes are narrower. Most of the time these shortcuts will be hard to see or take, and can be extremely risky.

At the beginning of the races that take place in front of the prison Samantha told you to race to for a reward, when the race starts, crash in the gate of the prison. It is an underground shortcut. Note: This only works after the race in which Samantha tells you to race to the prison in time for a reward.

Recommended cars

The stats on the performance bars are not all that count. The mazda RX-7 is extremely responsive. Quick movements and the ability to get yourself out of tight jams is what wins the race. The mazda RX-7 responds very quickly and can help you out a lot with dodging cars and making it through quick S turns. The RX-7 may not have as good of a turning radius as the Skyline, but this can be compensated by holding the gas and pressing the brake at the same time while in a turn. This may bring your speed down a bit, but it also tightens your turning radius. Use this tactic when speeding through one of the tunnels with poles in the middle. Do not be discouraged by the poor start of the RX-7. This car will make up for it with its phenomenal top speed and ability to turn quickly. Objects always appear at a set distance ahead of you. At high speeds this will only give you a small instant for you to react and for your car to respond to your commands. The RX-7 responds faster than the Skyline, and therefore gives you a definite advantage at high speeds. It also turns more tightly at low speeds. It is also a good tool to use in Drift challenges because it is a light rear wheel drive. When you go sideways, the tires will just keep spinning as you drift. There is no need to use the handbrake with this car in drift mode except to slow yourself down -- you will continue to accelerate a lot with this car in drifts. Because drifting does not slow the car down (as long as you hold the gas), it is easy to go into a wall. There is no other car that can make it all the way around the 3/4 circle in a perfect 3/4 circle without losing speed. Do not use stock tires with the fully souped up RX-7 in drift mode, as the car is extremely slick on the ground (light rear wheel drive).

The best car to start with is the mazda MX5. It has a great top speed, moderate acceleration and awesome handling. The car is also one of the best cars to continue the game with. Only the mazda RX7 and Nissan Skyline are better.

For the drag part, use a Honda S2000. If you have the perfect shift and the extreme performances, you will be about three or more seconds ahead of everyone. For drifting, try a mazda RX-7 because its a good rear wheel drive car. For the rest, try using a Civic, Skyline, Eclipse, and the Acuras. They have quick response, but not to the point where you will hit the wall and sometimes spin out.

The best handling car is the mazda MX-5. The best car in acceleration is the Acura RSX. The best top speed car is the Nissan Skyline R34J. The Volkswagon Golf GTi or the Mitsubishi Lancer are not recommended starters in Underground mode.

The best car to select when starting a new game is probably the Neon (until you get farther into the game, some tracks get very difficult).

Easy wins:

If you are having trouble winning circuit, sprint, or lap knockout races, take off all of your engine performance mods. Note: This works for every car, is most useful for the Nissan Skyline. You do not need to take off the handling mods.

If you are stuck on underground mode races 80 to 90, trade in your car for the mazda Mx5. Use all L3 performance upgrades except for the last three. This version of the mazda has excellent acceleration, a good top speed, and brilliant handling. You can customize it in any way desired.

For easy wins in circuit and sprint modes, slow down until another car is close behind. Then, drive into any oncoming traffic, dodging the oncoming cars. The car behind you is trying to get caught in your slipstream to slingshot around you. When you see him get very close, drive directly towards another car and dodge it at the last possible moment. The car following you should slam head-on into the ambient car. Note: This trick is very difficult to do and should only be performed by an expert; if you hit the car, it will usually cost you the race. Also try get several enemy cars behind you for big effects.

Defeating Melissa

When you try to defeat Melissa to be the ultimate street racer, use the RX7 (all level 3 performance mods). She is more difficult than Eddy. Try to use shortcuts as much as possible. Avoid the tram past the second corner of the track. If you are next to her, ram her into the wall. She takes much longer to recover from a crash than you. Note: Save your nitrous until the end.

Samantha's car

Keep getting style points until you get all the vinyls, then fill up the next meter.

Kurt's Killa Ride

Use a stock mazda RX-7 and keep trying until you win.

Junkman's Honda Civic

Get 2,250,000 style points in quick race mode.

Melissa's Nissan 350Z

Get 2,500,000 style points in quick race mode.

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