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Z.O.E.: Zone Of The Enders


Versus mode

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock versus mode with five frames and most stages. Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting twice to unlock the remaining two frames and stages.

Alternate ending music

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting and get an "A" rank on all five rescue missions to hear a different ending theme during the end credits.

Full health and ammunition

Pause the game and press L1(2), L2(2), L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1. Note: Each time this code is used your level will go down by one.

Disco mode

At the title screen, press Up, Down(2), X, Triangle, Left, Right, Square. If you entered the code correctly you will hear the sound of an explosion. In this mode, all enemies will be replaced by giant floating disco balls and the screen will flash all different colors. Successfully complete the game in this mode to receive a special surprise.

City 1: Destroying the Relay Block

During your first visit to City 1, you are required to destroy a Relay Block but there is a forcefield in the way. You also lack the necessary weapon to do so. Exit the city and revisit Town 2 for the second town. There will be new enemies you need to kill. After that, Ada will tell you some information on "porters". Destroy all the purple blocks you see to release Vector Trap. Obtain the Sniper and return to City 1. Equip the Sniper, aim for the white dots on the rotating column and fire.

City 2: The Gauntlet

Find the enemy with the passcode and defeat him. Then, leave and go to EPS 2. Find the metal thing where it says you need the Gauntlet Passcode. Get close to it on the ground and you will know what to do.

Town 3: Rescue Mission

After the first encounter with Tyrant, you will be presented with a rescue mission that takes place in Town 3. There are only three squads of enemies here. However, remember that Jehuty is infected with a virus. It will die with one hit. Use "Dash" to get to the sides and avoid incoming projectiles. Use your Dash Shot to slowly kill the enemies. Do not try to get in close and use your Energy Sword. You will be left vulnerable to other enemies nearby. After the mission, do not leave. Destroy the porters on top of the buildings to get a program.

S.O.S. missions: Higher rankings

During the S.O.S. missions, engage in combat with an enemy squad, then start to fly away. This lures them away from the survivors buildings and therefore causes minimum casualties which will earn you the higher rankings. Use the [Circle] attack when in close combat to grab an enemy, then turn to face away from any buildings and release [Circle] to send the enemy flying away from any survivors and possibly destroying them at the same time.


After obtaining the "Halberd" drive and program, return it to the local server to gain the "Halberd". This powerful plasma sword is one of the strongest weapons in the game . To wield it effectively, use it against enemies that have a Halberd of their own. Enemies that fight with Halberds are extremely dangerous -- use your own Halberg to take them out fast.

Unlock extra options:

Complete the game on any difficulty level with rank D or above to enable the versus option on the main menu.

Complete the game a second time to unlock the remaining two orbital frames and two battle levels in versus mode.

Complete the game 50 times on one player versus mode to get Anubis as a playable frame.

Alternate ending sequences:

Earn an "A: rank in all S.O.S. calls. New music will play during the ending sequence. Intentionally do badly during the game by destroying all buildings and killing all survivors during the various missions. This includes completely destroying the colony shaft during the last SOS mission. Defeat Tyrant and go to the Mountain 1 level to view the worst ending.

Age of Empires 3: Map Pack #2
Farm Frenzy 2
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Mascotte Blackjack Deluxe
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Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
can go back to get build up your heath if needed. Feathers will also lead the way to were it is you need to go. Orange feathers indicate an unexplored area, grey feathers say that you have already been there. Big Air Dinky games mini-game: Go under Juju potions. Select "Universal Card". Then, put in 233 bugs, 127 crystals, and 204 fruits. Get Tlaloc: At first, Tlaloc will shoot blasts at Dead Juju, Lok, and Jibolba. Run over to Jibolba and press Circle to switch bodies. Then, kill all the Nightmare Creatures. Next, switch with Dead Juju and do the same thing. Then, switch with Lok and do the same thing again. Then, Tlaloc will lose his barrier. Attack him. Tlaloc will now change strategies. He will send Nightmare Creatures at your friends. Kill them all, then attack Tlaloc. Keep repeating this process until Tlaloc is defeated. Control opening sequence While the game loading, move the [Right Analog-stick Up] or [Right Analog-stick Down] to make Tak's head grow and shrink. On the loading screen, while Tak is running by, hold Left or Right + X to make him run slower. Dinky mini-game bonuses Go under Juju potions. Select "Universal Card". Then, put in the following numbers for bugs, crystals, and fruits: Balloon Head Showdown: 48, 62, 19 Barrel Blitz: 1, 105, 81 Big Air: 233, 127, 204 Catapult Chaos: 103, 33, 20 Change Tak feather color: 4, 9, 23 Chicken Tennis: 202, 17, 203 Chuckin' Chickens: 18, 71, 50 Commercials: 6, 16, 6 Concept art: 30, 37, 51 Dart Tomb Dogdem: 83, 43, 142 Dead Juju character: 55, 171, 35 Fauna character: 44, 13, 0 Flea Fly: 22, 6, 17 Frog Derby: 281, 62, 149 Game music: 14, 17, 7 Glide Ride: 131, 61, 179 Gloomleaf arena: 68, 13, 8 Increased manna magnet: 3, 27, 31 Introduction sequence: 8, 2, 5 JB character: 16, 19, 38 Krash course: 5, 41, 41 Lok character: 2, 2, 5 New particle effects: 31, 18, 2 Snowboard Air Time: 233, 127, 204 Sound effects set 1: 4, 55, 36 Tak FMV sequence: 30, 21, 88 Tak suit pictures: 11, 4, 17 Tlaloc character: 99, 363, 2 Vine Climb: 8, 1, 37 Animals hints Use the animals you come across to help you with your quest. The skunk stink will scare animals away, usually in a direction that will benefit you. The bear will lie down under a bee hive and lick up the dripping honey. Jump on his belly to gain new heights, or jump on his belly until he picks you up and throws you across gaps that are too wide to jump. Beavers will chew up trees to make bridges to jump across. You can ride a wild boar to smash through gates or fallen logs to reveal new areas or potion ingredients. Defeating the Dream Guardian At first, dash up the spiral staircase. Jump to dodge his attacks until you go through the door. You will fall. Just keep dodging his attacks and he will die. When fighting the Dream Guardian the second time, first dodge his attacks. When the boulder comes, go up and down and repeat the pattern. Then, dodge more attacks. When he shoots the red blasts, just move around. Easy money While playing the Yorbell game, get three Orange Yorbells to get more money. Animal choices After you get the Dream Shaker, Moon Juju will tell you to pick an animal to enhance your powers: Piranha, Jaguar, Dragon, or Eagle. The Piranha is not powerful. The Eagle can only kill one at a time. The Dragon has extremely short range. The Jaguar is the best choice. Tutorial level In the tutorial level, you must have blue potions to go under or float over walls. When you reach the end of the level on ether side of the tutorial, you must have red and blue potions or you will die.

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
fits Finish a challenge in challenge mode

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
k 5 bonus movies, go to episodes 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 (do not advance to the screen were it tells you your % of that level). Wait for 10-20 seconds, and a police badge with the square button should appear. Press square at this time to play the movie. submitted by: AniLuke0 Unlock Shadow Power Gadget After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 8 enter the code 725 at the safe in the "Murray/Sly Tag Team" mission. Unlock Tom Gadget listed on Gadget Grid Left, Left, Down, Right, Left, Right Unlock Long Toss Gadget After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 4 enter the code 248 at the safe in the building near the last two terminals of the "Train Hack" mission. Unlock Insanity Strike Gadget After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 2 enter the code 857 at the safe in the "Boardroom Brawl" mission. Codes Enter the following during the Pause menu Restart Current Episdoe - Left, R1, Up, Down, Up, Left Tutorial - Right, Left, Up, Up, Up, R1 Skip to Episode 1 - Down, R1, Left, Right, R1, Down Skip to Episode 2 - R1, Left, Right, R1, Left, Down Skip to Episode 3 - Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Up Skip to Episode 6 - Down, Up, R1, R1, Left, Down Skip to Episode 7 - Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, R1 Skip to Epsiode 8 - Down Up, Left, Left, R1, Right Skip to Episode 4 - Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Left Skip to Episode 5 - Left, R1, Down, Down, Up, Right Dimitri's Greasy Sweet Remix To get to listen to the remix, in episode 1, go to the disco area where you did the "DISCO DEMOLITIONS" job. When you are inside, go to the area where you see the music equipment (drums, guitars, scratchboards, etc.). Now hit one of the scratchboards (what the D.J. uses). You should hear Dimitri say 'Show your bling and let me shine you.' GREASY SWEET! Unlocking Secret Movies After completing an episode select it on the level select screen. Watch the little picture slide show above the level completion percentage and when a badge flashes on the bottom left of the slideshow push Square. The Making of Sly 2 Movie Complete Episode 7 and on the Level Select Screen choose Episode 7. Push Square when prompted. Commercial Movie Complete Episode 5 and on the Level Select Screen choose Episode 5. Push Square when prompted. Heist Cartoon Complete Episode 1 and on the Level Select Screen choose Episode 1. Push Square when prompted. LaLa Movie Complete Episode 3 and on the Level Select Screen choose Episode 3. Push Square when prompted. Credits After Completing Episode 8 choose it in Level Select and Push Square when the police badge appears.

level with the lifeguard that gets shot after you get the throwing knives, kill an enemy. Then, start stabbing the dead body. Little drops of blood will appear. Ubisoft logo: When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver. Better sniping accuracy: When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five secounds or until he stops moving around. You can now look around with perfect dead aim accuracy. More ammunition: Wait until an enemy reloads his weapon before killing him. Kill him before he fires his gun and you will get a full magazine for your weapon. Get the Dual Weapons skill early: In the military base level where you have to rescue general Carington, there is a door on the left that leads to some kind of bedroom just before the room with the shaft leading to Carington's prison cell. Enter the room and take out the three SPADS soldiers in the room. At the opposite end of the room to the right is a locker standing by itself. Open it to get a 9 mm pistol, and the Dual Weapons skill will be enabled. From now on you will be able to use dual pistols and miniguns. Submitted by: Zelenka Unlock All Levels Pause the game and press R1, CIRCLE, R1, L2, R1, L1, SQUARE Strange song: Somewhere in the mental hospital level, there should be a woman in a white coat with red hair behind a desk-like object with metal grating to show that they are closed. A few are open, but you cannot get in. Get close but still remain hidden. Listen and you should hear her singing a song that has a line like "You can close your mind but still be on the run", which the same song the "grim reaper" you must chase in hunt mode sings. Submitted by: Michael Quick gun: At the start of the game, run though the back door to a gun faster and safer than going to the man at the front. Note: Hit him in the head and he will die faster.