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Underground CD Volume 2.1


View Tomba FMV sequence:

Press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle(2) at the "Imports" screen of Disc 1.

View Gamebrain FMV sequence:

Press Circle + Triangle, Square(2) at the "Code Archive" screen of Disc 1

View ONE codes:

Press Square + Triangle, Circle(4) at the "Code Archive" screen of Disc 1.

View WCW Nitro codes:

Press Triangle(2), Circle, Triangle(2) at the main menu of Disc 2.

View Hooverphonic "Inhaler" music video:

Press Circle(2), Triangle, Circle(2) at the main menu of Disc 2.

View "Headswim Tourniquet Despite Yourself" music video:

Quickly press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square at the main menu of Disc 2.

Twisted Metal screen saver:

Line up the CD packages of the first four volumes of the Underground series to reveal the following code. Press Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle(3) at the main menu of Disc 1 to reveal a secret URL (, username (underground), and password (insider). Note: Sony has since taken that web page address offlline.

Screensaver teaser:

Press Circle, Triangle(2), Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle at the main menu of Disc 1.

Hologram program:

Press Circle, Square, Triangle, X at the "Bulletins" screen of Disc 2.

Sims3 - Cozy Quarters- 3 br starter
Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp
Need for Speed Carbon
Flyff Character Simulator
Mario Game: Super Koopa Land


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Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James
s just shoot the wanted sign during the game

Vigilant 8
t the desired result. HARDEST OF ALL -- Extreme Difficulty I WILL NOT DIE -- Invincibility REDUCE GRAVITY -- Reduced gravity SAME CHARACTER -- Play as same character in two-player mode GO SIGHTSEEING -- No enemies MONSTER WHEELS -- Monster Truck Tires DEADLY MISSILE -- Stronger homing missiles WMNNWLHTSCUCLH -- All characters, levels and the Alien SEE ALL MOVIES -- View all the movies INVITE VISITOR -- Alien character GANGS ALL HERE -- All standard characters GIMMIE DA WORKS -- Cheat mode SECRET LOCALES -- Sand Factory and Secret Base levels (submitted by: MadHaTTeR) Avalanche at the Ski Resort: Shoot down any three trees on one side and an avalanche will occur. This works well when people are by the trees. Machine Gun Trick: If you have an autofire joystick you can increase the damage done with the machine gun. Set R2 to autofire when the button is pressed. This will enable a steady stream of bullets without overheating the gun. Your enemies don't have a chance! Launch missle at Area 51: Start a game on the Area 51 level. Go through the gate(past the lasers) to the building. Drive "through" one side of the building. When you come out the other side, drive around the square and go under the two lights(one should already be green from driving through the building)Driving under the lights will turn the 2nd light green and the missle will launch at the enemy you have targeted Change the Soundtrack: If you'd like to listen to something different, replace the Vigilante 8 CD with your favorite music CD after you've started a level. Float in mid-air : Go to the Sand Factory and drive on one of the ramps. Drop a Magnet mine. Drive over the mine, then destroy the ramp. If done correctly you will attract the surrounding cars, and they and your vehicle will be flying in mid-air. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special attacks: Enter these codes before you fire the Machine gun: Interceptor Missiles: Up, Up, Down Bull's Eye Rockets: Up, Down, Up Sky Hammer Mortar: Down, Down, Down Bruiser Cannon: Down, Up, Down Roadkill Mines: Left, Right, Up Rocket-travel: Up, Up, Up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passwords: Here are codes for every person's Quest Mode, passing it with "Objective Met": VIGILANTES: Chassey Blue: AOGIKYFGQQTWGA (Mission 1) YMBEJEOPDHYHZV (Mission 2) RIPJNYEPGFPJAI (Mission 3) HGFTDDNMUBXRLV (Mission 4) Slick Clyde: TNLCROHSQAZDMQ (Mission 1) QDANNFHMSLBMWF (Mission 2) FYLYRFKEAHGGAW (Mission 3) OIRYEEBGDBNHBJ (Mission 4) Shiela: EDAOHLJIOUEDBA (Mission 1) HSDNTZSGVOGCLP (Mission 2) NTWZYUQSPXMHMB (Mission 3) BXINCWNWGCQVJF (Mission 4) John Torque: WSLZFBNQDTFDBF (Mission 1) BXNJRYSXTYACKE (Mission 2) IBXGFDQBSNISJQ (Mission 3) ZCTEAFJVMNDJUT (Mission 4) Dave: PYQXPDUMJNBOUP (Mission 1) OULIUZTJHPKWTD (Mission 2) QYDJBUYBZTEUQC (Mission 3) Convoy: AIHJZNIFPZNFWA (Mission 1) UKXCXCOAIGOKVH (Mission 2) KHREIWYIZREYHK (Mission 3) VSNKJVURSUNRWX (Mission 4) COYOTES: Loki: THLOHJWURONKLQ (Mission 1) VIBWYIVGOPAUWX (Mission 2) CEJMULWPCYYAVS (Mission 3) PGGOVIUNUQEIVU (Mission 4) Houston 3: BDPTGXUBXOCCKE (Mission 1) GCTPCXCCIWXVUJ (Mission 2) NXJFNPZXRAAGMB (Mission 3) DTQQSKTRYIHGEN (Mission 4) Boogie: FOJGCRHLWMUQZV (Mission 1) DRFIQVOUYIHGEN (Mission 2) WCHPZDGBCYEDBF (Mission 3) JHAZRUUMTLUYBG (Mission 4) Beezwax: YUYFNKTAQGLNYW (Mission 1) TXXKKGEWRONKLQ (Mission 2) KHUSNNWJXORZHK (Mission 3) UIBRJCCYSARVH (Mission 4) Molo: EDDNXIAPNTRDBA (Mission 1) ITAHZJRMYTLSJQ (Mission 2) NPRJUYRYRAAGMB (Mission 3) AKFQPUISMWAHWA (Mission 4) Sid Burn: LPHPMMDNMPEMVB (Mission 1) PEONQGUNUQEIVU (Mission 2) XOKIXDXBKQRFOJ (Mission 3) OYROHGBDNLSJSI (Mission 4) Deadly missles-homings are more powerful wmnnwlhtscuclh-all characters and stages Hardest of all-Hi octane Go sightseeing-no enemies Reduce gravity-low gravity See all movies-see all movies Cheat[Dustin Yonker] Get extra weapons and vehicles when you do a 360 with the vehicle you have. Cheat Passwords[Sent by Oasis] Choose "Options" from the main menu, then select "Game Status," press O to call up the passcode menu, then enter any of the following cheat codes: WMNNWLHTSCUCLH-Unlock all secret characters and levels MONSTER_WHEELS-Wheels are double size SAME_CHARACTER-In two-player mode, both characters can use the same vehicle REDUCE_GRAVITY-Less gravity GO_SIGHTSEEING-No enimies in Arcade mode I_WILL_NOT_DIE-Invincibility HARDEST_OF_ALL-More difficult enimies DEADLY_MISSLE-Enimies start with secondary weapons

Syphon Filter 2
. Level Select Pause the game, highliht the "Map" option , then hold right + L2 + R2 + Circle + square + X(simultaneously). Then, enter the "Options" menu and select the cheats selection. Invincibility To get Invincibility, at the start menu push triangle, square(2), R1, select(7). You don't here anything. It works automatically. - From mateo14 All Guns Pause the game, then go to "Weapons", then push right + L1 + L2 + select + circle + square + X. Hard mode: At the title screen, highlight the One Player option and press Square + Circle + L1 + R2 + Select + Up + X. Movie Theatre: Pause the game, highlight the Briefing option, then hold Right + L1 + R2 + Circle + X. Enter the options screen and select Cheats 2-Player Arenas and Characters: There are 10 hidden items that must be picked up in the single player mode to open the 10 locked 2 player arenas. There are 20 Arenas in all. Some of these hidden items, such as the Binoculars, are inventory items and others such as the Girly Mag and Dirty Laundry cannot be seen in your inventory when picked up. There are a total of 28 characters, but only 10 of them are initially available. The other 18 characters are unlocked through 2 secrets in the latter half of the game. What they are is unclear at this time. Ammo and Gun: (Gun later revealed in level) In the first level (the Rockies), there is a tunnel where the water fall is. Go on the side with the flare thing and go jump over the cliff, dont worry, he automatically jumps over. When you do that, back up so you hang off, Then drop down. Go to the end of the tunnel which there are no guys in. Get 300 ammo for the HK11. It is an automatic silenced sniper rifle.(Make sure you are on the other side that the fire is not on!) Super Agent mode: Pause the game, highlight the "Weaponry" option, then hold L2 + Select + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" selection. Caves multi-player stage: Find the binoculars in the Colorado Interstate 70 level. They are located behind the first closed door on your left that you reach. Press Triangle to open the door. This reveals a passage. Go left, open another door, and enter the room. The box containing the binoculars is in this room. Pharcon Site multi-player stage: Find the girlie magazine in the Pharcon Lab, after you taze the guards. It is located after you go through the Mars exhibit. Bunker multi-player stage: Find the PK-102 in the Moscow Streets level. There is a point where two cars will try to run you over at the same time, and you have to leap and grab a pole above you to avoid them. After this happens, drop down, and go back and search the two newly crashed cars. Face the tail ends of the cars. The car on the right has the PK-102 inside. The cars are on fire, so search carefully. Additionally, after the cars crash an enemy will get out of each car. At least one of them has a M-79 grenade launcher. Additional multi-player characters: Find the M-79 grenade launcher on the second to last level (New York Sewers) to unlock the following seven multi-player characters: Ninja Gabe, Scuba Lian, Unit 1 (armored trooper from the Bio-Lab Escape level), Dr. Elsa Weissinger, Uri Gregorov, Lawrence Mujari, and SWAT officer (helped in the New York Slums level). The M-79 is near the end of the level (in the parking garage). Near the top of the stairs is an open doorway into the parking garage, where a black van is driving past. Instead of exiting the stairwell at that location, keep climbing up the stairs. There will be five Agency operatives scattered on the landings above armed with silenced HK-5s, grenades, and M-79s. Use the M-79 to clear them out. The M-79 is on the top landing. Killing Chance: First of all, he is wearing full body armor so you cant attack him with any of your current weapons. Ok now when you start the game head out of the right door and roll and run towards the helicopter. Once you get there you should see an ammo box with the UAS12 or something like that. (A gas-grenade type of gun). After you get that roll under the helicopter's back end (being careful not to go into the spinning blades.) Now if you have been shot by Chance run over to the opposite side of the helicopter and grab the flak jacket in the ammo box. By the time you have completed this, Chance probably has rolled under the helicopter after you. Take the grenade type gun and start shooting him into the chest, making sure he is in line with the rotating blades on the back end of the copter. Extra Gun: In the first level there is an easier way to get the H11 from under the waterfall. Just simply get as close to the edge as you can, and roll in by using the Circle button. Sniper rifle on first level: On the first level you can control where you land with your parashoot (or however you spell it) now control yourself in the direction of the 3 men and the flares try and land yourself on top or so your hanging off of the cliff right above them and there it is in the ammo box. Air Taser in level 1: When you go to the highest point on level one and get the tansponder to work. When you areon your way back look to your left and and go to the edge and crawl down to hang on to the cliff (press walk when going to the cliff to crawl down and hang) move left and you will find a box which has the air taser. Extra Multiplayer Level: DC Park Multiplayer Arena In the third last level of the game, Slums, play through for a while until the part where you have to help the swat team kill the snipers. When you get there, there is a building with smoke rising out of the entrance, enter the building. When you enter carefully go up the ramp inside the building until you reach what looks to be old washing machines. After a radio signal, go to the last machine in the row. Press triangle to pick up the dirty laundry. You have now unlocked DC park. Here are the multiplayer characters you can unlock: SF1 Earned Characters: Anton Girdeux Jorge Marcos Jonathon Phagen Erich Rhoemer Evil Scientist Vladimir Gabrek SF2 Earned Characters: Unit One Dr. Elsa Weissinger Ninja Gabe Uri Gregorov Lawrence Mujari Scuba Lian Swat Officer

Army Men: Sarges Heroes 2
le - FRNKNSTN 8 Tan Base - BDBZ 9 Revenge - LBBCK 10 Desk - DSKJB 11 Bed - GTSLP 12 Blue Town - SMLLVLL 13 Cashier - CHRGT 14 Train - NTBRT 15 Rockets - RDGLR 16 Pool Table - FSTNLS 17 Pinball Table - WHSWZRD