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World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution


Bonus players:

Win the master league to unlock new players that can be signed. Note: This can be done up to three times for more players. Also, complete all the training challenges.

England Classic team:

Play as England and win the European Cup.

Holland Classic team:

Play as Holland and win the European Cup.

Germany Classic team:

Play as Germany and win the European Cup.

Brazil Classic team:

Play as Brazil and win the American Cup.

Argentina Classic team:

Play as Argentina and win the American Cup.

European All-Stars team:

Play as a European team and win the International Cup.

World All-Stars team:

Win the International League.

Italy Classic team:

Play as Italy and win the European Cup.

France Classic team:

Play as France and win the European Cup.

Fish Truck
Call of Duty: Black Ops Teaser Trailer HD
Mario Game: MarioSH
Virtual Bubbles


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Sonic Mega Collection
A. Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Level Select: At the Sound Test selection, select sounds 19, 65, 9 & 17. Hold X and press Start, then hold B and press Start at the Sonic/Tails screen. Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Debug Mode: First enable Level Select. Then, at the Sound Test selection, select sounds 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. Select a level and hold B + Start until the game begins. Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Level select: Right after you hear SEGA but before Sonic appears, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. Then press Up at the title screen. Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Debug Mode: First enable Level Select. Then hold B and press Start when selecting level. Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Bonus level: First enable Level Select. Then at the Sound Test selection, play sounds 1, 3, 5, 7. Hightlight Special Stage 2, hold B and press Start. Play as Mega sonic In sonic 3 and knuckles (one of the hidden games) when you become hyper sonic and complete the game (same with knuckles) and the ending roles press A,B,X,B,left,left,up,up,down,start and load the save data of which you had just completed. the screen will turn black for a while and you will see the master emerald. jump on it to become mega sonic/knuckles. walk through a portal to go to the first level submitted by: bedro

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex
4 and earned the bazooka, return to level 1, Arctic Antics. Shoot the three woolly mammoths to get extra lives. Once you defeat the second Boss and have the "Double Jump", jump on the heads of the woolly mammoths (you do not have to wait for the bazooka). You will get an extra life for each woolly mammoth you jump on. Note: For the one at the end, you can get up the glaciers if you keep trying. Go to the bonus platform and go through the bonus level. When you get back, jump to the right. You should hit a woolly mammoth and get one extra life if you jumped on it. You have to jump back quickly because the woolly mammoth vanishes. Bamboozled: Shortcut: Start a time trial on the Bamboozled level. When you get to the parts where the track twists like a slide, turn right sharply and land on the tracks below .If done correctly, you can take six to ten seconds off your time. Bonzat Bonsat: Super belly flop power: After acquiring the Red Gem, go to the Bonzat Bonsat level. Jump onto the Red Gem, then make your way to the end to find a gem and the super belly flop power. Crash And Burn: Red Gem: Do not try to jump the big gap. The warp zone at the end is an illusion, and you cannot get there. Instead, use the bazooka and shoot it. Do not worry if you die, because you will retain the gem. When going for the Red Gem, you actually can jump the big gap. It is a long distance, but it can be done by double jumping and doing a good Death Tornado Spin. Crunch Time: Safe locations: When Crunch releases the elementals, sometimes there are safe locations you can use. When he releases Wa Wa, stay at the bottom of the screen. The water balls cannot get you there. When Crunch releases Lo-Lo, stay on the metal part where the lasers are at the top to avoid getting hit. H2 Oh No: Bonus area: There is a chain of Nitro Boxes surrounded by TNT Boxes in the bonus area of this level. Do not worry about detonating the TNT on the left. Instead "sneak shoe" across the Nitro Boxes, and on the right side, get ready to jump up and collect the top Box. Get out of the way after detonating the TNT Box. If done correctly, you will cause a chain reaction that destroys all the boxes in the chain. Defeating Crunch Time: Every time freezeballs, beams, or fire comes out, jump over the fence into the inside platform. They cannot touch you there, but fireballs will land everywhere -- just watch for their shadows. There is a series of elements you have to avoid. Then shoot Crunch with the bazooka and spin Cortex. The series is: fireballs, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, freezeballs, fireballs, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, fire, fireballs, freezeballs, fire, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, beams, fireballs, fire, beams, freezballs, fireballs, beams, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex. If you win, you will unlock five secret levels for which you must collect a certain amount of relics in order to open the doors. Defeating Lo-Lo: Watch where the mask floats and shoot there. Defeating: Ro-Ko: Roll around the side of the area without going in the center. Every rock will come near you, and Crunch will mostly miss you. Defeating Wa Wa: When you are facing Wa Wa, crunch will shoot things at you. He will fire blue beams that you should jump over. When he fires green things, duck. Hop from one panel to another. When you reach Crunch quickly spin. Watch out -- the panels will sink. Try to get a head start on each run. Once Crunch jumps back at the beginning, run. When you spin him the next two times, do not stop running.

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 3
imaru - 50000 Sandaime - 75000 Shino - 7500 Temari - 6000 Ten-Ten - 4500 Tsunade - 50000 Zabuza - 4000 Submitted by john Additional money If you have a save file of 'Naruto - Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 2' present on your memory card you will start with an additional 20,000. Also, if you have a save file of the original 'Naruto' game you will start with an additional 10,000.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection
: A4, B1, B3, C4, D2, D3, D4, E1, E3 Heat Man: A1, B2, C1, C4, C5, D1, D3, E3, E5 Quick Man: A2, B1, B3, B5, C2, D1, D2, D4, E4 All Weapons For all weapons and items plus four energy tanks, enter the password "A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2". Long Jumps If you pause in the middle of a jump, you'll reset Mega Man's downward velocity. If you press Start rapidly at the height of a jump, you can coast for long distances. This also makes Mega Man "phase out", causing most bullets to fly through you without harm. Password for Dr. Wily's Castle To skip to the fourth level of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password "A1 B2 B4 C1 C5 D1 D3 E3 E5". Mega Man 3 Cheat List Passwords All weapons, All Items, 9 ETs, no Doc Robots Blue: A3 B5 D3 F4 Red: A6 All weapons, All Items, 9ETs, Dr. Wily Stage 1 Blue: A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4 Red: A6 E1 Spark Man defeated Red: C5, F4 Snake Man defeated Red: C5, F6 Needle Man defeated Red: D3, E6 (Rush Jet Included) Hard Man defeated Red: C4, E6 Top Man defeated Red: A3, C5 Gemini Man defeated Red: B5, C5 Magnet Man defeated Red: C5, F5 Shadow Man defeated Red: C5, D6 (Rush Marine Included) Slow Motion To slow portions of the game to a crawl, hold Up on Controller Two while playing. Invincibility If you do the high jump trick press RIGHT on controller 2 while playing and jump into a pit, you do not die, and can walk around in it. Once in the pit, keep jumping in and out, and eventually your energy will drain but you will still be alive. You are now invincible. Jump out of the pit and your energy will stay down... you do not need to keep holding RIGHT on C2. Note: If you pick up any energy items or use an Energy Tank, you will no longer be invincible...and you can still die if you fall on spikes. If you have trouble using it, try releasing RIGHT once you are in the pit for a second. Mega Man 4 Cheat List All Weapons and Items For all weapons and items, enter the password "A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3". Mega Man 5 Cheat List All Weapons and Items Blue: B4 D6 F1 Red: C1 D4 F6 Level Passwords: Charge Man Defeated Red: C1, D4, F6; Blue: B4, D6, F1 Crystal Man Defeated Red: A5, D2, E3; Blue: B1, B3, E5 Dr. Wily's Lair Red: C1, D4, F6; Blue: B4, D6, F1 Gravity Man Defeated Red: A5, B1, F4; Blue: C4, E5, F1 Gyro Man Defeated: Red: A5, B1, E3; Blue: B3, E5, F1 Napalm Man Defeated: Red: A5, C1, E3; Blue: B3, E2, E5 Star Man Defeated: Red: B1, B6, F4; Blue: C4, E6, F1 Stone Man Defeated: Red: C1, E3, F6; Blue: B3, D6, E2 Wave Man Defeated: Red: B1, B6, D3; Blue: B3, E6, F1 Mega Man 6 Cheat List All Weapons and Items For all weapons and items, enter the password "B6 D4 F2 F4 F6". Mega Man 7 Cheat List All Weapons and Items To start the game with all weapons and items, enter the password "7 2 5 1 5 8 4 2 2 8 4 7 6 1 3 7". Final Stage To skip to the final stage of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password: 1415 5585 7823 6251 and press Start. Mega Man 8 Cheat List Animation Test To access the Animation Test and extra voices in the Voice Test mode, highlight "Bonus Mode" on the start screen, hold down L + R and press Start. The animation test will now be available allowing you to watch all the FMV segments in the game (including the ending). Also, the Voice Test will now have voices for all the Bosses, including Cutman and Woodman.