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Pryzm: The Dark Unicorn


Cheat mode:

Enter SUPREMEMAGIC as a name.

Skip Level:

While playing, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Exmortis 3
Amusive Chess
Stack n Splash
Dance on Broadway


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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku
stick left and right stick right then press x,triangle,square,circle,x,triangle,square ,circle This will give the maxium upgrade to the Zen meter and fill it. During gameplay hold the Left Stick left and the Right Stick right, then press Circle, X, Square, Triangle

X-Files: Resist or Serve
nt', go to the inventory and use 'something' to open the vent, then climb through to safety. NOTE- the black oil CAN climb!!! HOW TO DEACTIVATE THE BOMB ON THE CABLE CAR: The number is:- 427, you could've found out that number by useing the fingerprint spary you picked up from the 'dead' zombie you killed in the cable house. submitted by: Sarah Palm Killing Hector easly and the escape from X-FILES: RESIST OR SERVE----- HOW TO KILL HECTOR WITH OUT GETTING HERT: When you play Scully and and you go into a garage, press the button on the wall to lift the car then quikly press it again to make the car come crashing down onto Hector, do this three times and he will be dead and you can get on with the game!!! HOW TO KILL ALL 5 ZOMBIES IN THE PADDED CELLS WITH OUT GETTING HERT OR KILLED: After killing the 2 zombies comming your way on the right, enter in the room with two white-grey double doors, when the room if finnished loading, pick up the midi-kit on the desk and go to the other sie of the room, press the button and QIKLY run the the first padded cell to your left (no zombie is in that cell), then go behind the door and the zombies with be on the other side, they will fight each other and kill each other, one may be left to live. But you must like run into the wall when you are behind the door so they can't get you through the door. This might take a while!!! Then dash the ONE last zombie (if there are two left leave them to fight) and make a run for the top cell with the dead man and pick up a key then GET OUT OF THERE!!! submitted by: Sarah Palm Grenade Bullets Enter: X,circle,Square,L2,R2 as a code submitted by: Brandyk One shot kills Enter: circle,L2,down,R1,x as a code submitted by: Brandy Unlock all acts Enter:R2,right,L2,up,square as a code submitted by: Brandy Unlimited first aid kits: When making the optical disc in Episode 2, if you type in the Chris Barnes code first, you will get a first aid kit. You can type it in as many times as desired. Unlimited ammunition: Enter L1, L2, X, R2, R1 as a code. Defuse Bomb In the beginning of act two for red falls you will go to a building where you'll take a train. Before you can leave you'll have to activate the power. Kill the zombie. All you'll have to do is flip the switch in the back, then flip the switch on the control panal, then just flip the switch in the back one more time to give power to the train. But before you get into the train check the body of the zombie in the control room. You will find fingerprint liquid. Use this liquid on the bomb and it will show you the three digit number. This number will defuse the bomb.

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
n, Left, Right, Down, Left to unlock Evil Lori. Play as Geese At the title screen, hold Start and press Left(3), Down, Left, Up, Right, Up to unlock Geese. Play as Goneitz At the title screen, hold Start and press Down(3), Right, Down, Left(3) to unlock Goneitz. Play as Mars Alien At the title screen, hold Start and press Up, Down, Right(3), Up, Down, Left(2), Down, then any button to unlock Mars Alien. Play as Violent Ken At the title screen, hold Start and press Up(2), Down, Left(2), Right, Left, Up, then any button to unlock Violent Ken. Play as Zero At the title screen, hold Start and press Up, Right(2), Left(2), Down, Up(3), then any button to unlock Zero.

Jak & Daxter
OT vents, Find really hard Power Cell in Volcanic Crater., Boss One, Snowy Mountain Fort , Free Precursor Orbs!!!, Beware of the big fish! If you go into deep water, you will hear a heart-beat. Then it will go faster.go to shallow water quickly!!!! If you can't, you're doomed. A big fish will eat you even if you jump!It won't eat you if you're on the zoomer. Unlimited Yellow Eco When Using Yellow Balls (NOT vents When you see a yellow eco ball (NOT yellow eco vent) get it and stand in the same place where you found it and when you shoot as long as you are in the same place it will automatically charge up again. Find really hard Power Cell in Volcanic Crater. Go to volcanic Crater and go on the mine carts to the opening of Spider Cave. Now turn around and you will see a little metal box on the rock. (It's higher than your head so go to first person view mode and go to very edge to see it.) Now that you know where the box is, go in spider cave. Find the closes yellow Eco vent to the entrance of the cave. Power up and run as fast as you can out of the cave to the rock. To make the trip faster use rolling jumps. (run press R1 or L1 than you roll than press x and you do a long leap) and when your at the rock get to the edge or close enough and jump press box to shoot a yellow eco ball and it should home in and explode the box. The power cell comes out, get it. To find more power cells you didn't find go to the strategy guide on this site. It really helps. Boss One Avoid the spikey creatures it sends forth until their pointybits disappear then move in for the kill. The boss will then sprout two giant leaf platforms ,use them two jump and strike it in the head. repeat this three times.You'll be victorious! {Forbidden Jungle} Snowy Mountain Fort When you get inside the Lurker Fort On Snowy Mountain, there's a big wooden structure right in front of you, climb it. Once you get the PC(power cell) next to the scout fly and orbs on the top, jump down to the platform that is the highest one.(you just jumped of it to get up to the power cell). If you look around to your back you will see another PC on a different wood structure. You have to go all the way around the fort on platforms to get to it. But, if you do a running horizontal launch (L1+square while running) from the platform your on, you can skip all the hassle of going all the way around and get another Power cell! Good Luck. Free Precursor Orbs!!! In the Forbidden Forest Kill the big flower boss. When it's dead jump on it's head to get FREE PRECURSOR ORBS!!!!! Don't lose life while jumping of a high area When you are jumping off a high cliff and don't want to lose life right before your going to hit the ground press 0. You will hover and soften your landing [send by:john]