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Bill Teds Excellent V G Adv


Level Password

2 555-6929

3 9807

4 2760

5 4731

6 555-5864

Robinson Crusoe and The Cursed Pirates
Sid Meier's Civilization III
Naruto - Ninja Council 2 for GBA
Mario Game: Mario Run
Sims3 - Jeans skirt


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Blades Steel
en, take the puck behind your goal. The CPU players will not be able to get it. Simply allow the clock to run out for an easy win. When leading the score with only a short amount of time, try skating around in circles in your own end. Your opponent should not be able to get the puck before the clock runs out. Penalty shots: Skate around in front of your opponent's net in the middle and try to get hit. The referee should award you a penalty shot. If your opponent is in front of your net, do not hit him.

Base Wars
eit the game after enough players have been destroyed. Opponent cannot hit pitch: Go to whatever side of the mound that the batter is on. For example, if the batter is right handed, go on the left side of the mound from the view that you have. Press A to pitch the ball as usual. Then, pitch the ball in the direction of the batter until he moves as far as he can from the plate. For example, if the batter is right-handed, press Left to move the batter away from the plate. Then, when the batter is as far away from the plate as possible, push the opposite direction on the D-pad so the ball changes direction directly in front of the batter and goes over the plate. The batter will always at it unless you pitch incorrectly. If the batter hits the ball, it will be a foul and count as a strike anyway. Note: If this trick is done incorrectly, the batter will hit the ball very far or will not swing.

Rockin Kats
hannel 5 67GDZ[Music Note]JGK[Triangle] Unknown 57YRmchs0P Final level M^PH^RDM^P Note: "^" indicates the symbol that resembles a "T" located on the top row of the password screen.

Michael Andrettis World G P
8 9 [ ] ! ? = + $ INS DEL SPACE BACK END Use the following key to make things easier: 0: The number zero O: The capital letter O *: Marks where you do not enter any letter/symbols, at the end of the password Each level has a certain amount of rounds. The following passwords will start you at the first round of each level, except for the very last one, which starts you at the beginning of the last race. The name of your racer is ADAML. Level 2 round 1 Jco DcI VnA YKt N[2 0qZ NO *** Level 3 round 1 ]Qw NbK 8nB wz4 fw mVE InL *** Level 4 round 1 48R 9hP adA XL? BV! CdW =s[ *** Level 5 round 1 $FN UC2 ZEc L$I 411 gm[ V0g *** Level 6 round 1 Sap +GY LMy h=I E5S Iys Rpz *** Level 7 round 1 bz5 kW= J8D 81V H82 Aw! nYD *** Level 8 round 1 mPJ qoI ZME wp2 zAm d3c $af *** Level 9 round 1 SZD QQ? eCH b=I E5S Iys RDV *** Level 9 round 16 (Final Race) Amr d1f KzB PXe K9S [sJ ]1Q ***