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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks


Unlock Scorpion in Story Mode

Beat the game with Liu Kang

Unlock Subzero for single player mode and co op mode

Beat the game once with kung lao

Submitted by: CoolM

Unlock Mortal Kombat II (Arcade)

Complete all 5 Smoke Missions

Fight Ermac

You will need swing on poles ability.In the begining of the first level you will have to jump over some spikes and a big reaper guy will be blocking the path break it and go inside there then go on a platform of grassthen swing on the poles that are there and interacte with th big statue.A big door will open go inside it.Once inside the warriors shrine you will notice statues of the Mortal Kombat characters. Interact with the left most ninja statue three times to fight Ermac.

submitted by: anthony pasqua

Baraka Moves

Fatality 1: Press (Down), (Left), (Right), (Right), (X).

Fatality 2: Press (Left)x4, (X). Cage Moves

Fatality 1: Press (Down)x2, (Right)x2, (X).

Fatality 2: Press (Right)x4, (X).

Kitana Moves

Kiss of Death: Press (Right)x4, (Y).

Head Chop Fatality: Press (Away)x2, (Forward)x2, (X).

Kung Lao Moves

Fatality: Press (Up)x3, (Right), (X).

Arm Cutter: Press (Left), (Right), (Left), (Down), (X).

Body Slice Fatality: Press (Right)x4, (X).

Headache Fatality: Press (Up), (Down), (Up), (Right), (X).

Buzzsaw Fatality: Press (Right)x2, (Up)x2, (X).

Fatality: Press (Left), (Right), (Left)x2, (X).

Many Chops Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Left), (Up), (X).

Friendly Rabbit Fatality: Press (Up)x3, (Down), (X).

Hat Control Mutality: Press (Left), (Right)x3, (Left), (Y).

Tornado Mutality: Press (Up), (Right), (Down), (Left), (Y).

Razor Edge Brutality: Press (Left)x2, (Up)x2, (B).

Liu Kang Moves

Fire/Kick Combo Fatality: Press (Left), (Right), (Down)x2, (X).

Shaolin Soccer Fatality: Press (Down), (Left), (Up), (Right), (X).

Dragon Fatality: Press (Down), (Right), (Left)x2, (X).

Flipping Uppercut Fatality: Press (Up), (Right), (Down), (Left), (X).

Bonebreak Fatality: Press (Left), (Up)x2, (Right), (X).

Headclap Fatality: Press (Right), (Up), (Right), (Up), (X).

Stomp Fatality: Press (Left)x3, (Up), (X).

Fire Trails Mutality: Press (Up), (Down), (Up), (Down), (Y).

Rage Mode Brutality: Press (Right), (Up), (Down)x2, (B).

Reptile Moves

Fatality 1: Press (Left), (Right), (Left), (Down), (X).

Fatality 2: Press (Left)x3, (Down), (X).

Scorpion Moves

Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Down)x2, (X).

Raise Hell: Press (Down)x3, (Up), (Y).

Sub Zero Moves

Fatality: Press (Up)x2, (Down), (Up), (Y).

Brutality: Press (Up), (Down), (Left), (Up), (B).

Mutality: Press (Up)x2, (Down), (Up), (Y).

The Pit: Santa Claus and other flying objects

At Goro's layer, just before you see Reptile, stand by the lion and look at the moon. Wait a short time to see Santa Claus and his reindeer, a witch, and a rocket ship. There is about a one minute delay between each of them.

Easy health

If you use a save point, regardless if you save your health will be fully restored.

Easy experience

Get a "Toasty" combo rating by the announcer, then quickly press (Down) + (Start). The phrase "Toasty 1000" will appear, giving your 1,000 experience points.

The Pit: Developers (Demo version)

In the spike pit, the heads that are stuck on the spikes are those of the game's developers.

Rescue Kabal and get his Hookswords

In the Wastelands, there are two doors that are covered with human bodies. One leads to the Elemental Warriors, the other is an area where Shokan warriors are throwing boulders at you. Go though the second door. Simply avoid the boulders and climb the ladders until you reach the top. There you will find Kabal inside a cage. Once he is freed, he will leave his hookswords as a sign of gratitude.

Submitted by: CoolM

Unlock Baraka

In the soul tomb portal, got to the area where you have to wall climb. You will see 2 paths. One leads left, the other right. The right path has a statue. Use fist of ruin and break it. Keep going and use the long jump ability across the gap and you will get him.

How to unlock Sub-Zero and Scorpion for VS mode

After Sub-Zero freezes the castledoor in the Wastelands break it and enter. Exit back out and jump up on the dragon statue to the left to find the ying yang containing Sub-Zero for VS. In foundation follow the pathway downstairs to the left of the save station. Two archers will bust through the wall. Throw one at the wall to the left of the door way and it will bust open revealing a secret room full of lava and a ying yang on a ledge. Grab one of the archers and throw them in the lava. Then double jump off the guards back to claim the Scorpion ying yang for VS.

Submitted by: CoolM

Unlock Johnny Cage

In the wu-shi academy where everything is burning. Go to the very right of the gate and jump onto the roof of the house. Run to the right and jump. If you did it correctly, you will be on a new platform with a boulder blocking your way.

Unlock Kitana

In the MK2 arena level (right before the portal with the two statues in front of it) in the evil monastery, you will see many pillars. Jump on one of them which is half broken and then double jump onto the roof. You will find the secret there.

Unlockable Reptile

Living Forest. Go to the section after the Brotherhood Of Shadow. Long Jump across the gap with the tiny waterfall. Go through the door. Now, get the Clay Statues to come to life. Destroy their shield. You only need 1 of them. Now, get one of them over near the Giant Stone Cloumn on the other side of the stream. It's the stone column right near where you entered. Throw the Clay Statue into it! It should come crashing down. Now, return to where the little waterfall was. There is no longer a waterfall. Just a Koin that contains Reptile.

Submitted by: CoolM

Easy 1000 Exp Points!

First obtain the combo ranking of "Toasty". Then immediately press the start button. The words "Toasty 1000" should appear in the middle of the screen and you will be awarded 1000 exp points. The best thing about this trick is, it works every time.

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Freaky Flyers
Island Jack. In the Torpedo Run level, look on the radar. There will be two blips. Go left and shoot the yellow submarine to unlock Professor Guntentaag and Sven 209. In the Cave Of Blunders level, fly down near the ground. If you see two people; a big man in black who is trying to kill Sheik Abdul. Shoot the killer to unlock Sheik Abdul. In the Cave Of Blunders level, complete the level perfectly by flying through the left doorway of the castle to unlock the Genie. In the Thugsville level, fly into the first train tunnel and get the unlock signal to get the Purple Gremelin for race and dogfight mode. In the Thugsville level, shoot the box with the British flag located under the bridge on a ship in the dock to unlock Margareta Basher. In the Grave Danger level, shoot the tombstone on the left side of the graveyard to unlock Baron Von Slaughter. In the Monster Isle level, look behind the buildings on the left side to unlock the Rubber-Suited Monster. In the Monster Isle level, kill the monkey ninja near the roof of bamboo forest shrine to unlock Sammy Wasabi. In the Coyote Canyon level, in the cave look up at a purple thing. Shoot it and go up. Look for an unlock signal to get the Bandito for race and dogfight mode. In the Coyote Canyon level, go down to the cowboy town. Look for a girl that is going to be hung. She is Cactus Rose. Shoot her to unlock her. In the Bigfoot Mountain level, go straight at the start. You will see a house. Shoot the snowman to unlock Andre Latoilette. In the Bombsburg level, fly through the building on the left side of the factory entrance to unlock Marcels Moreso. In the Bombsburg level, Queen can be unlocked on the right side in a pipe after exiting a tunnel. All bonuses Enter "ZENBU" as a profile name. Bigfoot Mountain level: Returning Bigfoot to his family When you enter the woods, stay on the far right-hand side of it. When you exit the woods, you will find a very hard right turn. On this very hard right turn, you will see a small hole made of ice. Enter this hole, and at the end of it you will find Bigfoot. Note: There are also some acorns in this hole. To return him to his family, fly towards the end, avoiding any obstacles on the way. If you hit an obstacle, your character will drop Bigfoot and you will have to find him and pick him up again, which is very difficult. When you are facing the ice cave with the falling icicles, look to the right. You should see three other Bigfoots. Fly into them to return Bigfoot.

L.A. Rush
ght, B, Left, A then Up Traffic at full speed Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Right, Circle then left Unlimited nitro Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, B then Up

Alter Echo
use X you can get more than 150 hits in a chain before the node runs out of people and destrys itself. in the beginning of the game this is the best way to get alot of plasm early on. Restore health Press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Lef, [Righ, [Lef, then hold [Back] and press [Righ during game play. Restore time dilation Press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Lef, [Righ, [Lef, then hold [Back] and press [Up] during game play. Remove display Press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Lef, [Righ, [Lef, then hold [Back] and press [Y] during game play. Get More Plasm To get more "Plasm" points from each kill, get in as many consecutive hits as possible. The more consecutive hits you get, the more damage you do and the more plasm you get from each kill... which essentially means more powerups faster! Get High Amount of Plasma The best way to get alot of plasma is to get combos right? well your best form to do that in is the lizard thing form and jus keep jumping on the enemies and get those lvls up the best level to do this in is when you first find some.

Mortal Kombat: Deception
ties: ASHRAH Heavenly Light: DOWN, BACK + X Lightning Blast: DOWN, FORWARD + X Spin Cycle: DOWN, UP + A Nature's Torpedo: FORWARD, FORWARD + B {Finishers} Fatality 1: DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, Y (Close) Fatality 2: FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD, DOWN, Y (Sweep) Hara Kiri: UP, DOWN, UP, UP, Y BARAKA Flying Shard: DOWN, BACK + X Mutant Blades: FORWARD, FORWARD + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, UP, DOWN, Y (Close) Fatality 2: FORWARD, DOWN, BACK, FORWARD, Y (Sweep) Hara Kiri: DOWN, BACK, UP, BACK, B BO' RAI CHO Puke: BACK, F + Y Monkey Flips: DOWN, BACK + X Belly Bash: FORWARD, FORWARD + B Earthquake: FORWARD, BACK + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: DOWN, UP, FORWARD, FORWARD, Y (Sweep) Fatality 2: UP, BACK, FORWARD, A (Sweep) Hara Kiri: BACK, BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, Y DAIROU Tombstone Drop: FORWARD, BACK, DOWN + X Stealthy Shadows: DOWN, UP + A Iron Leg: DOWN, BACK + Y {Finishers} Fatality 1: DOWN, UP, BACK, BACK, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: DOWN, DOWN, A, B (Close) Hara Kiri: BACK, BACK, BACK, DOWN, X DARRIUS Tricky Blast: BACK, FORWARD + Y Twisty Kick: DOWN, BACK + B Chest Cruncher: BACK, FORWARD + X Target Practice: DOWN, FORWARD + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: UP, DOWN, BACK, FORWARD, A (Sweep) Fatality 2: DOWN, DOWN, BACK, A (Close) Hara Kiri: BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, Y ERMAC Mystic Float: DOWN, UP + A Mystic Bomb (Only during Mystic Float): DOWN + A Dive Kick (Only during Mystic Float): FORWARD + A Telekinetic Throw: FORWARD, BACK + Y Telekinetic Slam: BACK, DOWN, BACK + B Hado-Energy: DOWN, BACK + X {Finishers} Fatality 1: DOWN, BACK, BACK, DOWN, A (Sweep) Fatality 2: BACK, DOWN, BACK, DOWN, B (Sweep) Hara Kiri: DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, A HAVIK Torso Spin: DOWN, BACK + X Diving Corpse: DOWN, FORWARD + X Crackling Legs Projectile: BACK, FORWARD + Y Head Snap: BACK, FORWARD + Y Corpse Taunt: FORWARD, BACK + B {Finishers} Fatality 1: DOWN, FORWARD, FORWARD, UP, B (Close) Fatality 2: FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, Y (Sweep) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, UP, UP, UP, Y HOTARU Grasshopper: DOWN, FORWARD + B Lava Burst: DOWN, BACK + X {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, BACK, UP, DOWN, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: DOWN, FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, Y (Close) Hara Kiri: UP, BACK, BACK, BACK, Y JADE Vanishing Winds: BACK, FORWARD + X Blazing Nitro Kick: BACK, FORWARD + B Razor-Rang: DOWN, BACK + A Dodging Shadows: BACK, FORWARD + Y {Finishers} Fatality 1: BACK, FORWARD, UP, FORWARD, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, Y (Close) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, Y KABAL Raging Flash: BACK, FORWARD + B Plasma Blast: DOWN, FORWARD + X Momad's Touch: DOWN, BACK + Y {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, UP, UP, UP, A (Close) Fatality 2: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Y (Close) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, UP, UP, DOWN, Y KENSHI Telekinetic Slam: BACK, DOWN, BACK + X Telekinetic Toss: DOWN, BACK + B Telekinetic Push: FORWARD, FORWARD + Y Tele-Flurry: BACK, FORWARD + A Mind Warp: DOWN, BACK + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, BACK, Y (Sweep) Fatality 2: BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, Y (Sweep) Hara Kiri: DOWN, BACK, BACK, FORWARD, B (Sweep) KIRA Black Dragon Ball: BACK, FORWARD + B Kiss Of Death: FORWARD, DOWN, BACK + X Night Shade: DOWN, FORWARD + X {Finishers} Fatality 1: BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, B (Far) Fatality 2: UP, FORWARD, DOWN, BACK, A (Sweep) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, BACK, UP, BACK, A KOBRA Windmill Kick: FORWARD, DOWN, BACK + B Burning Fist: DOWN, FORWARD + Y Tele-Punch: DOWN, BACK + Y Chi-Blast: DOWN, FORWARD + X Crouching Chi-Blast: DOWN, BACK + X {Finishers} Heart Rip Fatality: DOWN, BACK, FORWARD, DOWN, B LI MEI Nova Blast: DOWN, BACK + X Carnival Spin: FORWARD, DOWN + A Flying Flurry: FORWARD, FORWARD + Y Flipping Heel Kick: DOWN, BACK + B {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: UP, BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, B (Sweep) Hara Kiri: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, A MILEENA Rolling Thunder: DOWN, BACK + B Soaring Sai: DOWN, FORWARD + Y Kick From Above: FORWARD, FORWARD + B {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, DOWN, DOWN, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: UP, UP, FORWARD, FORWARD, A (Far) Hara Kiri: BACK, DOWN, FORWARD, DOWN, X NIGHTWOLF Spirit Arrow: DOWN, B + X Rhino Charge: FORWARD, F + B Lighting From Above: DOWN, UP + X Reflector: BACK, FORWARD + Y {Finishers} Fatality 1: BACK, FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, X (Far) Fatality 2: DOWN, FORWARD, DOWN, UP, Y (Sweep) Hara Kiri: UP, UP, UP, UP, A SCORPION Bloody Spear: BACK, F + X Hellfire: DOWN, B + Y Backflip Kick: FORWARD, B + Y Teleport Attack: DOWN, B + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD, FORWARD, X (Close) Fatality 2: FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, BACK, X (Close) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, UP, UP, BACK, X SHUJINKO Icy Breeze: DOWN, FORWARD + X Flaming Fist: DOWN, FORWARD + Y Flying Jinko: FORWARD, FORWARD + Y Flip Scissor Kick: DOWN, B + A {Finishers} Fatality 1: UP, DOWN, DOWN, FORWARD, Y (Close) Fatality 2: BACK, UP, FORWARD, FORWARD, X (Close) Hara Kiri: DOWN, BACK, DOWN, BACK, A (Note: Fatalities must be unlocked to perform them) SINDEL Banshee Scream: FORWARD, FORWARD + X Star Screamer: FORWARD, FORWARD + A Sliding Foot Grab: BACK, FORWARD + X {Finishers} Fatality 1: BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK, X (Sweep) Fatality 2: UP, UP, BACK, FORWARD, A (Sweep) Hara Kiri: FORWARD, UP, UP, DOWN, B NOOB-SMOKE Smokeycut: FORWARD, FORWARD + B Stinky Cloud: UP, DOWN + X Dark Assassin: DOWN, BACK + Y Death From Above: FORWARD, FORWARD + A Dark Shadows: DOWN, BACK + A We Live: DOWN, BACK + Y Darkness: UP, DOWN + X {Finishers} Fatality 1: BACK, FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, X (Far) Fatality 2: UP, DOWN, DOWN, FORWARD (Sweep) Hara Kiri: DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, Y SUB-ZERO Ice Clone: DOWN, BACK + X Freeze Ball: DOWN, FORWARD + A Fatality 1: FORWARD, BACK, DOWN, FORWARD, Y (Close) Fatality 2: BACK, DOWN, BACK, DOWN, X (Sweep) Hara Kiri: DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, Y TANYA Human Cannon Drill: FORWARD, FORWARD + A Air Fire Blast: DOWN, FORWARD + Y Surging Blast: DOWN, BACK + Y Split Flip Kick: DOWN, BACK + B Find Me: UP, DOWN + X Fatality 1: FORWARD, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X (Close) Fatality 2: UP, BACK, FORWARD, UP, Y (Close) Hara Kiri: DOWN, DOWN, FORWARD, UP Easy Koins: In Konquest mode, koins will always be appearing right infront of you. These are but the tip of the iceberg. Go into people's houses for masses of koins, like 50 or 60 at a time, as opposed to 10 or 12. Red Chests are an excellent source of koins. They hold no less than 200 at a time, and are fairly common. Chess mode is an easy win, too. If you're good at Kombat, your chess skills are about as useful as a Lava Lamp to a republican. You can always beat your opponent, even if he hits you first. You just have slightly less health. Take the leader for a nice fatality demo. Koffin Effect Cost or location AA Quan Chi Attack art 221 Sapphire AB Golden Desert arena E-2 Netherrealm AC 297 Gold Koins 63 Sapphire AD Edenia Realm Map art 148 Platinum AE Unknown amount Jade Koins 137 Platinum AF Chou Jaio video Punch Mokap at C-6 Orderrealm AG Puzzle Fighter Ladder art 121 Ruby AH Torture concept art 159 Ruby AI Kabal Storyboard art 201 Gold AJ Sindel alternate biography 186 Sapphire AK Konquest Layout art 127 Sapphire AL Liu Kang Tomb Render art 227 Platinum AM Nightwolf alternate costume A-4 Netherrealm AN Noob Storyboard art 179 Sapphire AO Scorpion Kata Test video 612 Onyx AP MK4 Scorpion Render art 202 Platinum AQ Jade alternate biography 352 Platinum AR Ermac Early concept art 192 Ruby AS Sub-Zero alternate biography C-3 Earthrealm AT Sindel Storyboard art 155 Platinum BA Kira Storyboard art 193 Sapphire BB MK4 3D Test video 681 Platinum BC Dragon King Render art 108 Sapphire BD 602 Sapphire Koins 117 Gold BE MK Chess concept art 213 Platinum BF Scorpion vs Sub-Zero art 113 Onyx BG 297 Sapphire Koins 352 Ruby BH Liu Kang's Tomb arena Bridge at H-6 Earthrealm BI Liu Kang biography 294 Platinum BJ Chamber Death Trap concept art 198 Gold BK 4 Player concept art 106 Platinum BL Evil Yin Yang concept art 87 Jade BM 659 Platinum Koins 97 Gold BN Nightwolf concept art 88 Onyx BO Bo' Rai Cho alternate biography 269 Ruby BP Live at Kuatan music E-5 Netherealm BQ Nethership Stern art 227 Sapphire BR 461 Gold Koins 129 Ruby BS Chess Kombat concept art 56 Jade BT Arcade Select music 488 Onyx CA 722 Ruby Koins 202 Gold CB 374 Gold Koins 338 Platinum CC Beetle Lair music A-6 Earthrealm CD Beetle Lair concept art 212 Onyx CE Dariou alternate biography 422 Jade CF Weapon concept art 178 Platinum CG Raiden Torpedo Shujinko's Move E-5 Edenia CH 254 Sapphire Koins 154 Gold CI Li Mei concept art 210 Sapphire CJ Falling Cliffs concept art 135 Gold CK Chamber of Artifacts Lower Level art 101 Jade CL Raiden Lightning Test art 1004 Jade CM Undead General art 177 Platinum CN Havik alternate costume 1114 Onyx CO Dragon King's Throne art 256 Platinum CP Carlos Pesina photo 267 Jade CQ Ermac Storyboard art 255 Gold CR Unknown CS Martial Arts Moifah video 521 Platinum CT Jim Terdina photo 781 Gold DA Kabal alternate costume Fight Kabal at B-1 Chaosrealm DB Shujinko biography 331 Onyx DC Havik concept art 176 Ruby DD Unknown DE Ermac alternate concept art 207 Sapphire DF Falling Cliffs concept art 205 Ruby DG Danny Guitierrez photo 111 Platinum DH Chaos Realm concept art 143 Ruby DI Tanya unlocked A-3 Outworld DJ Sub-Zero Promotional Render art 185 Jade DK Outworld Guard House art 137 Sapphire DL Shang Tsung's Destroyed Palace art 255 Onyx DM Noob-Smoke unlocked 3643 Onyx DN Li Mei Storyboard art 177 Gold DO Dragon Mountain arena H-8 Outworld DP Tanya biography 306 Platinum DQ Slaughterhouse Sketch art 66 Onyx DR Marketing and Media Team photo 601 Platinum DS Living Forest arena 1694 Sapphire DT Cinematic Scorpion art 301 Sapphire EA Ermac Masked concept art 207 Platinum EB Ed Boon photo 144 Sapphire EC Portal Arena music 871 Jade ED Order Realm City Center art 215 Platinum EE Ashrah alternate costume H-4 Netherealm EF Shujinko Promo Render art 236 Platinum EG Thank You! art 291 Ruby EH Nethership Interior map 245 Onyx EI Nethership Hanging Bodies art 165 Sapphire EJ Noob-Smoke alternate costume 1494 Platinum EK Slaughterhouse Death Trap art 288 Gold EL Dairou Storyboard art 199 Jade EM Unknown EN Falling Cliffs Fatality art 294 Onyx EO Opening Movie Animatic video 793 Platinum EP Falling Cliffs Fatality art 227 Sapphire EQ Voice Actors photo 316 Onyx ER Unknown ES Sektor and Smoke art 234 Onyx ET Mileena concept art 141 Jade FA Hotaru Character Sketch art 206 Ruby FB Martial Arts Monkey video 565 Onyx FC Old Shujinko concept art 217 Onyx FD MK Mythologies video 628 Ruby FE Liu Kang's Tombs concept art 301 Sapphire FF Raiden Character Studies art 116 Ruby FG Outworld Chess concept art 222 Gold FH Game Balance Testers photo 138 Platinum FI Martial Arts Zha Chuan video 596 Gold FJ Red Dragon Sword art 153 Sapphire FK Cliffhanger concept art 293 Platinum FL Player Capture concept art 126 Jade FM Cinematic Team photo 154 Sapphire FN Hua Chuan video E-2 Earthrealm FO Sky Temple concept art 456 Jade FP 378 Ruby Koins 107 Sapphire FQ Quan Chi's Realm Detail art 198 Gold FR Double Character concept art 288 Onyx FS Slaughterhouse concept art 122 Ruby FT 418 Platinum Koins 224 Jade GA Baraka alternate biography A-3 Earthrealm GB Noob-Smoke alternate biography 390 Sapphire GC Jade alternate costume G-4 Outworld GD Mileena Storyboard art 133 Ruby GE Jon Vogel Painting art 216 Gold GF Kuatan Palace arena In a house at A-4 Orderrealm GG Quan Chi' Skull Wall video 610 Ruby GH Raiden Promotional Render art 299 Sapphire GI Kira concept art 182 Ruby CJ San Diego Creative Team photo 251 Ruby GK Hotaru's alternate biography 267 Gold GL Darrius concept art 99 Sapphire GM Mileena (Puzzle Fighter) unlocked C-6 Netherrealm GN Chaos Realm Water Center art 217 Ruby GO Jade (Puzzle Fighter) unlocked 2911 Ruby GP Portal arena G-5 Earthrealm GQ MK4 Sonya art 154 Sapphire GR Jon Greenberg photo 209 Gold GS Kira biography 202 Sapphire GT Sexy Mileena art 217 sapphire HA Adisak Pochanayon photo 186 Onyx HB Yin Yang (Puzzle) arena D-1 Earthrealm HC Yin Yang Statue art 111 Gold HD Jennifer Hedrick photo 168 Ruby HE 434 Gold Koins 173 Onyx HF Shujinko Sword concept art 183 Gold HG 434 Jade Koins 317 Gold HH Sareena Render art 54 Jade Konis HI Noob-Smoke biography 312 Gold HJ Tiles of Death and Whimsy music In a house A-9 Outworld HK Sub-Zero Render art 668 Jade HL Mileena alternate costume From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at F-7 Earthrealm HM Scorpion concept art 136 Ruby HN Tanya Character Studies art 194 Jade HO Scorpion wire frame from MK4 art 172 Ruby HP Sindel Character Study art 156 Platinum HQ Liu Kang's Tomb (Puzzle) arena 1515 Jade HR Outworld Cottage art 401 Onyx HS Herman Sanchez photo 213 Platinum HT 361 Jade Koins 324 Sapphire IA MKGold Baraka and Mileena art 144 Jade IB Bo' Rai Cho alternate costume 2086 Onyx IC Animation Sketches art 243 Sapphire ID Unknown IE Darrius Promo Render art 216 Sapphire IF User Interface Team photo 682 Ruby IG Mian Chuan video E-8 Netherrealm IH MK Deception Teaser Trailer video 556 Jade II Konquest Production art 200 Sapphire IJ Quan Chi's Realm Portal art 144 Sapphire IK Arena Weapon concept art 224 Platinum KOins IL Slaughterhouse concept art 199 Ruby IM 286 Ruby Koins 133 Platinum IN Shujinko's Ice Blast In a building at A-9 Edenia IO Good Yin Yang concept art 194 Platinum IP Kobra alternate costume Fight Kobra at G-2 Earthrealm IQ Dragon King Ending Part 2 art 139 Onyx IR Jade Storyboard art 256 Jade IS Raiden Solid Model art 164 Gold IT Information Technology photo 189 Sapphire JA Jim Bulvan photo 324 Onyx JB Jay Biondo photo 29 Ruby JC Nethership Fight Intro art 376 Sapphire JD Nightwolf Storyboard art 186 Ruby JE Mythologies Bloopers video 793 Sapphire JF Noob alternateernate concept art 217 Platinum JG 357 Onyx Koins 175 Ruby JH Baraka Render art 235 Platinum JI Dead Pool arena 2191 Ruby JJ Early Promo art 200 Platinum JK Kenshi alternate biography 245 Jade JL Tanya from MK4 art 63 Onyx JM Baraka vs Mileena Animatic video 640 Jade JN John Nocher photo 159 Sapphire JO Unknown JP Scorpion Storyboard art 134 Jade JQ Nexus arena A-4 Chaosrealm JR Deadly Alliance Exhibit art 187 Ruby JS Havik unlocked In a house at H-4 Chaosrealm JT MK Mythologies Sub Zero Dies video 804 Gold KA Tanya alternate biography 253 Jade KB Noob concept art 225 Sapphire KC Unknown KD Art Crew photo 212 Onyx KE Sindel Promo Render art 178 Sapphire KF Quan Chi Realm Approach art 260 Gold KG Raiden alternate biography 287 Gold KH Liu Kang's Tomb concept art 273 Onyx KI Scorpion alternate costume In the town at B-6 Earthrealm KJ 477 Sapphire Koins 161 Onyx KK Unknown KL Shang Tsung Attack art 200 Gold KM 242 Platinum Koins 145 Ruby KN Shujinko "Powerfist" From 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. at D-3 Netherrealm KO Quan Chi Cinema Model art 186 Ruby KP John Podalesak photo 401 Gold KQ MK Mythologies video 683 Onyx KR Ashrah Character concept art 145 Gold KS Kabal alternate biography 233 Onyx KT Liu Kang's Tomb music A-6 Earthrealm LA Facial Animation Test art 165 Ruby LB Brian Le Baron photo 170 Onyx LC 489 Jade Koins 182 Onyx LD Shang Tsung's Chess concept art 67 Jade LE Nightwolf alternate biography 265 Platinum LF Unknown LG Face Damage Demo art 155 Gold LH 297 Jade Koins 217 Sapphire LI Animation Sketches art 206 Sapphire LJ Edenia Realm House art 196 Ruby LK Ashrah concept art 170 Onyx Konis LL Havik biography 398 Sapphire LM Luis Mangubat photo 178 Gold LN Baraka Storyboard art 232 Gold LO Hotaru biography 342 Jade LP Tools Group photo 136 Platinum LQ MK Universe Logo art 125 Sapphire LR 299 Ruby Koins 201 Jade LS Dragon King Face art 200 Jade LT Konquest Mission Maps art 200 Platinum MA Raiden unlocked E-3 Orderrealm MB Mike Boon photo 639 Jade MC Fatality concept art 280 Onyx MD Order Realm City Center art 99 Jade ME Darrius Character concept art 66 Jade MF Noob Saibot Demo art 385 Jade MG Nethership Plan art 192 Platinum MH Unknown MI Kabal (Puzzle) unlocked 2425 Platinum MJ Chaos Realm Ruins art 139 Sapphire MK Kira alternate biography 283 Platinum ML Tanya alternate costume Fight Tanya at C-2 Outworld MM Shujinko alternate biography 236 Ruby MN Dragon King Ending Part 1 art 164 Gold MO Unknown MP Quan Chi voice test 815 Sapphire MQ Mary Qian photo 128 Onyx MR Dark Prison music In a house at C-3 Earthrealm MS Raiden Demise video 528 Platinum MT Mike Taran photo 529 Onyx NA 476 Onyx Koins 126 Jade NB Sky Temple concept art Unknown NC Nigel Casey photo 148 Gold ND Bo' Rai Cho (Puzzle) unlocked C-6 Earthrealm NE Scorpion Render art 196 Platinum NF Li Mei biography 281 Ruby NG Ashrah Render art 166 Sapphire NH 461 Onyx Koins 144 Platinum KOins NI Scorpion's Katana art 227 Jade NJ Kombo Krusher music 561 Gold NK Jon Vogel photo 245 Jade NL 357 Gold Koins 105 Jade NM Rock Crusher Death Trap art 129 Sapphire NN Nightwolf Promo Render art 499 Ruby NO Liu Kang's Tomb concept art 188 Gold NP 325 Ruby Koins 144 Onyx NQ Bo' Rai Cho Storyboard art 243 Gold NR 348 Sapphire Koins 115 Ruby NS Nick Shin photo 124 Ruby NT Netherrealm Shull Rock art 162 Onyx OA Sub-Zero Storyboard art 128 Onyx OB Courtyard arena A-1 Netherrealm OC Outworld Map art 211 Sapphire OD Hell's Foundry art 209 Platinum OE Slaughterhouse Render art 152 Platinum OF Shujinko "Flip Kick" D-4 Edenia House OG 322 Sapphire Koins 148 Jade OH Sky Temple Elevation art 178 Jade OI Jade unlocked 2417 Jade OJ Hotaru unlocked H-1 Orderrealm OK Silat video B-1 Chaosrealm OL Online Team photo 211 Platinum KOins OM Noob and Smoke Demo art 181 Onyx ON Kenshi unlocked C-3 Earthrealm OO Dragon Mountain arena 452 Platinum KOins OP Kobra Storyboard art 282 Sapphire OQ Quan Chi Fortress arena In a house at H-5 Orderrealm OR Alan Villani photo 272 Sapphire OS Havik alternate biography 395 Ruby OT Unknown PA Raiden concept art 346 Jade PB Nightwolf and Sonya from MK3 art 194 Gold PC Goju Ryu video 592 Sapphire PD Li Mei unlocked In a house at F-7 Outworld PE Nethership Interior art 212 Ruby PF Kenshi Storyboard art 260 Ruby PG Paulo Garcia photo 45 Jade PI Ashrah Storyboard art 280 Sapphire PJ Ermac alternate biography 254 Gold PK Pav Kovacic photo 128 Jade PL Slaughterhouse Death Trap art 255 Onyx PM Outworld Map art 312 Onyx PN Noob concept art 161 Sapphire PO Konquest Missions Team photo 227 Ruby PP Raiden (Puzzle) unlocked 3604 Gold PQ Animation Sketches art 103 Onyx PR Kenshi biography 288 Gold PS Unknown PT Shinnok from MK4 art 171 Sapphire QA Quality Assurance, Chicago photo 467 Sapphire QB 463 Platinum Koins 189 Sapphire QC Havik concept art 169 Platinum QD Darrius alternate biography 392 Gold QE Chaosrealm concept art 178 Gold QF Nethership Cross Section art 126 Gold QG Chamber of Artifacts Render art 210 Gold QH Li Mei alternate biography 296 Onyx QI Unknown QJ Chaos Realm Koffins art 207 Ruby QK Liu Kang Storyboard art 162 Sapphire QL 348 Jade Koins 134 Ruby QM Animation Sketches art 377 Jade QN Ashrah alternate biography 324 Sapphire QO Scorpion Pawn art 197 Sapphire QP Ermac alternate costume A-8 Netherrealm QQ Quality Assurance, San Diego photo 374 Jade QR 227 Gold Koins 123 Platinum QS Nethership Bow art 231 Platinum QT Hotaru alternate costume 1064 Ruby RA Dragon King Storyboard art 169 Platinum RB 258 Ruby Koins 215 Onyx RC Midway Media, Chicago photo 263 Platinum KOins RD Frozen Katakombs art 167 Platinum RE Mileena alternate biography F-6 Earthrealm RF Sub-Zero concept art 213 Gold RG Young Shujinko art 288 Sapphire RH 397 Onyx Koins 163 Gold RI Sky Temple concept art 320 Onyx RJ Falling Cliffs Fatality art 159 Jade RK Sludge Pit concept art 148 Sapphire RL Beetle Lair Attack art 166 Gold RM Unknown RN Alexander Barrentine photo 137 Gold RO 343 Platinum Koins 124 Jade RP Jade biography 258 Jade RQ Evil Yin Yang concept art 131 Sapphire RR Ryan Rosenberg photo 88 Gold RS Dead Pool Arena music 398 Platinum RT Scorpion alternate biography D-4 Earthrealm SA Raiden biography 319 Ruby SB Steve Beran photo 327 Platinum SC Kenshi alternate costume A-6 Earthrealm SD Deception Preview video 675 Platinum SE Liu Kang alternate biography 388 Onyx SF Good Yin Yang concept art 167 Onyx SG Kira alternate costume 990 Sapphire SH Kira unlocked H-2 Earthrealm SI Jade Character Studies art 244 Gold SJ Sindel alternate costume D-1 Netherrealm SK Bo' Rai Cho art 52 Onyx SL Val Tudo video 615 Ruby SM Edenia Realm Palace art 195 Gold SN Shujinko Character concept art 155 Jade SO Sound Team photo 198 Jade SP Baraka concept art 244 Sapphire SQ Shujinko Fatality 2 D-4 Edenia SR Baraka alternate costume 2252 Gold SS Production Assistance photo 219 Ruby ST Chess Piece concept art 298 Ruby TA Todd Allen photo 104 Jade TB Darrius alternate costume In a house at E-3 Outworld TC Living Forest music 682 Sapphire TD Noob Demo Version 2 289 Platinum TE Unknown TF 434 Onyx Koins 150 Sapphire TG Tony Goskie photo 135 Onyx TH Havik concept art 257 Jade TI Sindel biography 269 Onyx TJ Death Trap Chamber art 239 Sapphire TK MKDeception Trailer Animatic 547 Ruby TL Golden Desert music D-8 Netherrealm City TM MK4 Promo art 191 Onyx TN Early Quan Chi art 191 Onyx TO Tony Zeffiro photo 126 Gold TP Kobra alternate biography 283 Onyx TQ Lower Mines Death Trap art 274 Gold TR Kenshi puzzle fighter In shrine at F-4 Earthrealm TS Taaron Silverstien photo 365 Sapphire TT Choy Lay Fut video A-9/Edenia Defeating Scorpion When fighting Scorpion at the end of the game, continually strafe around him to dodge his specials, then attack when he has finished an attack of his own and is vulnerable. Also, try to save your Breakers, but use them when necessary. The following trick is a very easy way to defeat the CPU, especially Scorpion for Shujinko's Spear move. Confront Scorpion and exit until you can fight him as Baraka. Do the "Mutant Blades" move and the "Chop Chop Blades" move every time he gets back up. You may need to switch up the rotation of the two specials, but the "Mutant Blades" move ([Forward], [Forward], [A]) works most of the time when he is just getting back up. When you think he is going to attack at close range, then use the "Chop Chop Blades" move ([Down], [Up], [A]). Save the game, go to the difficulty option, and set it on the easiest. This works because he is constantly healingm and if he hits you, he takes 300% damage. Kolach Awakes After you finished Konquest mode, go back to the Netherrealm. Before you move, press [R], which brings up a map of the realm. Go to the center of the realm to where you did the mission for Scorpion with catching Quan Chi. From there, go right until you see another platform smaller then the one in the center. You will see three people: Kabal, Kobra, and Kira. If you defeat them all, you will get a reward. When you fight Kabal, you will fight him in Dark Kombat. Make sure you get Kenshi as a good selection. Use his weapon and keep using his four hit combo ([A], [A], [Y], [Y]). Then, fight Kobra. He is difficult to defeat. Each time he hits, you will lose one third or one half of your health. Try to use a long combo and dodge as much as you can. Try using Shujinko. When the match starts, let him attack you first, but make sure to dodge him and kick him in the air twice ([Up], [B]) before he falls to the ground. Do his Hardcore combo listed under the Mantis style of fighting. After you have finished the combo, you should have gotten at least nine or ten hits in on him. Once you have killed him, go on to Kira. She is the most difficult of all of them. When you fight her, you are bleeding to death and she likes to block frequently. Make sure you get Baraka, Darrius, or Ashrah as a selection. If you are Darrius and the match starts, do your Tricky Kick. When you hit her, press [L1]x2 during the move so that you will have your Gauntlets on. If she blocks one of them, press [X], [Y], [B]x3. This should stun her for awhile and allow you to get in another Tricky Kick. Do this until you kill her. If you are Baraka, hit her as soon as the match starts with [Towards]x2, [A], which is one of Baraka's special moves. Then, quickly get close to her and press [Away], [A]x2, which should pop her up into the air. While she is in the air, press [A]x2, [Y], [X]x2. This should hit her about six or seven times. Repeat this to defeat her. If you are Ashrah, quickly dodge one of her attacks then press, [Up], [B], to pop her up into the air. While she is in the air, press [Y]x2, [X], [R], [A], [Away], [A]. You will hit her about seven or eight times. Keep doing this until you defeat her. Once you have defeated Kabal, Kobra, and Kira, a portal will open, similar to the portal when you open it with a Kamidogu. Go through the portal and you should be back at the beginning of the realm. You should also see a chest with gold trim. Open it to get your reward. Note: All chests with gold trim have something to do with the characters. However, this chest is different from all the others. All your hard work has paid off with 1,000 Onyx Koins. Getting Koins In Konquest mode, many characters will ask you to do missions for them, usually fetch-type tasks. Completing these missions usually will result in a good sum of Koins. In Konquest mode, use Punching as a tool to get different responses from characters. For example, Mocap in Chaosrealm will say "Ow my balls". Also, punching certain characters will make them drop Koins. In Konquest mode, characters that appear with a puff of smoke will hand over a very large sum of Koins. For example, Motaro will give you 1200 Gold Koins. Double death Start versus mode with a friend. Select Falling Cliffs as your area of Kombat. Then, choose any two characters. Let the match begin. You will soon see that it is a circular platform, and that layers around the edges will begin to fall off every twenty to thirty seconds. Make sure that you and your friend are on a layer of an edge that will break off the platform. Once it breaks off, both characters will fall off the platform (just like when your punch or kick someone off). You will see both of the characters land on stone spikes. The one with the least health will lose the match, but both of your health bars will go down to 0. Also, If your both fall off the same time and have full health, player one will always be the winner of that match. Netherrealm language The Netherrealm people talk backwards. To hear what they say, record the voices and play them in reverse. A few examples of what they say are: "Beware! Dimashi is the Dragon King!", "I am talking backwards, sucky isn't it?", "There are many realms", and "It is said that John Vogal is a genius".