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Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion


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Cookie Domination
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud
Sims3 - Cute Nightie shorts
Lotto007 For P3P4


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Zeus: Master of Olympus
Fishy Win current scenario soon - Ambrosia Easy monster kills: Instead of worrying about building the Hero's Hall to slay monsters, use the Fireballs from Heaven code to shoot fireballs at a monster. One hit and the monster is slain. Winning battles: If one of your rivals is about to attack you in one month, save the game. When the enemy arrives, fight them. If you lose, load that game again (without saving it). You should now have the opportunity to fight them again. The next time they come, bribe them (if possible). If you cannot bribe them, fight them again. If you lose, load the game again. Fight them until you win, then save the game. Earthquake: If an earthquake happens and the land is no longer able to be built on, use the Fireballs from Heaven code to rain fire over the affected land. Then, clear the land as normal and you can now build freely upon it. Charybdis That Darn Scylla The monster Scylla can be ensnared. Simply construct a bridge over the place where she is and Scylla won't be able to move out of her hex to savage your fishermen or quays. Makes those animal sacrifices worth it.

WWF Wrestlemania
RS: Hit the following keys in there appropriate sequences as specified. Bam Bam Bigelow FIRE PUNCH : Hold punch button 3 seconds, then release and tap punch button. JUMP KICK: Hit left key twice and then super kick. BACK DROP: Hit left key twice and then hit punch button. FLYING DROPKICK: Run, kick or super kick. SUPER CLOTHESLINE: Run, punch or super punch. Doink EAR SLAP: Down, downright, right, Punch. HAPPY HAMMER: Right, right, super kick. SUPER CLOTHESLINE: Run, punch or super punch. HIP TOSS: Left, Left, Punch. HEAD SLAM: Head hold, down, down, super kick. Bret Hart - Hit Man EYE RAKE: Down, downright, right, punch. ROLLING UPPERCUT: Down, downright, right, superpunch. ARM DRAG: Left, left, punch. BULLDOG: Head hold, down, down, superkick. FLYING CLOTHSLINE: Run, punch or superpunch. Lex Luger SLIDING ELBOW: right, right, punch. DOUBLE AXEHANDLE SMASH: When next to oppenent, superpunch. VERTICAL SUPLEX: Head hold, right, right, superpunch. REBEL RACK: Lift over head, up superkick. HIP TOSS: Left, left, punch. Shawn Michaels FRONT LEG TRIP: Right, right, kick. SUNSET FLIP: Run, superpunch. BODYSLAM: Left, left, punch. SPEED KICK: Down, downright, right, kick. ARM BEND: Head hold, right, right, punch. Razor Ramon UPPERCUT: Head hold, down, superpunch. RAZOR'S EDGE: Head hold, right, right, superpunch. PILDRIVER: Head hold, down, down, superkick. HIP TOSS: Left, left, punch. RAZOR SWIPE: Head hold, Up or down, punch. Undertaker SNAP MARE: Left, left, punch. SUPER UPPERCUT: Head hold, down, superpunch. TIMBSTONE SLAM: Right, right, superkick. NECK BENDER: Hold punch for 3 seconds, release. DROPKICK: Run, kick or superkick. Yokozuna BUCKET SLAM: Superkick next to opponent. BELLY BOUNCE: Right, right, punch. SCISSOR SMASH: Right, right, superkick. SUPLEX: Head hold, down, down, superkick. BANZAI DROP: Any button (exceptblock) off the turnbuckle.

Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas
mo Toggle auto-reload Shooting autoreload Toggle auto-fire Shooting autofire Slow enemies Shooting slowmo Slow rockets Shooting slowrocket Drive through walls Driving ghost Unlimited nitro Driving nitro Toggle time limit Driving freeze Drive faster Driving chantastic Snow Driving snow Drive only with tires Driving susonly All weapons Action weapons Unlimited ammo Action ammo Freeze enemies Action freeze Toggle auto-targeting Action targeting Toggle laser sight Action laser Walk through walls Action ghost Super jumps Action followterrain Skeleton mode Action mrbones Electric mode Action shocked First person perspective Action fps More blood Action fragyuck Small heads Action pillowmode Big heads Action bighead Hint: Defeating Viktor Rashenko: In the "Desert Bunker" level, when you have gotten all three security cards and have put them in the main console, head for the Blue security door near the start of the level (the door with the lasers and the gun). However, before you do this, equip your 9mm pistol and make sure you have at least half health. By doing this, you should be ready to easily win a tough battle. After deactivating the lasers, go through the Blue security door. Upon entering, the door will slam shut behind you and Viktor Rashenko, one mean terrorist with one mean flamethrower, will come down on an elevator babbling about how he will "break" you. To start off the battle, do not move. Wait for Viktor to come around the corner. When he does this, he should send a burst of fire your way (chances are it will not even touch you). When he does this, quickly run directly up to him and start firing your 9mm very quickly. By doing this, Viktor will just stand there (he will not fire his flamethrower) and will fall quickly. Note: When shooting Viktor, there will be times when you will automatically reload -- do not worry about this.