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South Park: Dominating Dodgeball


Level Password

Secret Heaven level HOLYLAND

Secret Hell level DEVILDEV

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Boxart
Mount & Blade Warband MOD - Manaras Invasion Mod
Skinz Sudoku Professional
Mario Game: Hello Winter Mario Games 2009


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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: Second Edition
it. Easy questions: Enter Regis Philbin as a name. The name entry will change to "Fibber" to confirm correct code entry. When Regis asks how many people are playing, do not answer. He will start to yell, then the game will quit. Extra time: Press L when you need more time to think. This will show your lifelines. After Regis says "You don't want to use a lifeline?" and the lifeline screen disappears, it will be at the same time as it was before you pressed L. Keep repeating this until you know the answer. Alternately, when Regis asks the question press [Esc] to stop the timer. Default names: Do not enter a name when prompted to enter one. Let Regis talk, and eventually he will give you a name such as "Einstein", "Kathy Lee", and "Cody.

Myst 3: Exile
r next to one of the three tusks. The light posts can be manipulated by clicking on the ring under the lens. Record the order of the colors of the posts that the light travels to in order to reach the receptor, this order is the key to open the door.

Alone in the Dark 2
ory and actions list. You will see on your body, points display - it is on minus 1000 at least. Now repeat this process until the minus disappears and you'll be left with approximately 32000 body points. Also, to enhance this and to stop yourself from getting drunk at the end of the process, collect the frying pan before hand and when you have 32000 body points, use it!"