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Eagle One: Harrier Attack


Infinite ammunition:

Pause the game and press R1, L1, R2, L2, R1.


Pause the game and press R1, L1, R2, L2, L1.

Level select:

Pause the game and press R1, L1, R2, L2, Start.

Repair damage:

Return to your base or the USS Armstrong and land to repair your fighter by one point. Note: This may only be done a limited number of times

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #6
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
Eye Attack2
Mario Game: New Super Mario SHMUP
Sims3 - Eugenia


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NHL Faceoff 2001
ould be in front of the net. While the puck is being passed, press Square to do a one timer. If you do it fast enough, you should score. If you go up to the goalie, but not in the crease, go left and right until the goalie gets juked out and dives. Slapshot the puck for an easy goal. Pull other team's goalie: Pause game play and select "Control Setup". Switch to the other team, then select "Team Settings", then "Goalie Control", then "Pulled". Select "OK". Resume game play as the other team for approximately five seconds. Pause game play and switch back to your original team. When the game is resumed, the other team's goalie should be pulled. Third jerseys: Select the team that you wish to play at the "Controller Selection" screen. When you pick your team, press Down two or three times. The bottom of the screen will display which jersey the team will be wearing (home, away, or third). The following teams have a third jersey: Anaheim, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Florida, New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington. Create an All-Star team: Go to "Transactions", then select "Release player". Go to all of the players you want and release them. Then, go to your team and release just enough people so that you can place the good players on your team. Create an overall 99 player: Select "Create Player" and enter a name, height, weight, etc. For attributes, set everything to 99 except for Endurance, Aggression, Checking, and Fighting. You should have 37 points remaining. Set Aggression, Endurance, Checking, and Fighting to 49. You should have 1 point remaining -- do not use it. Go to "Sign Free Agent", and your created player will be an overall 99. Create an overall 99 goalie: Select "Create Player" and enter a name, height, weight, etc. Set the remaining attributes as follows: Dexterity: 41 Reflexes: 98 Aggression: 41 Puck Control: 98 Size: 98 Angles: 98 Recover: 98 Rebounds: 98 Then, go to "Sign Player" and your created player (goalie) will be an overall 99. Team ratings: North American All-Stars: 99 Canada: 97 Colorado Avalanche: 97 USA: 97 Sweden: 96 Detroit Red Wings: 95 Dallas Stars: 94 Philadelphia Flyers: 94 World All-Stars: 94 St. Louis Blues: 93 Czech Republic: 92 New Jersey Devils: 91 Russia: 88 Toronto Maple Leafs: 88 Los Angeles Kings: 87 Phoenix Coyotes : 87 Pittsburgh Penguins: 87 Buffalo Sabres: 86 New York Rangers: 86 Ottawa Senators: 86 Washington Capitals: 86 Finland: 85 Florida Panthers: 85 San Jose Sharks: 85 Anaheim Mighty Ducks: 84 Edmonton Oilers: 84 Boston Bruins: 83 Carolina Hurricanes: 83 Chicago Blackhawks: 83 Germany: 82 Vancouver Canucks: 81 Calgary Flames: 79 Montreal Canadians: 79 New York Islanders: 79 Slovakia: 78 Columbus Blue Jackets: 74 Tampa Bay Lightning: 74 Nashville Predators: 71 Minnesota Wild: 70 Atlanta Thrashers: 69 Key players: Anaheim P. Kariya: 96 T. Selanne: 95 Atlanta D. Audette: 80 Boston J. Allison: 87 B. Dafoe: 86 A. Carter: 83 Buffalo D. Hasek: 95 M. Satan: 89 D. Gilmour: 86 Calgary V. Bure: 90 P. Housley: 85 J. Iginla: 84 F. Brathwaite: 82 Carolina S. Ozolinsh: 92 R. Francis: 87 A. Irbe: 87 S. Kapanen: 82 Chicago T. Amonte: 95 B. Mironov: 86 S. Thibault: 84 A. Zhamnov: 84 Colorado J. Sakic: 98 P. Roy: 96 P. Forsberg: 95 R. Bourque: 93 Columbus R. Tugnutt: 83 M. Schneider: 80 Dallas E. Belfour: 97 M. Modano: 95 D. Hatcher: 90 S. Zubov: 89 J. Nieuwendyk: 87 Detroit S. Yzerman: 95 B. Shanahan: 91 C. Osgood: 90 C. Chelios: 89 Edmonton D. Weight: 90 B. Guerin: 87 T. Salo: 87 Florida P. Bure: 98 R. Whitney: 88 R. Svehla: 87 Los Angeles R. Blake: 96 Z. Palffy: 92 L. Robitaille: 90 L. Stumpel: 87 Minnesota J. McLennan: 78 Montreal J. Hackett: 87 S. Koivu: 86 Nashville C. Ronning: 81 M. Dunham: 81 New Jersey M. Brodeur: 99 P. Elias: 89 S. Niedermayer: 89 S. Stevens: 88 P. Sykora: 87 New York Islanders P. Hamrlik: 86 M. Czerkowski: 85 K. Jonsson: 81 New York Rangers M. Richter: 89 B. Leetch: 88 T. Fleury: 86 P. Nedved: 86 Ottawa D. Alfredsson: 90 R. Bonk: 84 T. Barrasso: 83 W. Redden: 81 Philadelphia J. Leclair: 96 E. Lindros: 93 M. Recchi: 92 E. Desjardins: 91 K. Primeau: 88 Phoenix J. Roenick: 92 K. Trachuk: 90 T. Numminen: 87 J. Lumme: 84 Pittsburgh J. Jagr: 99 A. Kovalev: 87 M. Straka: 87 S. Slegr: 82 St. Louis C. Pronger: 99 P. Demitra:94 A. MacInnis: 93 P. Tourgeon: 92 R. Turek: 92 San Jose O. Nolan: 92 V. Damphousse: 86 J. Friesen: 86 B. Stuart: 81 G. Suter: 81 Tampa Bay V. Lecavalier: 86 M. Johnson: 77 P. Kubina: 77 P. Svoboda: 77 Toronto C. Joseph: 96 M. Sundin: 95 S. Thomas: 85 D. Yushkevich: 81 Vancouver M. Naslund: 86 M. Ohlund:86 F. Potvin: 84 Washington G. Kolzig: 92 S. Gonchar: 86 A. Oates: 86 P. Bondra: 85

Supercross 2001
, Left 360: Down, Right, Up Heel Clicker: Left, Right Bar Hop: Right, Left Superman: Down, Up Nothing: Up, Down No Hander: Up No Footer: Down Saran wrap: Up, Right Gorilla thumper: Right, Left, Down Rodeo: Left, Up, Right Backflip: Left, Down, Right Front Fender Grab: Up, Up Back fender grab: Down, Down Unlock The Astro Nut: Finish the entire game with any bike rider. After you complete that, go to the main menu and select the freestyle games. Now look at the character screen. Under the very last biker on the list, you should have the new Astro Nut. Unlock Sarcophagus Jones: Defeat the entire field of racers in the 16 round supercross series. Upon completion, you should hear a dirt bike "revving up" sound effect at the stats screen. Exit and play a single player exhibition race, and when you select your biker, the new character, Sarcophagus Jones, should be directly beneath the very last rider on the list. How to do a cookie: Press X while holding Triangle, then press Right or Left.

Intelligent Qube
hia with an IQ of over 400.

Final Fantasy 7
ases the enemy encounter %. After equipping the enemy-lure go to the northern cave and choose to go left (not right), then choose to go up (not down). In that swamp area head towards the top and run around awhile until you get in a fight with some oranges there should be 2-4 oranges they are worth 800 AP per orange they're called movers this is easy AP and will get you loads of AP in a little amount of time. They're not too hard to kill because they only have about 6000-8000 HP and they don't attack very hard, they only take away about 600-900 HP and it is not complicated. (HOPE THIS HINT WORKS) submitted by: thehintmaster3000 Easy Chocobo races: Hold R1 + R2 while racing a Chocobo to slowly restore energy. Then quickly press Circle to get energy back. sephiroths sword and the fifth weapon go to the speed square in the gold saucer.there you may win masamune blade. But you also have to beat all the weapons(including the fifth one). The only way you can find the fifth weapon is to master every single materia in the game(which is really frickin' hard)Once you do this go and snag a mythryl from the snoring idiot in the cave near fort do so you must battle until he says that you've fought #xxx amount of times(for example 2444 or 1999 or anything as long as it includes the last three numbers becoming the same). then take masamune blade and some mythryl to the guy in the house across the river from the gold saucer and right next to the ocean. he'll make the sword but at first the only on who can use it is vincent. but after a while the sword will break when this happens get more mythryl and go straight to the guy who made the sword and he'll make it to where cloud may use it too.but if vincent uses it it will also fire like a gun or slash. But the reason for this is the sword look's more like a gunblade (from ff8) more than it does a masamune(the rarest samurai sword known to man or final fantasy).well that's it oh and your welcome.^v^ submitted by: seraphir burning Master fighter For the best fighter in the game you must first defeat emerald weapon .when you fight it make sure you have the final attack-revive combo along with a w-summon and knights of the round (at level 2 or higher ) paired off with mp turbo.once you beat emerald weapon,go to the guy who trades items ,he's located on the far east side of kalm.he'll offer to give you all the master materia in the game. equip all the master materia to cloud and go for his ultima weapon . to get it you must defeat ultimate weapon. he's easy to fight bbut hard to find , you'll first find him west of junon on disc that you have ultima weapon ,go to gongaga meltdown reactor and morph a heavy tank for a power source . keep following this strategy until you get your strength up to 255.just keep morphing and stealing every enemy you see and soon you'll become the best. submitted by: sephiroth Defeating Teyioh: When Teyioh appears on the screen that shows your opponents, press Start. When the starting line appears press Select and hold Circle until your Chocobo has about one tenth of its stamina remaining. Hold down L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and restore its energy. When it gets back to two tenths or more, then lower it back to one tenth. Note: Do not use stamina at the ending space background unless your Chocobo is green or better. Easy Battle Square handicaps: Rapidly tap Square during the "slot machine" handicap sequence in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Note: This trick will also work in a similar manner with Cait Sith's limit break. Avoid back attack: When surprised with a back attack, try running away to automatically turn around (hold L1 + R1). This allows your party to take less damage, however the enemy will get the first strike. Faster time bar: When you get into any battle, rapidly press Circle. However, if this slows the time bar down, rapidly press Triangle. If Triangle slows you down when it was speeding up, then rapidly press Circle again. Keep switching if you have to. When you are fighting one of the more difficult battles and run low health or need to attack quicker, open the PlayStation's lid and let the game idle for awhile. While it is searching for the game disc, your time gauge will still be recharging. Huge Materia from Cid's Rocket: The code to get the Huge Materia from Cid's rocket is Circle, Square X, X. Note: If you do not get the code, restart and retry from a saved game. Maneuvering the Highwind: The Highwind can be turned sideways or flown backwards without turning around. Hold Square and press the D-pad in the desired direction while flying. Instead of pressing Square + D-pad to fly the Highwind, press Circle to go forward. Press R1 or L1 to turn sharper. To fly crooked, hold R1 + Left or L1 + Right while moving at full speed forward. Sharp turns in vehicles: Hold L1 or R1 and Left or Right to turn sharply while in vehicles. Easy Key to Sector 5: Instead of going through all of the digging to find the "Key to Sector 5" on the top level of the Bone Village, go to the village in Disc 3. There should be an X on the ground in front of the ladder to the second level. Talk to the man and dig for normal treasure in the exact center of the X three times. The first time you should get Cid's mop, the second time you should get W-Summon, and the third time you should get the Key to Sector 5. Presidential send-off tricks: After doing the Presidential Send-Off event and receiving your prize from Hedigger, press Square, Circle, X, or Triangle to make Cloud do things such as place his hands on his hips, shrug, and scratch his back with the gun. View Cloud's Omnislash from behind: When you get Omnislash, use it. Immediately after you select your enemies, open the lid on the PlayStation. The game will go through all of the camera movements of the Omnislash, but Cloud will not use the technique. When the camera stops the second time, close the lid. About 15 seconds after you close the door, Cloud will use Omnislash. Note: Sometimes the camera will go in front. Make sure you have either Cloud or Red XIII in the middle or you may not see Cloud. Bahamnant ZERO Summon Materia details: Walk around after boarding the Shinra No. 26 spaceship on disc two. Your party will be able to go down to the space pod or up the ladder to the right to the huge materia. Go to the huge materia and use the talk button at the tall glass to speak with Cid. He will explain the controls in this part of the game. Talk again at the case and enter the password Circle, Square, X, X to collect the Key Item "Huge Materia". After travelling to Cosmo Canyon later in the game, talk to Bugenhagen. He will take your party up to his observatory. Approach to the Blue huge materia and get closer. Your party will receive the Bahamnant ZERO summon materia. Sense without wasting a turn: Press Select to display a window above the time bars, then sense the enemy. From this point on whenever you attack that enemy while selecting, look in that window to see its current HP and name. Note: This only works during the current battle. Easy AP, Gil, and experience: Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. Go to Cactuar Island (an island in the far north east) and morph three Cactuars into Tetra Elementals. Go to the area around Mideel and "park" your Gold Chocobo or the Highwind on the small sliver of grass below the drop after you pass Mideel going west (not near the forest, but on the area below that.) Walk towards the long beach area far away from your transportation-- if you accidentally get off track, you could get on your airship or Chocobo and drift off. Equip a Mastered Enemy Lure and weapons that can receive the most AP (not your ultimate weapons). The Scimitar, Apocalypse, Platinum Fist, etc. should be your priorities. Equip the Materia you want to get a lot of AP on the weapons. These may include Knights Of The Round, Double Cut, and Bahamut Zero. Cloud, Cid, and Tifa work the best if they are at high levels because they all get triple AP with certain weapons. Equip Cloud with the Apocalypse, Mystile, and Tetra elemental; Cid (if used) with the Scimitar, anything else, and Tetra elemental; Tifa (if used) with Platinum Fist, anything else, and Tetra elemental. Set turbo on Circle and keep it held (a rubber band is suggested). Additionally, hold Down (also with a rubber band) If correctly, you will be going left and right continuously and encountering an enemy called the Sandworm. The maximum damage it can do is 50 to 70 because you absorb the Sandstorm and Earthquake attacks (due to the Tetra elementals). Each defeated Sandworm results in 1300 EXP, 200 AP, and 5000 Gil. With luck, all materia will be mastered and you will have millions of Gil after a few hours. Cosmo Canyon song: You can play the Cosmo Canyon song on your own by going to Tifa's house in Nibelheim. Then, press Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Circle, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X, Square. Note: This serves no purpose in the game. Extra experience (Japanese version): When in the Gold Saucer prison, enter the well just outside of the town. Walk around until encountering a monster named "Test 0" which resembles a dog. You can poison or attack it. Instead of fighting back, it will whimper and ask that it not be hurt. Giant clock in the temple of the ancient this will save you a little time if you want to know what is in all of the passages.(numbers on clock are in roman numerals) 1,3- if you open the treasure chest, you will run into a battle 2,11,9-the passages are blocked 4-princess guard(weapon for aeris) 5-ribbon(accesory that prevents all abnormal status) 6-chase ancient to unlock door,restore HP/MP,save game. The door has red dragon miniboss inside. dont use fire-based magic or summons against it, because you will heal it. after you beat it, be sure to pick up bahamut(only chance you get) 7-trumpet shell(weapon for cait sith) 8-megalixir(fully restore's party's HP/MP) 10-where you enter 12-boss's room(if you have mighty gaurd,cast it. and bahamut is the only summon that will do half-way decent damage) submitted by: Ross Allison Barret v.s. Dyne 1: Put Shivra, Ifrint, and Choco'mog on Barret. 2: Look of some potions. 3: Go up the gate way where the guy was shot. Go up to the guy walking around. Talk to him until he says go north west. Go right until you get to the graveyard. 4: (in Battle) Use Big Shot. 5:Use Ifrint. 6: Use Shivra. 7: You might ahve a big shot now: Use it. 8: Use Choco/Mog 9: Use fire and potions from now on! (p.S. not always garented to win) submitted by: Carson Rowsell