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Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo


Play as Dan

Move to Morrigan if your player one or to Felicia if your player 2. Then hold Start and press Down 13 times, then hit any other button .

Play as Devilot

Move to Morrigan if your player 1 or to Felicia if your player 2. Then hold the Start button and press Down 13 times. Wait for the clock to reach 10 seconds and hit any other button.

Play as Akuma (Gouki)

Move to Morrigan if your player 1 or to Felicia if you player 2. Then press L, D, L, D, L, D and hold L then press any button. Player 2 should press R,D,R,D,R,D and hold R then press any button.

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Street Fighter 3: Second Impact
ant and press the medium punch and the hard punch at the same time. Fight Akuma To fight Akuma, get three perfects without losing a round. Akuma will appear after Gill. If you Super Finish him every round, he will return to life and you will fight him as Super Turbo Akuma. Play as Akuma To play as Akuma, perform the following steps. Start a new game Highlight Ryu and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP Highlight Ken and tap UP, UP, DOWN Highlight Ryu and tap UP Highlight Ken and tap DOWN Highlight Sean and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, UP Press any button when Akuma's box appears.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
ing START+B+C, then press A or D to select the character. Hidden Boss When playing in one-player mode,you can fight the hidden boss (Geese Howard) in a special "Nightmare" match if you do the following: You must not lose a single round. You cannot score a ranking of "C" or less in any battle. Your score must be 750,000 or more before the battle with Wolfgang Krauser.

Space Invaders Part 2
before it takes its place in the row, it will fall to the ground dead and act as another fort! It will absorb about 3-5 hits and can really save you on later levels.

Virtua Fighter 2
ly use it when you get a really cool win.