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Incubus Volume 2 - When Incubus Attacks


Random Video Choice

On the [Main Menu], highlight [Gigante Especiale] and press [Righ. It will highlight a picture of Chuck and it will say "Let Chuck Choose". This easter egg randomizes clips from the DVD and chooses one to play.

Hidden Featurette

Go to the [Bonus Features] menu. There will be a long list of options in the [Special Features] menu. Scroll to the very bottom past the last choice. It will highlight a hidden "421". While the 421 is highlighted, press [Righ 4 times, [Down] 2 times, and [Lef once. It will take you to a 10 min. feature of Brandon Boyd meditating.

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of the menu. Press Enter and you will see a blooper reel from the introduction to the film by Sam Sherman, featured in the disc.