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Hellcats Over the Pacific


Down enemy fighter without shooting it

Press [Ctrl] + X during game .

Submitted by gung ho

Faster movement

Press [Ctrl] + S during game and direct aircraft with numeric keypad arrow keys – 2, 4, 6, 8.

Tournament Maker
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask for N64
Mario Game: Mario vs Team17
Sims3 - ST_AFF_003
Sims3 - IST_AFW_002


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Chaos Overlords
me. Ground Zero gangs will wear battle suits carry empathic enhancers and plasma generators. No vacancies for new hires Enter “SMGMILD” as a name. Police are harsher in unoccupied sectors Enter “SMGISLANDS” as a name. See all gangs on map Enter “SMGHUBBLE” as a name.

Pause game and type “cheatercheaterwhimpwhimp”. Toaster Simply type toast when you are in the middle view and you'll see a trailer. The trailer will turn into a toaster and toast will pop up.

Railroad Tycoon II
he console window. $100 million for Railroad Company Type “powerball” at the console window. Access all territories Type “let me in” at the console window. All engines are AMD103 Type “amd103” at the console window. All trains are available Type “show me the trains” at the console window. Cities grow faster Type “viagra” at the console window. Competitor’s trains crash Type “casey jones” at the console window. Double industrial center output Type “overtime” at the console window. Double maximum train speed Type “speed racer” at the console window. Lose scenario Type “bobo” at the console window. Skip scenario Type “bigfoot” at the console window. Win bonze scenario Type “bigfootbronze” at the console window. Win gold scenario Type “bigfootgold” at the console window. Win silver scenario Type “bigfootsilver” at the console window.

Escape Velocity
abling the cruiser. Then board the ship, and patrol ships should be listed under the wepons category. Take them, and they should then be in your patrol ship bay. If you do this with a regular ship(not a cruiser), and u get the patrol ships, they will still be in your ship, making it worth more, so you can get better ships sooner. submitted by: Alex S. Display “Happy Birthday Matt!” message Set the Macintosh system date to June 30 and load game. Escape from pirate attacks Press A + O + L (case-sensitive) during game. Expand fighter capacity (version 1.00) After gaining possession of a Kestrel, demand contributions from planets that use Lightenings for defense. Forklift option (version 1.01) Hold [Option] and click on the title screen until the Escape Velocity/ Mystery Science Theatre theme song plays. Hold [Ctrl] + [Command] + [Option] + F when the phrase “-MCB 4:35 A.M.” appears. (Note: The “Forklift” theme song confirms correct entry. And will appear within the secondary weapons list.) Haikus clutter window Press “X” at the title screen. A window will open with a bunch of Haikus on it. Hear a message Hold [Option] + M + B and click on the title screen. Increase the number of fighters on patrol (version 1.00, 1.01) Launch all available fighters from two or more fighter bays. Then order them all to return. After the first craft has docked at the bay, order the rest to stop. Launch the fighter that has returned. More fighters will be launched from the bays. Increase your odds of winning Hold [Space bar] during the first three rolls. Play a faster game Turn [Caps Lock] on to play a faster game. Satellite of Love (registered version) Press S + O + L (case-sensitive) at the title screen. The Satellite of Love will appear at the 20th shipyard you visit. Special missile launcher (version 1.02) Purchase a missile launcher with ammunition. Leave the planet and select the missiles. Then return to the planet and sell the missile launcher. It will fire missiles more rapidly. Special neutron blaster Sell your neutron blaster while it is still selected as the secondary weapon. It will fire more potent armaments until another secondary weapon is selected. View lyrics Hold [Option] + [Command] + [Shif and click at the top of the title screen.

Option] + G during game.