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Matchbox Cross Town Heroes


Level Password

2 - CBCT

3 - QBKL

4 - CBCL

5 - QBVJ

6 - QBDJ

End - QBVN

TV TriviaTrax
Time Travel Constructor
Small Magellanic Cloud
X3: Terran Conflict Patch 1.0.1 - 2.6


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Rayman Advance
and press L, Down, Left, Up, Down, R to refill your life meter to 4 or 6 dots. Note: Do not press A or you will quit the game. 25 Tings Pause game play and press R, Up, Left, Right, Left, L. This code can be repeated as needed. All Electoons Highlight a level at the map screen, then press Select + B + R, Select + B + R to get all the Electoons from that level. Alternately, press Start + R + B. Candy Chateau hidden level Collect all the Electoons in all levels. In-game reset Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play. Invincibility Pause game play and press Right, Up, Right, Left, Right, R. 99 lives Pause game play and press Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, R. Level select Pause game play and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L. All powers Pause game play and press Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L.

Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist
Shego, Monkey, Kim 6 Rufus, Wade, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Kim, Kim 7 Ron, Guard, Monkey, Guard, Shego, Ron, Kim 8 Rufus, Drakken, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Ron, Ron

James Bond 007: Nightfire
R, Left, L, Right, Up, Select, Right. You should hear a voice confirmation. Submitted by: Balendin Higher Pitched Voices On the pause menu, press: R , Left, L, Right, Up, Select, L. You should hear a voice confirmation.

Mega Man Battle Network
an also get it in the chip trader. Muramasa chip This chip is also attainable through the 10 chip gambler, but takes many tries. Popup chip In a few areas on the net you will find the Popup enemies, who resemble some sort of dog. They only have 10 HP, but every time you hit one, it will drop into its hole and pop out of another one. The more HP taken away, the faster it will go back into its hole. It is virtually impossible to defeat by the time it has at most 3 HP remaining, because when it goes into its hole, it will escape. An easy way to defeat it is to use the Anubis chip. You have to have completed the game at least once so you can get the Anubis chip from Pharoman. When you fight the Popup and have an Anubis chip to use, just set it down. The Anubis continuously depletes the enemy's HP (even multiple at a time). The Popup will automatically get hurt when it comes out of the hole. After it is defeated, you should get the rare Popup chip, which makes you invincible for a turn when not attacking (same as the Dropdown). Get rare or new chips When you get to the part of the game where the Higsby guy from the school incident has a business as a chip salesman (in front of the gates of the school), go inside and save your game next to the chip trading machines (the ones that resemble candy or mini-toy dispensers in real stores). You can now freely trade 3 or 10 chips for another one, depending on which machine you use. If you do not get a chip you want, turn off the game, turn it back on, and resume from your save. Repeat the chip trade until you get the one you want, or get a rare one. Stand in front of the 10 chip machine and save the game. Continue using chips until you get the desired chip. If you do not get it, turn the game off and restart. Keep repeating this until you get what you are looking for. Adding chips to your folder Press A on any chip on your sack, then press Left and exchange the chip. Challenge Arena Get the first memo and at the end of the first WWW site, take a right before the next red W. Continue until you reach another access. Continue and talk to the person at an intersection. He should tell you some strange information, but you will see a door with a "?" on it. The next one will have a different challenge, and then another. Along the way there are web merchants. Once you get through, there should be two men that are almost parallel, this is the Challenge Arena. Power Plant Once the subway starts working and you go into the second town, on the first block go up and turn left (do not cross any sections). There are various sections to stop (save after every battle). To get into the power plant finish the cross section and go to the park in your town. You will meet your dad who invites you to a party with mom. Once you are there, the power goes out. You will exit the dining room and go down the laundry chute. School network passwords Door 1: 09 Door 2: 30 Door 3: Random Door 4: Random Door 5: 15 Door 6: Random Door 7: Random, but also requires Teacher's password. Encountering Fire Man After you defeat Fire Man in the oven, he is going to be in your Net. Go on the normal path until you reach a two way path. Go forward and follow the path until you reach another two way path. Turn right and follow the normal path. When you reach a two way path again, go left. Follow that path until you reach a two way path. Go up and follow that path to a dead end. Fire Man will be at the dead end. Easy S busting level Use a Navi chip. When you use it, the background goes black and time freezes. When your enemy is destroyed, it should say S Busting Level, and your time will be in the milliseconds. Dodge Use the following trick when fighting either the Gaia Knights (Rock monsters with big hammers ) or the final Boss (World Virus), when they use an attack that explodes on each three column of squares. For example, when the Rock monster smashes his hammer on the ground and sends a shockwave towards Mega Man, when Life Virus uses the Sky Flame and it charges towards you. Just when it is on the row in front of you, wait for a split second then move forward to the row of three it was just on. You will dodge the attack. Easy money After completing the game, go out the school gates and go to the right (not Lan's right). There will be a man at the end of the wall who says that he lost his money. Go to the place where you fought Stoneman in the net, and there will be a purple man. Talk to him to fight him. After defeating him, go back to the man at the wall. He will give you 10,000 Zennies. Easy Bugfrags Select a 100barr as your regular chip and jack into Dex computer. GutsStyle (10 ATK points) is the best style for this. The enemies are Cannondumbs, Metataur, and some times a Spiky. One countering gives one Bugfrag, two counterings gives three Bugfrags, and three counterings gives eight Bugfrags. This is also useful for evolving styles. Secret area in Sal's P.C. Take the normal path until you reach a two way path. Take a left turn and follow the path until you reach another two way path. Take a right turn until you reach a two way path. Go down until you see a dark gray spot. Walk on it and take a right to enter the secret area. All your base… comment Check ElecMan's stage (where your battery is dying). Talk to all the civilian programs, and you will find that some are evil. One of the evil ones says CATS' famous line, "All your base are belong to us!", immediately before attacking.

JGTO Golf Master Jurassic Park 3: DNA Factor
y appear, rapidly press B until it is in shooting range.