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Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 6


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Press C-Up(2), C-Down(2), C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Start at the status screen.

Bonus stadiums:

Press C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right(2), Z, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Start at the stadium selection screen.

Age of Empires 3: Map Pack #2
Farm Frenzy 2
Luna Online
Mascotte Blackjack Deluxe
Beaver Squad


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Dual Heroes
ficulty to hard, and choose two round mode. Then, beat story mode using Hana. Fight as Zorr Set the difficulty to hard, and choose two round mode. Then, beat story mode using Juie

Nagano Winter
events. Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the awards screen to view the first sequence.Press Up(2), Down(2), L, R, L, R, B, A at the awards screen for the second sequence. Random names Select any event and country. Leave the name blank and press Start. Faster curling event Press Z after your character or the CPU has thrown the stone. Control CPU curling Press A or B after the CPU has thrown the stone. Aerial landings During the Aerials, press B as soon as you hit the ground and keep the button held until fully landed. Halfpipe gold medal Execute a combination of F Alley Oop, and Alley Oop during the Halfpipe competition. Speed skating stamina If your stamina is low, take a break during the turns, and not the straightaway. Alpine skiing giant slalom Stay as tight as you can when you turn to the next gate. If you hit the flag, keep staying tight to increase your speed. Snowboarding giant slalom Edge by using A immediately after clearing the flag. Curling It is best to be second in curling. The CPU will always try to hit where you can not get in the middle. Keep knocking the CPU's stones out until the last curl, then go for the middle.

Diddy Kong Racing
accellorator. If done right you will get a green fire and rainbow smoke. Cheat[Ron] When wiz-pigs mouth is open look for a two fetherd frog - run over him and play as a rooster . ( he will appear when you do )  Codes BLABBERMOUTH - In stead of normal horn you hear your characte r JOINTVENTURE - Two players can play the adventure mode BODYARMOR - All balloons turn yellow OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons wil get a rainbow color TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons turn green BOMBSAWAY - All balloons turn red ROCKETFUEL - All balloons turn blue BYEBYEBALLOONS - The computer can't use weapons against you VITAMINB - You can grab unlimited bananas BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down NOYELLOWSTUFF - There are no more bananas ZAPTHEZIPPERS - There are no more zippers TIMETOLOSE - The AI of the computer is enhanced, the game gets harder FREEFORALL - Each balloon gives you a level 3 powerup of the balloon you grab FREEFRUIT - You start with 10 bananas JUKEBOX - There is a music test in the audio options screen ARNOLD - The racers get 4 times as big TEENYWEENIES - The racers get times as little DOUBLEVISION - Two players can play with the same character WHODIDTHIS - You see the credits OFFROAD - You don't lose speed if you hit off the road Secrets You can play like TT the Clock by defeating him in each course. TT has the best average properties. After the speaker shouted 'Get Ready' and the words disappear, you have to hold A for a boost. To go to Space World, you must have all the trophies and amulets. Then, go to the lighthouse. This will change to a rocket and bring you into space. To play with the chicken you have to get all amulets and go to the center and splash a frog on the red spot. To make more sharper turns, hold R and press B. Before you go through a Zipper, let go off A until your boost is empty. The boost will take 2 times as long. When you finished the game in Adventure mode, you can play it in Adventure mode 2. All golden balloons are now silver, all tracks are inverted and all opponents are twice as difficult. Keys for the challenges DINO DOMAIN You will find the key on the Ancient Lake track. After the first set of balloons, go off the track on the right, here you will encounter a little ski jump. De key is on top off the jump. SNOWFLAKE MOUNTAIN You will find the key on the Snowflake valley track. From the start of the race, go left off the track. Follow the track a short while and you the see the key at the right. SHERBERT ISLAND The key is on the Crescent Island track. Use the hovercraft for more speed. At the start of the race you can go either left or right. Go left and straight ahead until you encounter water. The key is in a gap of a stone at the right side. DRAGON FOREST The key is on the Boulder Canyon track. Go to the wooden bridge that leads towards the castle. Behind the bridge there is a bell with a blue balloon. Grab the balloon and wait until it returns and grab it two times more until you have a level 3 boost. Drive below the bell facing the bridge and if it's ok, the bell will sound and the bridge will raise. Drive onto the bridge and use the boost. You will land at the keycodes. Go to the options menu, go to the magic codes and enter them here.

Rampage World Tour
and you may select any level, plus theres secret levels to. [send by:Mark] Two players Hold down select at the OPTIONS menu and press up, down, left, right, down, up. This code unlocks the "Players 1 or 2" option, which lets people use the link and play together. Rampage World Tour Beware of Rubber Duckies If you find a rubber ducky, don't eat it. Doing so will call the fighter planes early. Change Character Colors To change the colors of George, Lizzie or Ralph go to the characters select and press UP or DOWN on the controller stick or the d-pad. Double Points You can double the points you get in certain cities if you press the character button on the screen that introduces the next city. The buttons are: George Jump Lizzie Punch Ralph Kick   These are the cities that are affected by this. Casablanca Kiev Kodiac London Moab Nashville Rio de Janerio Washington DC   You also get these affects if you pick up a calculator in any city. Hidden Cities To access the hidden stages below, at the city screen, rapidly press the button indicated for the character you're playing: Punch for Lizzie, Kick for Ralph, and Jump for George. If you pressed the button quickly enough, you'll warp to the following stages. Atlanta - Suburbia Casablanca - Palace Fairbanks - Underworld Kiev - Exchange Kodiak - Snow City London - Big Ben Louisville - Scumlabs Bioweapons Moab - Game Refuge Nashville - Downtown Phoenix - Area 69 Rio de Janeiro - Sunset City San Diego - Caleb's City Washington D.C. - The Capitol   Level Select At the character selection screen hold L and all four C- buttons. Keep holding them until you hear a noise, then start the game. When the screen that shows the next city is displayed, use UP and DOWN to change your country or LEFT and RIGHT to change your city. Even the bonus levels are included. Monster Allergies All monsters have allergies. When your monster eats the thing he or she's allergic to he or she will sneeze and it will blow down the building you are on. George is allergic to dogs. Lizzy is allergic to birds. Ralph is allergic to cats.   Play as V.E.R.N To play as V.E.R.N. (Violent Enraged Radioactive Nemisis) search for a Scum Lab facility. Eat the toxic waste barrels and you will be transformed into V.E.R.N. for the rest of the stage. V.E.R.N can fly, throws fireballs and has super strength. Tank Ride and Plane Ride Jump on tanks to get a free ride. You can control the way the tank is moving. The tank will then shoot elsewhere. In a short while, the tank will explode and you will be shot into the air. You can also jump onto the low flying planes and use them to attack the buildings and other players.