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Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ' to display the chat window. Enter one of the following codes in single player mode to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Selected character is invincible - avatargod

Team invincible - teamgod

Full ammo, refill items - 5fingerdiscount

Disable AI - nobrainer

Fart when walking - silentbutdeadly

Toggle victory conditions - explore

2D players - turnpunchkick

Large torsos when breathing - 1-900

Very big heads - meganoggin

Big heads on all characters - bignoggin

Stumpy characters - stumpy

Large feet and hands - clodhopper

Activate debug keys [Note] - debugkeys

Note: Once this code is activated, the features in the "Debug commands" section below may be used.

Debug commands

Enable the "Activate debug keys" code and press [F10] to enter debug mode. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function:


Screenshot - [F2]

Enemy view - [F6]

Commit suicide - [F7] or [F8]

Return to normal view - [F9]

Exit debug mode - [F10]

Level skip - [F12]

Adjust lighting - [ or }

Toggle AI - A

Third person views - V or B

Adjust elevation - [Comma], [Period], or /

LEGO Universe Trailer HD
DirectX 7
Sims3 - Ogea Villa
Mini-Golf Arcade


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us teams, including the Codemasters, Rage All-Stars, and Team Lomu.

Castle Of The Winds
your HP will turn into a negative number. Increased constitution: Continue casting the magic arrow spell even after running out of mana. Stop casting the spell when your character's current and maximum hit points have increased. You character's constitution should also be increased. More HP: Turn off visual effects in the options section under the file menu. Use a spell that increases your health. Use it until the screen stops showing your HP. Then, cast an attack spell (fireball, etc.) You will get a few thousand HP. Easy item finding: Create a character and select Detect Item as a first spell. Go to the dungeon, and save the game prior to descending a level in this or any dungeon. Enter the dungeon and cast Detect Items. If the items revealed are not desirable (spell books, armor, weapons, money), load the saved game and repeat. Since a different dungeon appears with each load, valuable items will eventually appear. Easy treasure: It is possible to save just before entering a level in order to load and reload that next level to hunt for valuable items. The best item to hunt for is a Wand Of Clone Monster. Save a few Wands Of Clone Monster. When you get to the levels with Hrungnir in Castle 1, or the Giant Kings in Castle 2, clone off the Giants however many at a time you can without getting killed in the process. When you kill off the cloned Giant Kings, you will get enormous amounts of treasure.

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A few pounds of bass are better than none in a tournament ranking.