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Superman: Countdown to Apokolips


Password List

Enter these passwords to be taken to the level indicated:

Level 2: Q#aaTa

Level 3: g#ab2o

Level 4: A#asAp

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Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective
r ten times. Play as Genkai After you defeat Toguro for the final time with Kuwabara, Rando and Suzaku fight you. After you defeat them, Tarukane will fight you. He is very easy to defeat. After you defeat him, you can play as Genkai in tournament mode. Mini-game room Win tournament mode as Genkai. Escape while fightning Inmaki Switch to Hiei, go to the left side of the wall, and use the Teleport or Teleslash ability. Beat Gouki In order to defeat Gouki, hit him with the Spirit Gun. Never get close to Gouki. Just keep walking, and from a safe distance, shoot him. You will eventually defeat him. If you run out of Spirit Power, keep a safe distance from Gouki until your Spirit Power returns, then start shooting again. At the end of the battle, you should have full health. Submitted by: CoolM