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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo


Play as Akuma/Gouki

After selecting the speed (if you can), keep your cursor on Ryu for three seconds. Now move to T. Hawk, and pause on his square for another three seconds. Move left to Guile, and pause again. Now move to Cammy through Dhalsim (go down, then left) and wait again. Now move all the way to Ryu (go left to Ken, then Up) and pause for the final three seconds. As soon as the seconds are up, press all three punch buttons and your Start button at the same time. A shadow should now replace Ryu's picture.

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II: Retribution Trailer HD
Speed Gear
YS Flight Simulator


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San Francisco Rush 2049
the Extreme Track! Slippery Entering 75477379# on the keypad makes driving surfaces "Slippery" Super Speed The obtain speeds up to 200mph or more when you first start racing then enter the code 327837 and then the pound key (#) once you do this and you get into fourth gear you should do over 200 mph enjoy the speed Toggle Drones To toggle drones on and off, press Music and View 2 buttons while selecting your car. Unlock New Car Versions These cars will only be available on the track you unlock them on. Get 25 coins on any track to have "Car 5" Get 50 coins for car 5 "red gonzo-r" Get 75 coins for car 5 "contender" Get 100 coin for car 5 "Team Rush" Unlock tracks 4 & 5 To get get tracks 4 & 5 hold down the music button while seclecting a track. Change Paintjob To change the color of the vehicle, press View 1 while choosing a car. A menu will open allowing you to select from a rainbow of colors. Disable ABORT Enter *69 in the keypad and then start a game. Whoever crashes can't abort and continue racing. They'll just sit they and burn for the rest of the race. Disable Catchup To keep unscrupulous inexperienced players from "catching up" to you by continually crashing their car, turn off CATCHUP when beginning your linked game. Push MUSIC, and then VIEW 3. Drive '70 Cuda To drive the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, register for "Team Rush" and log 100 miles. At the milages listed below it will be upgraded and painted a different color! 100 Miles - MELLO (Yellow) 200 Miles - BLUBYU (Blue) 400 Miles - GOFAST (Yellow-Green) 1000 Miles - DABOMB (Black) 1500 Miles - HOTROD (Flames) 2049 Miles - NDRCVR (Red) 5000 Miles - Crush (Orange) Drive Da' Bomb To play as Da' Bomb you must first join team rush. Earn 1000 miles and you will then be able to change the color on the 70' Cuda to a Black Cuda with the back-end raised and the engine coming out of the hood. Note: this car can send almost any other car flying with a single bump! Drive a Cop Car When you join team rush type in: 911 as your code. Handling Options To determine handling characteristics, press View 3 button while choosing your car. A menu will open allowing you to select three different handling types, with "3" being the most realistic. Mirror Mode Pressing 666# on keypad during game mirrors the screen instantly.

Rampage: World Tour
Power-ups This code works in Philadelphia, Carbondale, and Honolulu. To load the city with all the special powers, press Jump twice with George, Punch twice with Lizzy, and Kick twice with Ralph. Fatty Foods At the end of the Jumbo Jet ride before the World tour, enter the following code to triple the value of any health power-up. For George: Press and Hold Up, then press Jump, Jump, Jump For Lizzy: Press and Hold Up, then press Punch, Punch, Punch For Ralph: Press and Hold Up, then press Kick, Kick, Kick

Indy 500
ssion and a one-lap race. Once it has begun, immediately take a pit stop. Afterwards, as you emerge from pit lane you'll have a faster engine! Panoramic view If you want to have a panoramic view press the zoom buttons together in when you are in outer zoom mode. Activate all Cheats After you insert your coin press and hold the brake and both zoom buttonsand then press start to select your course and your transmission. Do not release the brake and zoom buttons until the race starts. If you do this you will be running in the pace car, backward, mirrored, and with no enemies.

Lemans 24H
nd hold) the break pedal down. Push Start. Select a course At the car selection screen, highlight "Nismo", the vehicle on the far left. Hold Zoom-in + Zoom-out while pushing down on the accelerator. Release the brake pedal.