Brain Wave

 Cheat mode Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Key - Effect [F11] - Extra power-up crystal [F12] - Extra life... Read More

Streets of SimCity

 Press Ctrl-Alt-X to display the cheat code prompt and enter these case-sensitive codes: lock and load - Full ammo sampo - $999,999 im back - Repair damage mr fabulous - Invincibility jupiter - Jupiter gravity earth - Earth gravity mars - Mars gravity moon - Moon gravity cruise control - Enable cruise control cow frags - Display cow frags in Scenario Progress window (F3) beefcake beefcake - All weapons and mods Note: ----- These codes only work in Player's Choice. They are disabled during Scenario and Network play... Read More

Tail of the Sun

 OK, this is a TIP to get some extra stuff at the begining of the game and to keep more people coming. (1) TIP: If you keep going and going south, you will soon come to a River that is kinda like a small pond, if you go a little to the right or left (forgot which way) you will see a Underwater Cave, then go in, keep on going through the Cave (But don't Jump or you will hurt your CaveMan's head) After going a little, you will come to some fruit that will (might) make one Culture Level go up if you get the all. (2) Get more people Quick: If you go south of your village, you will come to the Big Stone Tablets, pick the one called "Fertility" (look in your Booklet to find out which picture Fertility is), this will help increase people in you're tribe in the begining of the game. Now after getting this Tattoo (the picture that was on the stone that appeared on your arm), go and eat A LOT!! And I mean a lot, then you will have lotsa people to start out with.... Read More

U.S. Navy Fighters

 Super plane: Hold Alt + Ctrl + Right Shift and select the "Fly Quick Mission" option. While keeping those keys held, select all the mission options, then select the "Atomic Moth" aircraft. Select "OK" while the keys are still held. Note: This may only be enabled in v1.2 or U.S. Navy Fighter Gold.... Read More

Ultimate Beach Soccer

 Bicycle Kick Hold L until your player flips the ball up, then press B while the ball is in the air. Press A and your player will do a Bicycle Kick or Volley. Submitted by: Tigro... Read More

Power Rangers: Time Force

 Level passwords 2 = DBBR 3 = GCB5 4 = HCB9... Read More


 Misspelled names: The names of players not in the NHL that are on international teams are misspelled. For example, go to "Roster" and select "Finland". "Antti Eeltu" should be "Antti Aalto". It is possible that Sega did not have a license from the other leagues or the Olympics to use their real names. Note: Only vowels are changed. Easy goals: Pass the puck to a fast shooter and check which hand he is using. If he is right-handed, go to the right side of the rink and vice versa. Then, go around the net and immediately when you get to the edge of the post quickly tap X. If done correctly, the puck should go straight through the goalie's legs almost every time. Note: This may take some practice. Also, it is more difficult to perform at the higher skill level. Play against Carolina with Irbe in net or create a bad goaltender and it will be easy to score on him from far away. Best fighters: The best fighters are Rob Ray of the Buffalo Sabres and Zdeno Chara of the Senators. Better celebrat... Read More


 Mega Goods --------------------- Start game and save (remember which slot 0 thru 7). Record amounts of horse, cans, cloth, wood (make sure you use some before saving or your goods mix will look just like all the computer players). Convert amounts to hex (in 4 character groups ... 15 = 000F) Exit from game and use hex editor to search until you find an exact match to your goods. If you search for a code string of 3 or 4 goods you'll get to the right address quicker. The sequence of goods amounts in the hex editor is as follows: cotton wool timber coal iron horse blank cans cloth wood xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx paper steel blank shirt chair hammer cannon grain fruit meat xxxx xxxx 0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx when you find the match, go ahead and edit your values. there is some maximum value you can set (you can use at least upto 05FF (1535) The address locations appear to change after each save but the order is the same If you use this along with the mo... Read More

Perfect Dark

 Gameshark Codes: Infinite Health 012530c0 Infinite Ammo First Person 010fe6ff Infinite Health First Person View 012500d9 -- 012580d7 Infinite Shotgun Ammo 010f52db -- 010f10db Spider Boss 1 Hit Kill! 010054d5 Infinite 6-YYY Ammo 010f10db Infinite Falcon 2 Ammo 010f04db Transfer Pak Cheats Use your Gameboy version of Perfect Dark to unlock four cheats on your N64 version of Perfect Dark. Use a Transfer Pak and download your information from the Gameboy version to the N64 version. This will make four cheats available. You'll unlock: Cloaking Device Hurricane Fists R-Tracker All Guns in Solo mode... Read More

Mechwarrior 2

 Invincibility: Enter ##X0/A> Cruise control throttle: Enter #AXO/A4TTA as a password. The name of a Mech will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Jump jets: Enter #YX0/A>Y0L as a password. The name of a Mech will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Extra weapons variants: Enter T#XO/AXUnlimited ammunition: Enter TOX0/AX>TU as a password. The name of a Mech will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Slower overheating: Enter #XXO/A4>Y+ as a password. The name of a Mech will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.Heat from the weapons will build up slower, allowing them to be fired faster without overheating. "Elemental" Mech chassis: Enter T/XO/AZ"Tarantula" Mech chassis: Enter #/XO/A4 No weight limit: Enter #0X0/A>>0/ as a password. The name of a Mech will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. All missions: Enter T Passwords: Clan Wolf: 1 T#00A0X++0 2 #/00A04+0# 3 T/00A0Z+T= 4 #000A0>4LA 5 T000/0X4L> 6 #X00/044LA 7 TX00/0Z4UT 8 #Y00/0>U#/ 9 TY00=0XU10 #A00=04ULL 11 TA0... Read More

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

 Classic Centipede game Successfully complete the game to unlock the classic Centipede game at the "Atari Games" menu. Note: If it is not unlocked as soon as you complete the game, restart your Xbox, reload your game, and recheck the "Atari Games" menu. Classic Missile Command game In the vet's office on level 13, walk into the small office on the far right side. Approach the computer and press A to play the classic Missile Command game. Then, successfully complete the level to unlock the game at the "Atari Games" menu.... Read More

Desert Strike Advance

 Extra lives: Enter BS9JS27 as a password to begin a campaign with ten lives. Ending sequence: Enter F9N5CJ8 as a password. Level Password 2 3ZJMZT7 3 K32L82R 4 JR8P8M8... Read More

Resident Evil Gaiden

 99 ammunition: You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. (twelfth save point). Intentionally die when fighting B.O.W. and use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and repeat this until you have 99 ammunition. You can also get other bullets in these locations. Power control room (grenade rounds) Boiler room (rocket launcher ammo) First class cabin (gas launcher rounds)... Read More

NBA ShootOut 2001

 Always make shot Pause the game and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Game music Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.... Read More


 Cheat Mode: ----------- Enter one of the passwords below to activate the it's listed cheat function. Function - Password -------------------------------------------- Add fish to background graphics - FISH Scrolling message to introduction - SCROLLY Level - Password ---------------- 1 - ONE 2 - QUICKONE 3 - BILLYGOATSGRUFF 4 - QUALITYEAT 5 - ASPROUT 6 - EATYOURGRANNIES 7 - ARGHTAXMAN 8 - IFYOUDLIKE 9 - INCHNAILS 10 - THOUSANDMANIACS 11 - DINOSAURS 12 - THEMALSORTSEH 13 - ITSALLTOOTRAGIC 14 - REMEMBERGYRINUS 15 - ONEANDFIVE 16 - LEAVESCHOOLAT 17 - TOTHEPOUND 18 - TWOYEARSAGO 19 - IWASTHEN 20 - IAMNOW 21 - IWILLBESOON 22 - NUXICAHTBEBEATEN 23 - SENDMEMONEY 24 - ASEQUELSURE 25 - NINISSMART 26 - MEATBALLS 27 - SUNFLOWERS 28 - VECTORSBLEURGH 29 - FOOTHILLS 30 - SURFERS 31 - KNICKERSTOYOU 32 - DONTPHONETHE 33 - USAITSVERY 34 - EXPENSIVE 35 - EIGHTEENDAYSLEFT 36 - DOLPHINSEVERYWHERE 37 - MERCURY 38 - BAGELS 39 - LYSDEXIC 40 - SEENCYCLOIDS 41 - MOLUSCS 42 - ULTIMATEANSWER 43 - WATERLILLIES 44 -... Read More

Populous II

 Infinite Mana Go to the world options menu and under special codes enter: ITCHY SCALP. Press return or enter then go back in the game and press m to increase your mana.... Read More

Power Rangers: Wild Force

 Skip credits After you complete the game press all the buttons to skip the credits. Level - Password - Alternate: City Of Turtle Cove - LMSBT - LQSMP Ghost Town Turtle Cove Park - 34SBT - MQSPS Factory Turtle Dyne Laboratory - M39BB - 5Q9PT Turtle Cove Harbor - N59BF - N79PB Cruise Ship - PPSBG - 6Q9PB Temple Ruins Jungle - 7P9CJ - P79PC Animarium - !7SMD... Read More

Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

 Critters 'n Columns Mini-game Give Gillbarker four sea urchins to play this mini-game. Play and record songs while the sponges dance Go to the carnival organ. Stage show Click on the notepad at Rosie Pearl to select an act.... Read More

Super Star Soldier

 Cheat mode: Press Left, II, Up, II, Right, II, Down, II, Left, I, Up, I, Right, I, Down, I, [I + II] eight times, [I + Selec eight times at the title screen. Level selection, difficulty selection, playing field width and other extra options will be available.... Read More

Aliens Vs Predator

 Level select: Hold L + R + X + A on controller two, then press Start on controller one at the options menu.... Read More



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