Nicky Boom

 LevelCodes. ----------- 2 : MEDIT 3 : KRATTY 4 : MIRATES 5 : ARRAX 6 : JANIR 7 : TRINOS 8 : SIXAN... Read More

Hunt For The Red Baron

 Defeating the Red Baron You can only defeat the Red Baron on level 25. Cheat mode Successfully complete the game to unlock a special option for cheats in the "Goodies" screen. You can become invincible, get a booster, and have unlimited rockets and bombs. When you have booster and bombs both activated, hold [Boos, drop a bomb, and release [Boos. Your bomb will travel faster than a rocket, and will go long distances. The trick to defeating him is not to shoot him down. Allow the Red Baron to get behind you. He is usually the second bogey you encounter. Go into vertical climb, then when you hit the ceiling, go into a nose dive (the more vertical the better). The Red Baron will follow. Immediately before you hit the ground, pull up. The Red Baron, being under-powered, will crash ending the game. Fly over the clouds Climb until your plane cannot fly higher. Turn off the engine, then quickly pull up on the stick slightly. Land on water The game will allow you to land on water.... Read More


 Level Password 2-1 ---Cross, X, Moon, Cross 3-1 ---Vertical Lines, Vertical Lines, Maze, Swirl 4-1 ---X, Moon, Triangles, Cross 5-1 ---Triangles, Triangles, Moon, Vertical Lines 6-1 ----Swirl, Maze, Cross, Triangles... Read More

AMF Bowling 2004

 Easy strike Create a ball and make it a 16 pounder with 14.6 hook. Give the ball to a right-handed bowler. When you are in the open bowling at Hollywood, target between the second and third arrows. Stand slightly to the right of the middle or third arrow to the right. Throw as hard as you can and wait until it comes back up. Hook it one line under what you throw. This will get you 8 pines left, 9 pines left, or a strike.... Read More

Captain Commando

 Special running attack: Press and hold the D-pad twice in the same direction to run. Jump and attack while running to do a special attack that does more damage without using energy.... Read More

Warrior Kings

 Unlimited Resources The save game file is in text format. Open the save game of your choice using Wordpad. Press Edit and select Find: The file is too big to manually get to where you want. Type "MOTHER" in the find box and click ok. Scroll down 10 or so lines until you find the lines that tell you: FOOD WOOD GOLD Edit the values just how you like them. Save the file and reload the game.... Read More

WET - The Sexy Empire

 Money Hex-Cheat: To get 16 Millions, load a savegame and change the Offsets 6C - 6E to FF... Read More

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

 Status Password Victor's Mansion - VCTRMNSN Alexander Nevsky on ship - ZNDRNVSK... Read More

Burnout 2: Point Of Impact

 Cheat mode: Unlock any cheat and the "Cheat Mode" selection will appear at the options screen. Note: Races will not be counted as wins with any cheat activated. Face Off: Win all the face offs in the first championship. Easy boost You can get a boost easier by doing drifts. However press Square, drift, then keep tapping Square for a better chance of not crashing. Invulnerability: Complete all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals to unlock the "Invulnerability" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. All cheats unlocked Use a memory card with a saved game from Burnout with free mode unlocked. Start Burnout 2 and load that game. Fast and first When you begin any race, press the X and keep sliding your thumb onto the Circle button while keeping your thumb on the X and that will make smoke at the back of your car. When they say GO you must get the timming right at if you keep on doing that your car will get a nice fresh start! (don't understand? e-mail me at subm... Read More

3D Desert Run

 Cheatmenu: To activate the cheat menu you need to start the program and click on the 'settings' button. Then, in the setting screen, hold down the left shift key and the left ctrl key together and click the 'cancel' button (while still holding the keys down). This will then bring up the cheat screen where you can select the various cheat modes.... Read More

World League Soccer

 Real player names ----------------- Select the English league, choose a team, then enter the player edit screen. Change the first player's name to TEAMTWO. A hidden "Default 2" option will be displayed. Enable this option for real player names in the game and commentary... Read More


 Cheats Press [Esc] during game play, then type one of the following codes at a constant pace to activate the corresponding cheat: Effect Code Bob is invincible ucantkillme Disable invincibility fleshnblood AI disabled braindead AI enabled einstein AI vision disabled icantsee AI vision enabled icanseeu Camera is fixed freezecam Camera is free thawcam End current game toohardforme Character wireframe enabled charwireon Character wireframe disabled charwireoff World wireframe enabled worldwireon World wireframe disabled worldwireoff Polygon count enabled onpolycount Polygon count disabled offpolycount Spawn Armored Behemoth mynightmare Spawn Barman bestfriend Spawn Bazooka voodooextreme Spawn Bazooka bigbang Spawn Behemoth onsteroids Spawn Bouncer letmein Spawn Buzzsaw buzzbuzz Spawn Chot 1 smellyguy Spawn Chot 2 nohygiene Spawn Chot 3 idontdance Spawn Chot 4 scumbucket Spawn Chot Behemoth smellysteroids Spawn Chot Dwarf chotling Spawn Companion Bot keepmecompany Spawn Dancer 1 bustamove ... Read More

Deer Hunter II

 All weapons Type “dh all gun” during game. Fall season Type “dh fall” during game. Follow deer Type “dh2circle” during game. Rain Type “dh rain” during game. Snow Type “dh snow” during game. Spawn a deer Type “dh2shoot” during game.... Read More

Addams Family Values

 Extra lives: After losing the game, press Left at the "Continue" screen to enter a hidden room that contains four extra lives.... Read More

San Francisco Rush

 Drive the UFO ------------- To get the UFO go to the Car Select Screen and hold R1+R2+L1+L2, keep holding these buttons at the transmission screen then press X. As soon as you're done with that, press and hold TRIANGLE until the race and then you should have the UFO. Secret Cars ----------- After selecting your vehicle, hold L1+L2 until the race begins for a miniature truck. For a european vehicle, hold R1+R2 until the game begins. For more cars, beat the game in one-player Grand Prix mode. Start a new game in any mode and press CIRCLE to reveal the bonus cars.... Read More

Die Hard Trilogy

 God mode[Sent by Burg 14] While playing the game with the building press start for pause and hold R2 then push right, up, down, square. Unlimited ammo with all guns[Sent by Burg 14] Push pause while playing the building and hold R2 then push right, up, down, down, square, right. Fat mode[Sent by Burg 14] Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press right, square, square, down. Skeleton mode[Sent by Burg 14] Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press triangle 10 times, and right 4 times. Floating enemies[Sent by Burg 14] Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press down, square, triangle, down. Cheats[Marcus van de Ven] u=up,l=left,d=down,r=right,x=x,o=circle,b=box,t=triangle DIE HARD 1 Level Skip=d,o,l,b,u,b,l, now press start on controller 2 to acsess a level skip:Press right to cycle through the levels. Invicible Mode=r,u,d,b. Unlimited Ammo=r,u,d,d,b,r. 50 grenades=r,b,d,o. Skeletin Mode=t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,r,r,r,r. Silly Mode d,o,o,d,t,d now th... Read More

Patrician 2

 Unlimited money: Start the game with two ships. Give both of the ships to pirates, found in taverns. Then, go to the loan officer and start taking out loans with the money the pirates give you. You can do this for as long as desired.... Read More

Contra: Legacy of War

 Bonus Game In stage 2 go to a little house at the end of the stage and enter it. Stand in front of the game machines to play an older version of Contra. FX Test At the title screen press Y, Down, L, R, Up to bring up an "FX Test Mode" screen. Hidden Game #1 At the title screen press Y, Down, Up, L, R, Left. Hidden Game #2 At the title screen press Y, Down, Up, L, R, Right. Level Select At the title screen press Y, Down, Up, R, L, L, R. Movie Test At the title screen press Y, Down, Up, L, R, Down. Unlimited Continues At the title screen press Y, Down, Up, L, R, R, L.... Read More

Final Blaster

 Sound test: Hold Down + Select + I + II and press Run at the title screen.... Read More

Lego Drome Racers

 Quick start: Hold A when the "1" appears during the pre-race countdown to get a quick start.... Read More



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