Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

 To use these codes, press ENTER while playing, type in the desired code, then press ENTER again. STORMBILLY Gives you a powerful robot CONVERT THIS! - Gives you a very powerful priest BIG MOMMA - Sportscar with a nuke launcher POW - Baby on a tricyle with a super gun KING ARTHUR - Turns the eagle into a dragon (no effect on the game) POW BIG MAMA - BabyPrez (Baby on trike) GRANTLINKSPENCE - Turns animals into Animal Kings. DIEDIEDIE - All opponents die RESIGN - You resign REVEAL MAP - Reveal the whole map PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gain 1000 food COINAGE - Gain 1000 gold WOODSTOCK - Gain 1000 wood QUARRY - Gain 1000 stone PHOTON MAN - Creates a nuke trooper GAIA - Lets you control the animals, but not your men HARI KARI - Commit suicide FLYING DUTCHMAN - Catapult ships can go on land NO FOG - Removes fog of war STEROIDS - Buildings and people are created instantly BIGDADDY - Fast car with a rocket launcher KILLX - Kill player X HOMERUN - Win the current scenario BIG BERTHA - Heavy catapults are... Read More

Re-Volt [Car & Track Cheat]

 Cheat codes Enter these codes on the name wheel. carnival-all cars changeling-change car mid-race(page up or down) drinkme-smaller cars joker-opponents cars look like your model in mutiplayer games makeitgood-enables in-game editors sadist-select weapons in game with right shift tracker-unlock all tracks tvtime-enables F6 and F5 cameras in game urco-ufo selectable Unlock Clock Carnage mode To unlock Clock Carnage Mode, obtain all the stars in the Stunt Arena Mode... Read More

Gradius 3

 Arcade mode: Enter the option menu from the title screen. Highlight the "Game Level" selection and rapidly tap A until the "Game Level" text changes to "Arcade". Press Start(2), to begin an arcade mode game. Random weapons: Select a game mode from the option screen, then press Start to enter the weapon selection screen. Press R to enter the edit mode. Press X, Y, X(2), Y(2), X, Y for a random selection. Extended demonstration mode: Hold A button at the title screen. The demonstration mode will continue until reaching the Boss. Twenty-nine lives: Hold Left and press A(3) at the title screen. Then, press Start to begin game play. Extra credits: Rapidly tap X at the title screen until the total number of credits approaches eight. Press Start to begin the game before the title screen disappears. Start with up to nine credits: Note: This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. Put the L, X, and Y buttons on auto-fire at the screen with the "Options", "1 Player", and "2 Player"... Read More

King Of The Road

 Cheat mode Press [Pause/Break] to pause game play. Then, type slallcheats to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes in brake mode to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code - Effect sllottery - 50,000 and one license slroads - All roads unlocked slmap - All hidden containers on map visible slrepair - Press [Backspace] for free repair slrecover - Press [Ctrl] + 5 for a free recovery slfillup - Unlimited fuel mineoff - No mines slturbine - Press [Ctrl] + 1, 2, 3, or 4 for more thrust in various directions... Read More

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

 Level Select and More For access to level select and more, enter the password "DAVIDL" and go to the Options screen. If that doesn't work, highlight OPTIONS, hold A + C and press Start, then go to the OPTIONS screen.... Read More


 Cheatcodes Enter debug mode and type one of the following console commands. Some of these commands are flags, as in they must be followed with a 0 or 1. NAME GOD GIVEALL EXIT SHOWWEAPON SERVER FOV MSENSITIVITY MAP JOIN MSMOOTH TPP PLAYERPREDICTION CAMERAINTERPOLATION HUDSIZE QUIT FRAGLIMIT CROSSHAIR TIMELIMIT SPEEDMETER BULLETTIME POS ROT DIDELTASCALE WEAPONSPECULAR USEDINPUT Various Cheats To insert codes, press the tilde key (~) to bring down the console. These codes only work in daydream or insomnia modes. PKGOD - toggle 'god mode' on/off PKALWAYSGIB - toggle 'excessive gibbage' on/off PKAMMO - full ammo PKDEMON - toggle 'demon morph' on/off PKGOLD - lots of gold PKHASTE - toggle 'haste' on/off PKKEEPBODIES - toggle 'bodies will never disappear' on/off PKKEEPDECALS - toggle 'decals will never disappear' on/off PKPOWER - full ammo/health PKWEAKENEMIES - toggle 'enemies get 1 hp' on/off PKWEAPONMODIFIER - toggle 'weapon modifier mode' on/off PKWEAPONS - gives all weapons WEAPONSPECULA... Read More

Colin Mcrea Rally

 DARKSIDE - drive all stages at night BACKAGAIN - drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start) FREEWAY - dnlock all stages PASSEDOUT - give Nicky control WHITEOUT - race all tracks in fog PRESSFAST - pedal power CHOIRBOY - give Nicky a squeaky voice SPECIALED - replay transition mode ROCKETMAN - turbo boost BIGGUNs - double power TURNBACK - forklift steer ALIENGOO - jelly car... Read More

Spider-Man 2

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Empire Earth : Art Of Conquest

 Cheat codes To get the following codes to work, press ENTER during gameplay, enter the cheat at the prompt, then press ENTER again. These codes only work on Random Map mode Code - Effect: 100,000 of all resources - all your base are belong to us 1000 more gold - atm 1000 more wood - you said wood 1000 more rock - rock&roll 1000 more iron - creatine 1000 more food - boston food sucks Display all codes - display cheat Free upgrade to lvl.10 for all units (not citizens) - the quotable patella Full map - asus drivers Full map and all resources - my name is methos Instant building and research - brainstorm Lose game - ahhhcool No resources - the big dig No gold - boston rent No wood - uh, smoke? No food - slimfast No iron - girlyman No rock - mine your own business Planes refueled in mid-air - friendly skies Remove objects from map - headshot Restore energy to selected Prophet/Hero/Mana user - i have the power View fish and animals - columbus Win game - somebody set up us the bomb Unknown -... Read More

Fiddler on the Roof

 Find the play version of the movie. Using the 'Special Features' side of the disc, go to "The Stories of Sholom Aleichem" and highlight it. Press right to see a yellow fiddler on the roof appear. Press enter to hear a third story which was originally in the play version of "Fiddler on the Roof".... Read More

Transworld Surf

 Paddle faster During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Square, Down, Down. Shark surfing During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Right, Square, Down. Invisible board During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Square, Left, Square, Up. Full special During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Square, Down, Square, Up. Master code During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Up, Square, Down, Down, Square, Left, Left, Square, Right, Right, Square, Up, Square, Left, Square, Down, Square, Right, Square, Up, Up, Square, L1. Cheat mode: Press Select, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, L1. No HUD: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Right. Alternate colors: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left. Paddle faster: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, ... Read More

Heroes Of Might And Magic 4: The Gathering Storm

 Cheat mode Press [Tab] during game play and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code - Effect: nwcambrosia - Free materials nwcgosolo - Auto game play nwcares - Win combat nwcachilles - Lose combat nwcathena - Gain skill nwcthoth - Increase level nwcisis - Learn spells nwcragnarok - Lose scenario nwcvalhalla - Win scenario nwchermes - Unlimited movement nwcsphinx - Reveal puzzle map nwcsacrificetothegods - Maximum luck nwcpan - Maximum morale nwccityoftroy - Build all structures nwcimagod - Access cheat menu nwcprometheus - Shroud FOV nwchephaestus - Elven chainmail nwcettubrute - Dagger Of Despair nwcexcalibur - Ring Of Greater Negation nwcnibelungenlied - Sword Of The Gods nwctristram - Crusaders nwclancelot - Champions nwcstmichael - Angels nwcsevenlittleguys - Dwarves nwcmerlin - Magi nwccronus - Titans nwcblahblah - Vampires nwchades - Devils nwcunderthebridge - Trolls nwckingminos - Minotaur nwcxanthus - Nightmares nwcfafnir - Black Drag... Read More


 Type in the following code during gameplay: BOSTON STRANGLER-Teleport to Lodge 2nd level BRUCE-Combat God mode CHARLES MANSON-Teleport to end of the 3rd level DUSTIN-Teleport to Lodge HELTER SKELTER-Teleport to Lodge 3rd level MURDERER-Gain weapons SON OF SAM-Gain inventory items... Read More

Ends Of The Earth 2

 Cheat mode: Try to go up the stairwell you came out of in the first castle, where the game started. The game will not allow you to ascend. Press [F11], then go all the way to the left of the screen. A screen will appear with cheat mode options. Note: You may have to move a spot or two in the corner to find the correct location. No clipping: Press [F11] during game play to walk through walls, walk on water, walk over lava, and walk past other obstacles. Restore health: After defeating one of the element creatures in the Element Trials hut, talk to "?????????" (the black figure) to get your party's life restored. Hint: Quick level ups and extra money: As soon as you exit the first castle (the one you started in), go straight down and you will see a peak of land. Enter into the water where the longest part of the peak ends. You will fight Death (which is an easy battle). Note: To restock, go back into the water and you will not have to fight Death again. Hint: The Sword of the Gods: After... Read More

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

 Beat the First Boss This is a very easy way to defeat the first episode boss. Inside the room the boss is in, there are two tripwires. One closes the door, the other brings the boss. When you walk in turn around so youre facing the door. When the door starts to close, use steroids to run past it. Now you can open the door and it wont close. Trigger the boss and run behind the shelfs for cover. Hopefully he will follow you out the door. Duck down and shoot his head. He is too stupid to run away. Beat the Third Boss For extra hits on the third boss, try this. When you start the level you'll ride up an elevator. If you have a jetpack, fly up instead. The boss and enemies won't move or attack until the elevator comes up. Cheat Codes While playing, type any of these codes to get the desired effect. Code Effect dnkroz God mode dncornholio Same as above dnhype r Instant steroids! dnclip Walk through SOME walls dnstuff All keys, ammo, weapons, and items dnitems Full armor and all keys dnkeys A... Read More

Duel: War of the Mages

 Tip 1 ----- If you have a Power Point, settle about 7 Elves around it (they are cheap and in a big number the best weapon) and put a fountain of life next to the power point. Add a lightning-totem and you have a good defence. Tip 2 ----- At the beginning: make a bat to see what's on the map and go with it fast on empty Power Points. Tip 3 ----- If you have many Power Points and you want to destroy the other mage, seek him by placing creatures around the map. When found, use the FAST spell, go there and Fireball him or Lighning or summon the green stuff which keeps him standing on his place and summon dozens of elves. Tip 4 ----- When getting attacked by many creatures, take your elves targetting the most dangerous one (all on one). Tip 5 ----- Destroy enemy totems with lightning bolts (cheap and good) Tip 6 ----- After the first levels, don't waste time searching for food; time is an important key to win most battles. The healing spell is important in most levels and quite cheap. Tip 7... Read More

Might Magic

 New items: Begin a game, create a part at the Sorpigal Inn, then select the "Camp" option. Use the "Trade" option to place all of the clubs into the lead character's inventory. Go to the Blacksmith's shop and buy any item except a club. Place the item in the sixth inventory slot. Select the "Use" command and choose the lead character. Press A when the "Equip" command appears. Select an empty slot in the inventory and press B. The screen will flash and the selected item will change. Repeat this procedure to change the item again. For example, a small shield will change into Bracers AC8, which will in turn change into Ultimate Plate Armor.... Read More

Queer as Folk: Season One

 Hidden Deleted Scene On disc 6 of the Queer as Folk Series 1 Box-set, select the [BONUS FEATURES] option from the [Main Menu]. Under the heading [MEET THE FOLK], there are 3 options. 1. Characters, 2. Actors and 3. Production Team. Select [CHARACTERS] and you'll see all the main character's names. Select Michael Novotny. The option [Video Clip] will be highlighted. There will be a heading on top of the screen that reads "Michael Novotny THE BOY NEXT DOOR". You'll find that if you press the [Up] arrow on your remote, the heading MICHAEL NOVOTNY will be highlighted as an option. Hit [Enter] to view a deleted scene of Michael... Read More

Queen: Greatest Video Hits 2

 Alternate Versions There are two alternate versions of "Who Wants to Live Forever", one hidden on each disc: On disc one, when the picture sleeve for "Who wants..." appears on the screen, press [Enter] on your remote. This will automatically take you to an alternative video of the song featuring both the band and scenes from the "Highlander" film. On disc two, at the [Main Menu], select [Hot Spaces]. From that menu, move the cursor to [Play All], press [Up], [Lef, [Righ. This will play another version of "Who wants..", this time with the living members of Queen, and two young vocalists.... Read More


 Firstly, press and hold Shift + Ctrl + C on the main screen to open the CHEATS option. On the Cheats Screen, type one of the following: GLOBAL - All tracks are selectable DEV 6 - All cars are selectable RACE CORPS - All seasons are selectable in Championship Mode Other Version --------------------- Enter one of the following codes at the main menu to activate the corresponding cheat function: All Cars - itsasmallworld All Tracks - kcolnu All open - zrakhted Cheats Submitted by NightRaider... Read More



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