Emperors New Groove, The

 City: Secret and coins In the City, chapter 2, after knocking the man who throws the barrels at you off the tower, charge him again to get the Idol. Then, karate jump kick him as you did with spiders to get a secret and some coins.... Read More

Tekken 2

 Alternative Colors This code works with all of the characters. To choose a different uniform for your character highlight the character you want and press the button at the top right.... Read More


 Singapore track Enter "26241" as a code. Sydney track Enter "83424" as a code. Jojo car Enter "06254" as a code. Kera car Enter "16175" as a code. Skye car Enter "12711" as a code. Vinnie car Enter "17993" as a code. Intermediate difficulty Enter "41966" as a code. Intermediate difficulty and bonus car Enter "32906" as a code. Intermediate difficulty, bonus track, bonus car Enter "63068" as a code. Expert difficulty Enter "74883" as a code. Expert difficulty, bonus track, bonus car Enter "45120" as a code.... Read More

Official X-Box Magazine Disk #38

 Unlock The Easter Egg Demo Go to the playable demos screen. On the demo screen, hold down the left trigger and press A, Up, X, Y, Left, Right, B, B, Down, Down, Y, Left, X, Right, A, Up, Down, and release the left trigger to unlock The Incredible Easter Egg Demo.... Read More

Mob Rule

 To access the cheat mode, start a game and while selecting which team color to play, you type any one of the cheat codes below and press return. If you have typed it correctly you will hear a beep. This can be repeated for however many of the codes you wish to trigger. Then, when within the game, you can toggle the cheat modes which you have selected on/off by pressing the C key. Each cheat code enables different elements of cheating: speed364 --------Allow speed up game in network mode worker928 -------Allow buying of workers at any time pickup036 -------Allow picking up of enemy beacons weapons563----- Allow buying of any weapon for gangster tenants872 -------Allow selection of any tenant at any time loans458 ---------Allow borrowing of any amount with bank estates216 -------Allow buying of an estate without conditions Hints: Money Trick Enable the "borrow any amount" code. Borrow up to $21,475,000. The BANK WILL PAY the player $214,756 each month instead of the player havi... Read More

WWE - Divas Undressed

 Bonus Footage On the [Main Menu] of the disc, highlight the [Extras] menu and press [Enter]. Next, scroll [Down] the list until you get to [Torrie vs. Stacy], highlight this selection and press the [Righ arrow button. You will then see a brief brawl between Torrie Wilson (in her bra and panties) and Nidia backstage. Go to the [Extras] menu. Scroll [Down] and highlight [Trish vs. Terri]. Once you highlight this, press the [Lef arrow button. You will then see a scene with Nidia making out with WWE announcer Michael Cole.... Read More

Shallow Hal

 Tail Demonstration In [Language Selection], press [Down] to [Captions & Subtitles], highlight [English] and then press [Lef. This will highlight the shadow behind Jason Alexander, press [Enter]. This will take you to a quick demonstration of the "Tail" by the special effects team.... Read More

CIA Operative: Solo Missions

 Cheat mode: Start game with solomisons.exe -console command line. Press ~ during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press ~ or [Esc] to close the console window and resume game play. Effect - Code God mode - god Flight mode - fly Disable enemy AI - notarget No clipping mode - noclip Level select - map x Set game speed; default is 1 - timescale View credits - endgame... Read More


 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

F-117 A Stealth Fighter

 Cheat mode: Enter 4093CB1# as a password. Return to the main menu, highlight the "Theater" option and press Select. Press Up or Down on the world map to select any mission. Additionally, invincibility will be enabled when game play begins.... Read More

Baseball Simulator

 Remove CPU super skills: Use a time out when the CPU selects a super skill. Select the "Pitch Hitter" or "Relief Pitcher" options, then cancel. The CPU's super skill will disappear when game play resumes.... Read More

Bump N Jump

 Hidden road: Jump off to the side and land outside the screen to find a hidden road. This also may result in landing on the opposite side of the screen.... Read More

Terra Cresta 2

 Full power: Pause game play and press [Up, Down, Left, Righ three times, II, I. Note: This code may only be enabled once per game. Bonus ships: Pause game play, hold Up and press II, I, I, II. Then, hold Down and press I, II, II, I. Level select: Hold II and press Run ten times at the "Formation Select" screen Use Left or Right to select the starting level.... Read More

Fatal Racing

 Cheatcodes Enter any of these codes on the main configuration as the player name to enable the cheat/feature... LOVEBUN -Secret Car MAYTE - " TINKLE - " SUICYCO - " 2X4B523P -Secret Car FORMULA 1 -Access Second Cars SUPERMAN -Destruction Mode DR DEATH -Invincible Human Cars GOLDBOY -Premier Cup MREPRISE -Bonus Cup CUP WON -See End Sequence I WON -See Race Win ROLL EM -See Credits DUEL -Killer Opponent TOPTUNES -Alternative Sounds Enter No Name -Black & White Mode CINEMA -Widescreen Mode REMOVE -Remove cheats TACHYONS -Speed up the game to a stupid rate YOTARACE -Double size track FREAKY -Wild colors Secret cars: There are five secret cars in the game. The MAYTE code allows you go to top speed and stay there, as long as you hold the cheat button. The SUICYCO code allows you to cause the car nearest and in range to explode when the cheatbutton is pressed . However, if you run into it too soon, it will act like a normal car: you will bounce back. The TINKLE code allows you to cause the ca... Read More


 Practical Joke Piece Go to [Predator Special/FX]. Press [Down] until [Main Menu] is highlighted. Press [Lef on remote once and there will be an icon highlighted. Press [Selec. This will show a short feature on a practical joke. Hidden Documentary on Toilet Runs Insert disc two. Go the the [Photo Gallery]. Cycle through to the sixteenth photo (a shot of Hawkins with his glasses on his head). Use your remote to highlight the predator targeting triangle on the right hand side. Click on it to get an hilarious hidden documentary about the cast having to run to the toilet between shots after drinking the water in Mexico! Hidden Featurette Insert disc two. Press [Enter] on [Inside the Predator]. Select the first featurette. Press [Up] (you should see the laser cursor move up into an empty space near the page title). Press [Enter] and another featurette on Jesse Ventura will begin.... Read More

Sim Girl

 Extra money and high stats: Enter testbug as a name to get $99,999 dollars and high stats. Real ending: To get the real ending on the real game, enter 105783 as a password. Hidden fight mode for free relationship points: To get free relationship points without too much work, go to the pub, click "Easy", then click the second option. There is not anything there, but if you click it you will fight the two enemies that are trying to take your girl. Repeat this at least twelve times and you should have 6,000 relationship points. Get your SimGirl in thirteen days: Start with Strength 28, Knowledge 1, and Charm 1. Train at the swimming pool solidly twice a day until Friday Day 12, increasing your Strength and Charm and gaining money. As a rough guide, provided you are using Hyper Hentai mode properly, you will need Strength 30 to win a Grade C race, Strength 60 to win Grade B, and Strength 120 to win Grade A. You will need lots of coffee and hankies. You can get free coffee (and medicine) by... Read More

Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle

 Level Passwords Caverns FLTYWTRS Volcano GNGDWN Prison SLTHHRNG Prison 2 BNGDNSD Wilderness SWNGRBTS Scourge SWPNGBLW... Read More

NFL Quarterback Club

 More teams Just use this code to get the teams listed. Jaguars & Panthers......A,B,C,C,B,A,A,C. Aclaim & Iguana.........B,C,A,C,A,B,C,C,A. NFC & AFC...............C,C,B,A,C,A,B,B,C. All teams...............A,B,C,B,A,C,B,C,A... Read More


 Level Codes: 1 - XTBQ 6 - JRNP 11 - LSFH 16 - ZMWK 21 - BCQX 26 - DGPR 31 - KXQC 36 - BZKG 41 - GNPW 46 - VJLF... Read More





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