Riot Police

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Monaco Grand Prix

 Big Glitch If you go into the pit and back into the dugout wall and press acceloration right before you hit it, your car will be launched. Tips If you want to go fast with this game, you must first learn how to go slow. Forget any Dukes of Hazzard driving techniques that you may have picked up with other arcade racing titles, because an itchy gas or brake finger will get you into serious trouble here. When approaching a corner, establish how deeply you can dive in without locking up the brakes, and then get on the binders firmly and consistently at that same spot every time around. When exiting the turn, squeeze on the throttle gently from the apex onward and pay close attention to any wheelspin you may be generating. Powersliding out of a turn may feel fast, but it will only end up costing you valuable speed on the ensuing straightaway. Feel free to turn Traction Control on at the configuration menu without sacrificing too much realism. The simulation overdoes it a little with its whe... Read More

Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon

 Secret pilot names For Char Aznable enter "Kyasubaru" and you will be able to play as Char Aznable. For Sayla Mass enter "Aruteishia" and you will be able to play as Sayla Mass. NOTE: you have to type the names in katakana To play as Char: Delete all letters in name and press enter, Char's name will appear. To Play as Ortega: Press Default in the name entering screen and Ortega's name will appear. To Play as Slegger: Delete all Letters in the name and press enter, Sleggar will appear. To play as Sayla: Press Default in name entering screen and Sayla will appear. Unlock "Extra" Mode Complete both the Federation and Zeon campaigns. Either have Autosave enabled, or save the game from the ''Game Options'' menu. After that is done, select ''Campaign Mode'' from the main menu. In addition to ''New'' and ''Load'', there will be an optioned titled ''Extra''. You can play either campaign in extra mode; the missions are tougher and you begin with all Mobile Suits available. However, if you are d... Read More

Take Command: 1861 The Civil War

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Carnivores: Cityscape

 Cheat Codes While playing, press F1 or ~ for console. Type one of the following cheatcodes. Cheat Code - Result please refresh - Recover Health please god - God Mode please open - Open All Doors please fly - Flight Mode please ghost - No Clipping Mode please giveall - All Items please killall - Kill All Enemies please invisible - Invisibility... Read More

Top Gun: Combat Zones

 Cheat mode Enter "SHPONGLE" as a name to unlock all aircraft and levels. Note: The effects of the code will be disabled if the game is saved. Anti-aircraft guns Flying close to the ground causes the anti-aircraft guns to overshoot your plane. They cannot fire below a certain point due to the risk of hitting their own men. Aircraft On all levels that contain multiple aircraft bogies, the best solution is to wipe out all aircraft by flying low to the ground, then pulling up on the stick to get a missile lock to destroy them. Take one bogie out at a time, then fly back close to the ground and start the process all over again.... Read More

Screamer Rally

 Simply type the following cheat code at the main menu: TRAMO - All Tracks CARBO - All Cars LEALL - All Leagues  ... Read More

Spider-Man And Venom: Separation Anxiety

 Level select: Enter SCBCRS as a password. Press Start to pause game play to display the level selection screen. Note: The game cannot be completed normally when this code is enabled. Expert mode: Enter MRRYPN as a password. Secret areas: Move to the top left of level 1 and punch at this location to warp. Find the gold fountain on level 8. Stand towards the middle and left of the screen and throw an opponent toward the left side. In the police station as Spider-Man, go to the very last door. Climb your web directly in front of it and drop down to find the secret room. Note: Hold Up when dropping down. At the beginning of level 2, do a jump kick at the upper left hand corner of the screen to reach a secret room. Level Password 5 DCCPMH 11 MDRKJP 17 STSPPC 16 QPMJCV... Read More

Imperialism 2: The Age Of Exploration

 Unlimited ammunition: Press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Lef [Righ [Lef [Lef [Aim] at the main menu. Balanced resources: Hold [Ctrl] and click on the globe at the new game screen, then type Pippin. The red country will begin the game with balanced resources.... Read More

Kidou Senshi Gundam Z: AEUG Vs. Titans

 Ride a plane First choose VS mode and make no computer just 2 players.then choose G-Defenser as you and GMII as the player 2 then choose the background you like,start the game,when the game start, turn off G-defenser engine(by pressing R2),then land on the ground.After that,use the GMII to fly on the G-denfenser(you must be on the back of the plane).Then press X button and fly as high as you can. Note:choose the background have less building, choose a smaller mobile suit as player 2 submitted by: sam Quebeley mobile suit: Reach level 9 and defeat Quebeley after getting a "Daijou" rank. EX mode: Successfully complete mission mode as AEUG and Titans. G-Defender mobile suit: Successfully complete arcade mode with the Super Gundam. Psycho Gundam mobile suit: Defeat Psycho Gundam in any arcade mode level.... Read More

Road Rash 3D

 How to go through cars. When in a race push the start button and hold R1 and push up, down, left, left, right, up, down, sqaure. Then resume game and you will go through cars and bikes. submitted by: cod Bad Biker If you hit one of the Japenese riders or get a ticket from a cop, you will become part of the bad biker gang. You will be able to use the weapon that the gang favors the most. Buy any weapon When you are buying bikes press: Up, Down, Left, Right, L2, R2. Easy "Blast 2X" While racing, hit the ZOOM OUT button then hold the REARVIEW MIRROR button and release ZOOM OUT. You should now have Blast 2X without having to do the annoying "looking back" part. Playing Tips Road Rash 3D is very different from previous versions of Road Rash, especially in its realistic riding. I recommend that for the first time you play a Big Game, use the Techgeist entry-level bike (DeMoto 500), because it has the best handling, and is definitely the easiest to use. Avoid the DeSades bikes, because they'r... Read More

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

 Even more difficulty settings When you have completed the game, there are a few more difficulty settings that you can choose from. These are great if you completed the game with ease, and want more of a challenge! Submitted by: Adolfo Auto-pilot Hold L2+R2 and the plane will go into auto pilot. Submitted by: Peter Music Player After completing the game, just go back to the Title screen and go to options. The Music Player option will now be available. With this, you can listen to all every single track from within the game... This is probably the ONLY place you will be able to do this, without having to actually play the game. Free Mission Just like in Ace Combat 4, this game also gives you the option of the "Free Mission", when you have completed the game, go to the main screen and select Free Mission. You can now play any mission in the game, using any plane you have previously bought. Acquire upgraded fighters You must fly the fighter that you want the upgrade for and acquire enough ... Read More

Altered Beast: Guardian Of The Realms

 Control main menu: Press Start at the title screen. Hold L or R at the main menu to control the background's movement. Hold either button longer to move it faster.... Read More

Quake 2: The Reckoning

 Cheat Codes Type the folowing codes in the console: god - God Mode (on/off) notarget - No Target Mode (on/off) noclip - No Clip Mode (on/off) kill all - Kill All (including yourself) sv_gravity - Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more) cl_blend 0 - Blend into walls (1 to disable) cl_footsteps 0 - Silent footsteps (1 to enable again) cl_entities - Removes all except walls (for you only) cl_forwardspeed # - Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300) cl_gun 0 - Gun view off (1 to enable again) give all - Give all items give weapons - Give all weapons give [item] - Give an item (see item list below) map [mapname] - Level Select (see map names list below) Item names: ionripper, phalanx, trap, mag slug, dualfire damage. Map names: The Swamps - xswamp, Sewers - xsewer1, Waste Sieve - xsewer2, Outer Compound - xcompnd1, Inner Compound - xcompnd2, Core Reactor - xreactor, The Warehouse - xware, Intelligence center - xintell, Industrial Facility - industry, Outer... Read More


 Load the game and wait until the high score screen appears. Type commander and press Fire. Wait approximately two seconds and press [F10] to enable cheat mode. Your ship will flicker to confirm correct code entry. During cheat mode, your ship will be invincible, and have unlimited expansions and smart bombs. Additionally, one of the following keys may be pressed to activate the corresponding cheat function. High score will not be recorded while cheat mode is enabled. Effect Key ------------------------------------------- Other six levels of expansion [F1] - [F5] Level skip [F8] Toggle cheat mode [F10]... Read More

Lego Bionicle

 Mini-games Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding mini-game. Name -Mini-game: V33 - Kopaka 5MG - Pohatu 8MR - Onua 3LT - Lewa 4CR - Tahu 9MA - Gali... Read More

Trivial Pursuit: Unhinged

 Get audio outtakes: Select "Options" at the main menu, then choose the "View Credits" option. Allow the credits to continue to get audio outtakes from the game's hosts.... Read More

FIFA 2002

 Cheat mode: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "soccer.ini" file in the "game folder. Add one of the following lines to the file to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect Line All World Team, All Americas Team, All Asia Team and All Europe Team CHEAT_UNLOCKED_TEAMS=1 Unlock tournaments UNLOCK_TOURNAMENT=1 Aggressive tackle cheat AGGRESSIVE_TACKLE_CHEAT=1 Equal team stats CHEAT_EQUAL_TEAM_STATS=0 Random teams CHEAT_RANDOM_TEAMS=1 CPU Demo mode DEMO_MODE=1 Windowed game WINDOWED=1 Cheat mode (alternate): Access the following cheat options at the rewards screen that must be unlocked during game play. Big Melon Win the European Champions' Cup. This cheat gives all players big heads. Crazy Ball Win the EFA Trophy. The ball can move in a crazy path when it is passed. Stay N Play Win the European Championships. The ball will always rebound from the touchline. They All Fall Down Win the... Read More

Final Fantasy 8

 Easier Game Want to be strong but still have the game easy? If you do then this is what you do. Keep your level low. Have your strength high by having 100 tornado junctioned to strength. To get tornado card mod Abyss Worm into windmill or beat alot of Thrustaevis'. Use Thunder/Wind Magic refine to refine windmill into thundaga. Next thing is to have your health high. To do this junction 100 Curaga to HP. After that junction 100 drain to Status Attack. Drain can be drawn from Blue Dragon Whih are in the Bika Forests. Any questions e-mail me at submitted by: Murray Defeat True Ultimicia in ONE HIT! On disk 3, make sure u get doom train, then go to esthar and use Tonberry kings "familliar" ability to buy all the weapon moonthlys. Once at Ultimecia castle, read the volumes in this order, August,May,July,June,March,April Then when you see the first boss that allows you to use either GF, Draw, Magic, or Item, pick GF, then use doomtrain on the next boss then a mega... Read More


 Cheat Codes While playing, press [Enter]. Type any of the following codes in the box and press [Enter] again. Code - Result: VIEWALL - Show Map BABKI - 50,000 Resources VICTORY - Win Mission QWE - Press [P] for Effect... Read More



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