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Star Fighter

 Bad Crystal Combinations These crystal combinations are harmful, so try to avoid them. Purple, Green, Blue: Control downgrade Purple, Red, Blue: Engine damage Purple, Yellow, Blue: Shield damage Crystal Upgrades Crystals must be picked up in the indicated order to get the corresponding power-up. Beam Laser - purple, green, purple, green; (250 rounds) 10 Multi Missles - Purple, Blue, Purple, Blue or Blue, Purple, Blue ATG missiles - Blue, Blue 5 ECM flares - Blue, Green Square Engine upgrade - Blue, Yellow 50 ECM flares - Light Blue, Green Square, Light Blue, Blue 3 Multi-missiles - Light Blue, Yellow Pod - Green Square, Yellow, Green Square (temporary) Megaship - Green Star, Green Star, Green Star, Red (temporary) Random upgrades - Green Star, Green Star, Green Star, Green Star 10 ATA missiles - Purple, Purple 10 Megabombs - Red, Purple, Red 15 Megabombs - purple, red, purple, red Laser upgrade - Red, Red Control upgrade - Red, Yellow Shield upgrade - Yellow, Yellow Extra Lives If you'... Read More


 Level skip: Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press C, A, B(2), A, C. Invincibility: Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press C, X, P, C. Your character will now be invincible against all attacks and hazards. This code can be used again to turn immortality off. Fly mode: Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press P, P, P, C. Your character will be have the ability to fly, as if wearing the Ring Of Flying or Winged Boots. Tap P to ascend vertically. Look up or down and move forward to ascend or descend. Unlimited spells: Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press A, B, A, C, A. The mage and fighter-mage characters no longer need to rest to recover spells that were cast. Enter the code again to turn off this option. View FMV sequences: Select a character. At the Choose Difficulty menu, hold LS + RS and press P, A, C, X. All FMV sequences in the game related to the selected character will be displayed. Press P to pause the video and X to skip t... Read More

Space Pirates

 Mad Dog Cameo To see a cameo by Mad Dog McCree, rescue the commander, then select the lower-left monitor. When you arrive, shoot the cow skull multiple times.... Read More

Babylon 5: The Complete Third Season

 Hidden things Bonus Gag Reel: On disc six, go to Special Features and select The Universe of Babylon 5. Next, go to Data Files. Highlight The Battle for Babylon 5 and click Down to highlight a Babylon 5 logo. Press Enter on the logo to go to the gag reel.... Read More


 Start with $10,000 and Access to All Weapons At the language-select screen, highlight "English," then press B, C, B, A, Start. If you did the trick correctly, you'll hear a scream instead of a laugh. You'll begin the game with $10,000 and access to every weapon and power-up from the Repair Shop and Weapon King.... Read More

Casper - The Movie

 Defeating the Ghosts Here's how to defeat all the ghosts. - Fatso near kitchen (Feed him hamburgers) - Stinky (spray perfume on him) - Stretch (use glue) - Fatso in bathtub (use camera) - General Fatso (use wind up key then hammer the tanks) - Farmer Stinky (use hammer and chisel to carve the stone in Caspers Image) - Graveyard Stretch (Use twister morph to lure him into grave dig site)... Read More


 Play as Captain Quazar Using Controller Two, press R + A, Left, R + Left, Right, L + C, L + B, R + Right at the Main Menu. Play as Invader Using Controller Two, press R + B, C, L + Right, A, L + A, L + B, R + Right at the Main Menu. Secret Messages Enter your name as any of these words to hear a special message. BSPORT, CO, CHEAT, CHEATR, CHOW, CYCLNE, EDDIE, EVAN, GAG, HAWKIN, HELI, HELMUT, HONG, JASONN, KAAV, KHOURY, KOBLER, KRAAIJ, LINDSY, LITTLE, MOF???, MTWO, NICOLE, QUAZAR, SUBHA, SHANE, TICKLE, TODDDD, TRIPP, VGAMES, WALKER, YBARRA Tournament Arena Using Controller Two, press Right, L + A, R + C, L + C, Left, L + C, R + B, Left at the Main Menu. Tournament Mode Add some variety to Tournament mode by choosing your tank and your opponent. To do so, save a Tournament game and apply the code or codes of your choice to the save file. Be sure to select only one opponent and one tank. Tank Code Stinger LJTJVXF Invader JHTJVXF T-Shark HFTJVXF Repulse ZDTJVXF Scorpion XWSJVXF Brawler VUS... Read More

Killing Time

 100% Health After enabling cheat mode, enter a starting location code followed by the letters "V" or "X" and press A. The game will start with your character's health at 100%. Example: "..ATX" 75% Health After enabling cheat mode, enter a starting location code followed by the letter "W" and press A. The game will start with your character's health at 75%. Example: "..ATW" Cheat Mode Before using these codes, start a new game and enter your name as ".evorgrah". Upon entering this, move your cursor to OK and press A. If you did this correctly, a harp will sound and the name box will clear. Invincibility After starting the cheat mode, enter a starting location code followed by the letter "I" and press A. The game will start with the health display at 1%, which cannot increase or decrease. Example: "..ATI" Keys After starting the cheat mode, enter a starting location code followed by one or more of the following numbers in the blank name box and press A. The game will start with the corre... Read More

Soccer Kid

 Color Change At the start of the game, press Up and Down to change his shirt and left and right to change his pants. Level Select At the title screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Right. A voice will say, "Hey, that's the cheat mode." While the voice is speaking, press B. Go to the Options menu and you'll see a stage-select option at the bottom. Press L or R to cycle through the stages.... Read More

Return Fire: Maps of Death

 Debug Menu Enter the WOLF password to begin a game. Then, anytime during gameplay, hold down Buttons L and R and pause the game. A debug menu will appear that enables you to have the flag in the first building and to play sounds from the game. Invincibility Start a game and go to the attack-craft select screen. Highlight your craft and press Button C. Hold down the top L and R buttons. While holding L and R, press and hold Buttons B and C. Continue to hold all four buttons and press the Stop button. This takes you to the Exit Game option. At this screen, continue to hold the four buttons and push Down on the directional pad. You'll hear a confirming sound. Do this for each craft you wish to make invincible. Level Select Start a new game and go to the map-selection screen. Keep pressing Up on the directional pad until you reach the Password entry screen. Enter the password WOLF. You can now pick any level in the game.... Read More

Foes of Ali

 Cheat Mode To access a cheat menu while playing, press R + L on Controller One, then press C. When the password screen appears, enter one of the following codes: Code Effect team - shows photo of design team prebeg - shows photo of Ivan Prebeg (European boxing champ) crowd - removes crowd from background zippy - speeds up frame rate of game aiat - boxer 1 is computer controlled aibt - boxer 2 is computer controlled(use to go undefeated) padc - use a third controller for the following: "a" knock down boxer 2 for 6 sec "b" cut the eye of boxer 1 (press button 3x to stop fight) "L" advance to round 10... Read More

Supreme Warrior

 Game Guru Codes These codes require a Game Guru. To use them, patch any Supreme Warrior save file. Health Boost WVXWXXF All Special Skills at Power 3 VUXUXUXUXUXKXXF XUXUXUXUXFXXF... Read More


 World Domination If you have a hankering for foreign travel and loads of cash, this code is for you. At the Company Name screen, enter "NGOR MAT" and all your dreams will be fulfilled.... Read More

Alone in the Dark

 Extra Life from Healing Flasks: This code gives you more life out of a flask. When you're playing as Carnby or the girl, drink the flask and watch carefully. When your character's arm goes down before he/she says "Uuhhmm!", hold DOWN for one second. If your timing is right you'll re-drink the flask and heal again. Repeat as necessary until you're fully healed.... Read More

Super Wing Commander

 Debug Menu When you are in the Lounge press X, B, B, C, C, A, A. Now hold L+R and press START.... Read More

Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins

 Quick Movement: Press C + Left, Right, Up, or Down to move Werner in that direction instantly, instead of first moving the cursor to the edge of the screen... Read More

Yu Yu Hakuso

 Moves List When choosing your character, press X to bring up a moves list for that character.... Read More


 99 Lives Pause the game. Hold the Right Shift button and tap Down, Right, A, C, Up, Left, A. Debug Mode Press P to pause game play. Hold R and press Left, C, Down, Left, Right, A, Down, Right, Left. This code resets with each level. Once the code is activated you can perform the following actions: Hold X and move the D-pad to travel around the current level. Press X, P to kill Gex. Press C on controller two to give Gex a power-up. Each time you press C, it gives Gex the next power-up. Hold B on controller two and use the D-pad to scale the screen larger or smaller while playing. Hold B + C on controller two and use the D-pad to rotate the screen. Press R on controller two to show timing information. Press R 2 times on controller two to add more information. Press R 3 times on controller two to add collision boxes (difficult to view.) Press R 4 times on controller two to add contours. Press R 5 times on controller two to add attributes. Press R 6 times on controller two to resume normal... Read More


 Level Editor To temporarily edit a level, enter one of the following codes at the Player Name screen. This is the same editor used by the development team, but the save feature has been disabled. YTMHNPA - Training mission YTMHNPB YTMHNPC YTMHNPD YTMHNPE YTMHNPF YTMHNPG YTMHNPH - Bonus level The editor options screen has the following choices: Save file (this option is disabled) Paste (allows objects to be pasted) Delete (allows objects to be cut) Copy (allows objects to be copied) Stack (allows objects to be stacked on one another) Texture (allows an object's texture map to be changed) Paste Node (allows a game "screen" to be pasted) Copy Node (allows a game "screen" to be copied) Edit Node Y (default value) Quit (restarts the game) While in an editor option, B cycles through actions, C executes the current selection, X allows the current level to be played, and P displays the editor option screen.... Read More


 Cheat Codes To enable these codes, start a game and press Stop + L. Then press B, Up, B, B, A. The cheats will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. To enable any of the modes, press the Start/Pause button. Lee Mode - Makes you invisible Level Select - Go to any stage of any level (press L or R to pick a level) Location: - Shows grid location (for programming) Frame rate: - Shows the number of frames displayed each second Smart bomb: - Destroys all visible enemies... Read More



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