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Toyota Rally

 SKIP LEVELS + LOCK TIMER Holding down SHIFT and C simultaneously allows you to skip levels, while keeping the timer fixed at 0:00:0.... Read More

Yosemite Sam

 Infinite Energy For unlimited energy enter your name as "BUGS". Sprite Editor Press F1 for an in-game sprite editor. There are a few samples on the disk... Read More

Chase HQ

 SPACE BAR This is quite a bizarre cheat, but may entertain those who can't get enough of those gopher bashing games. ;) After inserting the disk into the drive, start hitting the space bar as quickly as possible, and keep doing this until the whole game has loaded and the mission briefing screen has passed. This will drive your top speed through the roof. In order to keep this cheat going, you'll have to start hitting the space bar again after catching the first criminal and between each level. CLOCK RESET During gameplay, depress both the left mouse button and the fire button while typing GROWLER. This will equip you with the ability to reset to clock to 60 seconds by pressing T.... Read More


 Cheat Codes While playing, type any of these codes: IDDQD = Invulnerability IDBEHOLDx = Gain temporary ability. x can be: I=invisibility R=radition suit S=berserk A=automap V=invulnerability L=lightamps IDKFA = Full health, ammo, weapons, armor and keys IDFA = As above, but no keys IDDT = While viewing map. 1x= all map 2x=more details IDCHOPPERS = Gain chainsaw IDCLEVxx = Warp to level 'xx' where xx is 01 to 19 IDMYPOS = Displays your position and bearing IDMUSxx = Music select. 'xx' is the level who's song you want. IDSPISPOPD = Walk through walls! IDCLIP = Same as above... Read More

Liberation: Captive 2

 Discount Mode First, find a hardware store, a place that sells viewcams, mappers, etc. Split off one of your droids and talk to the shopkeeper, making sure he is the the "Buying Stuff" part of a conversation. Switch back to your cluster of other droids and fire one shot at the one talking to the shopkeeper. Switch back to the speaker and end the conversation by clicking on the mouth, and then say "Thanks, bye now!" Regroup your droids and talk to the keeper again. All the expensive city mappers, viewcams, radar units, and anything else you plug into the droids, will now be reduced to 10% of their original price! This doesn't work all the time, so try a few different things, such as instantly ending conversations by running away, or just using one droid to talk and then leave without buying anything. Easy Money Execute a complete raid on just about any building with a Yellow front door, and you should find a few thousand creds in the very last room. Be prepared for resistance!... Read More

Crazy Cars 2

 For masochists only! Increase your speed to 204MPH, press F10 to pause the game, then press fire. The game slows down to a crawl, but you can still steer the car. So, by continually pressing fire and moving left and right, you can safely pass road obstructions! The routes to take for each stage are listed below: Stage 1: Take road 15 on your right, then road 70 on your left, and keep going. Stage 2: Take road 191 to your right, then road 666 on the left, and then road 160 on your left and keep going. Stage 3: Take road 285 on the right and road 60 to your left, and keep going. Stage 4: Take road 70 on your right, road 54 on your left, road 25 on your right, road 10 to the left, and, finally road 180 on your right, and keep going.... Read More

R-Type 2

 Infinite continues Get a hign-score, and type your name as "sisumi" on the high-score table.... Read More

Sensible World of Soccer

 Get Good Players for Nothing Go to the player buy screen. Select to buy a player over 6m and put the money offered down to 0. Select the bottom player on the opponent's team as long as he's under 1.9m. Next select a high-priced player of yours that the opposite team would accept the exchange for. Comfirm the offer and suprisingly you will have the 6m+ player you selected and still have your player. You can do this cheat three times and then you will lose your player.... Read More

Crazy Cars

 Pass the Police Hit the gas take you car and speed up to 400 mph then press F10. Now when you press fire, the game will slow down allowing you to pass police abstructions.... Read More


 Invisibility While playing type "cuthbertneck".... Read More


 $50,000,000 While playing type "CHEATERCHEATERWIMP" for easy money.... Read More


 LEVEL PASSWORDS The following passwords will help you jump between the first 26 levels of this solid Amiga title: 0 -- MMMRHM 1 -- AMMRHA 2 -- HMMRHH 3 -- VMMRHV 4 -- PMMRHP 5 -- GMMRHG 6 -- IMMRHI 7 -- RMMRHR 8 -- MAMRHW 9 -- AMMRHN 10 -- HAMRHZ 11 -- VAMRHT 12 -- HHMWHH 13 -- GAMRHQ 14 -- IAMRHB 15 -- RAMRHF 16 -- MHMWHM 17 -- AHMWHA 18 -- HHMWHJ 19 -- VHMWHV 20 -- PHMWHP 21 -- GHMWHG 22 -- IHMWHI 23 -- RHMWHR 24 -- MVMWHW 25 -- AVMWHN... Read More

Slamtilt Pinball

 Extra Balls For 5 extra balls, type "LONGPLAY" on any table at the beginning as it is scrolling. Hidden Messages For hidden messages, type any of the following while playing: BARRY, CHEAT, COW, DANIEL, IAIN, KLAUS, KOTTEN, STEWART, WHIPLASH.... Read More

Bards Tale 3: Thief of Fate

 Some Fun For a bit of fun tell the guard at the Mad Gods temple HAMBURGER. You will need a wineskin or canteen to get past Valerian's tower. Learn the Gill spell from the fisherman then go to the lake behind his hut, go in to the lake to get to the Crystal Palace, then find the room with the Elixir of Life in it. Put water on the acorn by the tower, then a tree will grow, lifting the stone slab and providing you with a means of getting the Nightlance. For a bit of fun, tell the guard at the Mad Gods temple "HAMBURGER".... Read More


 Cheat Codes While playing, type "QUIDITY" to enable cheat mode. To use it, press any of the keys below. SPACE = Skip levels HELP = Toggle infinite lives F4 = NTSC video mode F5 = PAL video mode... Read More

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

 INFINITE ENERGY When you're asked to provide the code from the sheet, type in 8859 instead. When you are prompted again for the code, enter 1506. Finally, enter the correct code. Then, when you start the game, press the HELP key to grant the turtle of your choice with infinite energy.... Read More

Mobile Warfare


Xenon 2

 ACTION REPLAY CODES Those Amiga users who own Action Replay cartridges should change memory location CCB to value FF in order to gain infinite lives. To change the game's scrolling speed, change location CCD to a value between 00 and 09 (with 09 being the fastest).... Read More


 INFINITE LIVES By typing in the phrase JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU while playing this action-packed cop caper, you'll be given a limitless supply of lives... Read More

Another World

 Passwords 2nd part = HICI 3rd part = CCAL... Read More



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