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Killer Instinct 2

 Bonus Character At the Character Selection screen, hold UP and press FP, MP, MK, FK, MP, QP, QK, MK.... Read More

NFL Blitz

 How to enter Cheat Codes To enter a cheat code, press each button the number of times shown. After entering the code press the joystick in the direction indicated. More than one code can be activated per game. The first number is the number of times the WHITE button needs to be pressed, the second is how many times BLUE needs to be pressed and the final number shows how many times the RED button needs to be pressed. Then press the controller in the DIRECTION described to finish the code. Big football 0-5-0 Right Big heads 2-0-0 Right Extra Blocker on Defense Hike the ball with all three buttons. Fog on 0-3-0 Down Ground fog on 2-3-2 Down Infinite Turbo 5-1-4 Up Invisible QB's 3-4-2 Left More Turbo 0-3-2 Up No First Downs 2-1-0 Up No Random Fumbles At the Match-Up screen, press TURBO four times, JUMP twice, PASS three times, then press DOWN. Note: There has been a lot of controversy regarding this code. Here is the scoop. This code will only eliminate "random" fumbles (when you're runni... Read More

Last Blade 2

 Unlock EX Version At the point where you select SPEED and POWER, do the following: Select SPEED and hit C six times. Then select POWER and press B three times. Finally select SPEED again, press C six times again and press START.... Read More

Dead or Alive 2

 Replay Rewind Pressing Free+Kick during the "KO" sequence will allow you to rewind the replay sequence with the Punch button. Select Win Pose Holding Punch+Kick, Free+Punch, or Free+Kick during the replay will allow you to select your win pose. Controlling camera during win pose After winning a bout in either Single or Time Attack mode, hold down Punch after the replay finishes. You will then be able to move the camera around using the stick. Keep holding down Punch while moving the stick. Free will zoom into your fighter, while Kick will zoom out. The only limitations to camera movement are that you cannot look directly above or below your fighter. High School Uniforms Insert a coin. Hold down the Punch & Kick buttons. Press Start while holding down Punch & Kick. You can now select the Japanese High School Uniforms for Kasumi and Ayane!... Read More

Hydro Thunder

 Solo Racing At the boat select sceen before you select your boat hold down the low view and pilot buttons and pull the stick in reverse then you will be the only one racing on the track. Super Start Before the race begins, keep the throttle in the STOP position. As the "3" begins to fade, throttle to full. As the "2" begins to fade, throttle to stop, and when the "1" begins to fade, throttle to full again. You will get a turbo start as well as a +4 second boost of fuel. Tournament Mode At the boat select screen, before you choose your vehicle, hold the HIGH & LOW view buttons and bring the throttle to Reverse. You'll hear a chime to confirm. This code disables the game's "catch-up" feature. The code will also work in two player mode, but only if both players enter it. Arctic Circle Shortcut Look for a hole in the ice on the right side of the track about one-third of the way through. Hydro jump into it and you will go careening down a long tube. This should gain you several places. You ... Read More

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire

 Play as the Person You Defeat At the fighter select screen, put your cursor over the random "?" box at the bottom. Press START five times, and hold it on the fifth time. While still holding START, simultaneously press all three PUNCH buttons. Whichever fighter you defeat in the next round, you will play as in the following round. Special Attacks for Q-Bee Dark Power Tap simultaneously Jab Punch and Short Kick and Forward Kick, or Fierce Punch and Roundhouse Kick Super Moves QJ: move joystick forward, down. forward-down (diagonal) and simultaneously press any two punch buttons +B: move joystick back, back-down (diagonal), down, down-forward (diagonal), and forward and then, simultaneously press any two kick buttons Special Moves: C-R: move joystick back, back-down (diagonal), down, down-forward (diagonal), and forward and press and punch button. This move can also be done in the air. Triangle A: move the joystick down, down-back (diagonal), back, and any kick button. this move can be do... Read More

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

 Play as Akuma/Gouki After selecting the speed (if you can), keep your cursor on Ryu for three seconds. Now move to T. Hawk, and pause on his square for another three seconds. Move left to Guile, and pause again. Now move to Cammy through Dhalsim (go down, then left) and wait again. Now move all the way to Ryu (go left to Ken, then Up) and pause for the final three seconds. As soon as the seconds are up, press all three punch buttons and your Start button at the same time. A shadow should now replace Ryu's picture.... Read More

San Francisco Rush 2049

 Race Against the Top Three Racers Toggle off the drones when you are racing by yourself. You will race the "ghosts" of the top three time holders of that course. Race the Extreme Course To race the Extreme circuit, register for "Team Rush" and log 50 miles. You will unlock the most difficult course, the Extreme Track! Slippery Entering 75477379# on the keypad makes driving surfaces "Slippery" Super Speed The obtain speeds up to 200mph or more when you first start racing then enter the code 327837 and then the pound key (#) once you do this and you get into fourth gear you should do over 200 mph enjoy the speed Toggle Drones To toggle drones on and off, press Music and View 2 buttons while selecting your car. Unlock New Car Versions These cars will only be available on the track you unlock them on. Get 25 coins on any track to have "Car 5" Get 50 coins for car 5 "red gonzo-r" Get 75 coins for car 5 "contender" Get 100 coin for car 5 "Team Rush" Unlock tracks 4 & 5 To get get tracks 4 & ... Read More

Rampage: World Tour

 Food-O-Rama Simultaneously press and hold Jump for George, Punch for Lizzy, and Kick for Ralph to fill buildings with food items. Note: This code work on every fourth city in a World Tour, along with London, Kiev, Casablanca, and Rio. Play as a Gargoyle To turn into the gargoyle get 100,000 points. Power-ups This code works in Philadelphia, Carbondale, and Honolulu. To load the city with all the special powers, press Jump twice with George, Punch twice with Lizzy, and Kick twice with Ralph. Fatty Foods At the end of the Jumbo Jet ride before the World tour, enter the following code to triple the value of any health power-up. For George: Press and Hold Up, then press Jump, Jump, Jump For Lizzy: Press and Hold Up, then press Punch, Punch, Punch For Ralph: Press and Hold Up, then press Kick, Kick, Kick... Read More

Indy 500

 Drive Pace Car To drive the Pace Car, select an automatic transmission and then hold the brake pedal and Start button down until the race begins. Go Backwards To race backwards press the zoom buttons while selecting the race course. Modify Motor To get a more powerful engine, choose a manual transmission and a one-lap race. Once it has begun, immediately take a pit stop. Afterwards, as you emerge from pit lane you'll have a faster engine! Panoramic view If you want to have a panoramic view press the zoom buttons together in when you are in outer zoom mode. Activate all Cheats After you insert your coin press and hold the brake and both zoom buttonsand then press start to select your course and your transmission. Do not release the brake and zoom buttons until the race starts. If you do this you will be running in the pace car, backward, mirrored, and with no enemies.... Read More

Road Burners

 Short Cuts On any circuit, the short cuts are between the two flashing blue barrels!... Read More

Lemans 24H

 Drive Sonic Racer Insert coin(s) Press (and hold) the break pedal down. Push Start. Select a course At the car selection screen, highlight "Nismo", the vehicle on the far left. Hold Start + Zoom-in while pushing down on the accelerator. Release the brake pedal. Drive King Car Insert coin(s) Press (and hold) the break pedal down. Push Start. Select a course At the car selection screen, highlight "Nismo", the vehicle on the far left. Hold Zoom-in + Zoom-out while pushing down on the accelerator. Release the brake pedal.... Read More

Cyber Cycles

 Penguin Scooter To use the penguin scooter, enter one of these codes. If the bike is Black or Green: Hold viewchange button. At bike select, goto NK brake once, goto GP brake once, goto SP break x5, goto GP brake Once. If the bike is Red or Yellow: Hold viewchange button. At bike select, goto NK brake x3, goto NK == WildHog, GP == NVR, SF == Anthias Drive the NVR 150 RR SP To drive the awesome NVR 150 RR SP, push the change view button while selecting a circuit. (Continue holding the button until the race begins.) Meanwhile, at the vehicle selection screen highlight these motorcycles in order, pressing the brake pedal after each: Wild Hog NVR 150 RR Anthais Wild Hog Now highlight NVR 150 RR, mashing the brake pedal twice. The NVR 150 RR will be upgraded to the NVR 150 RR SP!... Read More

Street Fighter EX Plus

 Fight Garuda Select any player with a LK, now in the first fight of the game just get killed. After that dont get killed in any round or stage until you get to the 6th stage. Then you'll fight Garuda. Play as Evil Ryu At the Character Select screen highlight Ryu, tap START twice then press LP+MK+HP or LK+MP+HK.... Read More

Sonic the Fighters

 Super Sonic Start the game with Sonic and defeat the first eight enemies without losing. When you fight Metal Sonic, win the first round, at the second round start hyper mode by pulling the joystick back and pressing Punch and Kick at the same time. Sonic will then change to Super Sonic and you can't lose any health.... Read More

Off Road Challenge

 New Vehicles During the vehicle selection process, press any one of the four buttons (3 views and 1 music button). New trucks will drop onto the screen in place of the old ones. You will have the choice of a Hummer, a Toyota 4x4, a monster truck, and a smaller, yet improved 4x4.... Read More

Street Fighter Alpha

 Play as Dan Press and hold Start to begin a new game. At the Player Select Screen, move the cursor to the question-mark in the lower-left corner for Player One or the lower-right corner for Player Two. Quickly tap Jab, Forward, Roundhouse, Fierce, Strong to Dan's normal outfit or Fierce, Roundhouse, Forward, Short, Jab, Strong for his alternate color. Secret Stages In two-player mode, either player must press and hold START then go to Sagat or Bison (Vega) and wait 5 seconds. Next, go to any other character, release START and press any button. Play as Akuma At the Player Select screen, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left for player two or Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right for player one. Play as Bison Highlight "?" then hold Start and press Down, Down, Back, Back, Down, Back, Back + Jab + Fierce.... Read More

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

 Play as Human Smoke For Player One: At the Select you fighter screen, pick Smoke and press High Punch, High Kick, Block, Run, and hold away (left) with the joystick simultaneously until the match begins. Smoke will explode into the Human Smoke. For Player Two: Do the exact same thing as Player One, except press Toward (right) with the joystick. Boss Codes Character Player 1 Player 2 Mileena 22264 22264 Ermac 12344 44321 Classic Subzero 81835 81835 2 on 2 only 227-227 The Stages Streets: 079-035 Bridge: 077-022 Shao Khan's Cave: 004-700 Ermac's Portal: 933-933 Noob Saibot's Dorfen: 050-050 Subway: 880-088 Scorpion's Lair (Hell): 666-444 Pit 3: 820-028 Roof Top: 343-343 Soul Chamber: 123-901 Temple: 600-040 The Waterfront: 002-003 The Grave Yard: 666-333 Jade's Desert: 330-033 Bell Tower: 091-190 Shao Khan's Tower: 880-220 Handicaps P1 1/2 Energy: 033-000 P2 1/2 Energy: 000-033 P1 1/4 Energy: 707-000 P2 1/4 Energy: 000-707 Super Endurance: 024-689 P1 Does 1/2 The Damage: 390-000 P2 Does ... Read More

Alpine Racer 2

 Secret Players: At the player select screen, press Left + Right + Start simultaneously, then quickly press Right or Left to make a bear or two bonus men from Gunbullet appear. Kuma the Bear has great acceleration but has a slow top speed while the gunbullets boys have great cruise speed but need a perfect slalom. Play as Kuma: Hold SELECT while inserting your coin. At the skipper select screen, hold RIGHT and press the VIEW CHANGE button. Play as Oyaji: Hold SELECT while inserting your coin. At the skipper select screen, hold LEFT and press the VIEW CHANGE button.... Read More

Racing Jam 2

 Unlock Hidden Cars On the car select screen move the cursor to the mazdas then hold the brake down and new cars will be unlocked. Only in the mazda section are there hidden cars. Time Trial To race against time, stand on the brake and clutch before hitting the Start button to begin a game. Continue holding the pedals down until the game has begun. If done correctly, you should be the only car on the track!... Read More



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