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Virtua Fighter 3

 Costume Change To wear player 2's outfit as player 1 or vice-versa, do this. When you get to the character you want to use hold the START button and press the DODGE button.... Read More


 Mini Tank Game Regardless of the number of players, four people are needed to unlock the mini tank game. At the match-up screen hold the buttons for all of the players ?- even blank ones ?- while pushing all four control sticks down. Wait a few seconds and the mini game will begin. Note: A positive kill ratio, where you destroy more tanks than you lose, activates a ton of cheats!... Read More

Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha

 2 vs. 1 Mode At the start screen press all 3 KICK buttons and then press START. Fight Very Hard Akuma At the start screen, press (and hold) medium kick and medium punch, and then press start. You will fight Akuma at a very hard level. Survival Mode At the start screen press all 3 PUNCH buttons and then press START.... Read More

Beatmania: The Complete Mix

 Change the Scratch To change the sound of your scratch, simply push one of the keys on the Keyboard -- except number 1.... Read More

Virtual On

 Different Poses To see a different victory pose, press the attack buttons after winning a match.... Read More

Dance! Dance! Revolution: 2nd Mix

 Hidden Mode To activate Hidden mode, push the joystick UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN prior to selecting a skill level. (Hidden mode will make half of the arrows disappear.) Little difficulty Press LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, UP at the song selection screen. (The word "Little" confirms correct entry.) In Little mode, dancing is easier. Maniac difficulty Press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, UP, LEFT or DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT prior to selecting a skill level. (The word "Maniac" confirms correct entry.) (Note: To disable Maniac mode, press UP(x8) at the song selection screen.) Play as Socket Man Hold left Select and press Start. Shuffle mode Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT at the song selection screen. (The word "Shuffle" confirms correct entry.) In Shuffle mode, there are new dance steps. All songs Highlight Hard mode and press Right Select button (x4). Another Mode "At the song select screen, press: DOWN, DOWN,... Read More

Rival Schools: United by Fate

 Real Ending To see the REAL endings to this game, here's what you gotta do. Get up to Chapter 7 and beat either Raizo or his partner (or both) with a team up manuever. After that, you'll face the real boss, Hyo. Beat him and the real character endings and credits will appear. Alternate Colors To change any character's colors, hold START and press any button while selecting them. Story Game To play a game where storylines appear in between stages, choose two characters from the same High School. Here's a list of schools and students. School - Students Taiyo - Hinata, Batsu, Kyosuke Gedo - Gan, Edge, Akira Pacific - Roy, Tiffany, Boman Gorin - Shoma, Natsu, Roberto Justice - Kyoko, Hideo... Read More

WWF WrestleMania

 Undertakers Finisher - Burried Alive After defeating an apponent for the second and final time, (make sure he is lying on the mid-left of the ring) press U,D,D weak punch and if done correctly the screen will begin to shake and the undertaker will begin to bury the opponent.... Read More

X-Men: Children of the Atom

 Play as Akuma In the character select screen, go to Spiral in the lower-right corner and wait for two seconds. Then move back to the left until you reach Iceman. Next, move one space to the right, one up, two right, and one down. You should arrive on Silver Samurai. Wait two seconds and then press Fierce Punch+Light Kick+Fierce Kick. Kick Them When They're Down Press Start when you win a round. You can now walk around and beat up the character on the ground.... Read More

Virtua Striker

 Big Heads When the speaker is announcing the competing teams, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Long Pass. If you're playing a two-player game then both players must enter this code. Play as F.C. Sega Go to the team select screen. Choose Spain and press START, choose England and press START, choose Germany and press START, then choose Argentina and press START. F.C. Sega can now be selected.... Read More

Star Wars Trilogy

 Many Secrets In the first level, when you have to shoot all the ties, hit the event button and wait for a second. For each tie that the wingmen take out, you will get about 2000 points! Also in the first level, in the trench, when Darth Vader and two ties swoop down, you can shoot them with torpedos! You have unlimited, so don't worry about failing. In Hoth, when Luke says "Attack Pattern Delta, go NOW!" Repediatly press the event button. There will be a red triangle around its head. Shoot, and you will kill it! Press the event button whenever Luke says "Attack pattern Delta" On Endor, when you are on foot, sometimes the event button will flash for a second when you are in front of a single troop. Repediatly hit the event button, and don't shoot the trooper. An Ewok will fall on his head, giving a kill, and 3000 points! On The battle with Darth Vader, if you kill him, hit the event button, and you will hear the emporer say "So be it....Jedi" On the final level, when the Tie Bomers are ... Read More

Winding Heat

 Extra Cars Select your course with the accelerator and don't release the pedal. At the car select screen, shift "UP" on the gearshift, you'll drop down to another set of 3 cars. "DOWN" on the gearshift will return you to the regular cars ("UP" as in gear-up, and not physically up, but don't worry, if you shift the wrong way nothing will happen.... Read More

Soul Calibur

 Change Weapons This code will only work after Edge Master has been released. Before chooseing your character, highlight him or her and lightly tap the G button. You will be able to choose which weapon style you want to use, 1 player, 2 Player, or Edge Master (E.M.). Play as Unknown Soul To play as the Unknown Soul version of your character, hold the start button when you select him or her. This will make your character "see through". This code will only work AFTER Edge Master has been released. This code is also compatible with the weapon change code. Camera Angle You can change the camera angle after a fight during the replay. You can move it up, down, left, or right, use A to zoom in and B to zoom out. Camouflage Code At the Player Select Screen hold Up on the joystick and press all buttons simultaneously.... Read More

Maximum Hangtime

 Choose Your Stadium At the match-up screen enter the numbers 7-4-5. Then you will be able to choose whether you play in a stadium or outdoors. Note: You can toggle between the two by pushing right or left. The place where you play is the side that the basketball is on. Unlimited Turbo At the matchup screen enter the numbers 4-6-1 then move the joystick to lock in the code, you should hear a clicking and see a flash if it works.... Read More

Street Fighter EX

 Play as Akuma To play as Akuma, highlight Ryu, hold Start and push Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up then hit medium punch or medium kick to select Akuma.... Read More

Street Fighter 3

 Play as Yang To Play as Yang, highlight Yun in the character selection screen then press any kick button. If you did it right, Yun will immediately turn into Yang. Each kick button will be a different color.... Read More

Virtua Striker 2

 Rank Mode To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game. Kick Off Goal When the refree blows the whistle for kick off, hold UP-RIGHT immediatly and press the SHOOT button for about slightly more than 1/4 of the power gauge. Release the joystick and SHOOT buttons and watch your ball roll into the net. NOTE: This only works with some teams such as Brasil, Holland and Spain. Play as F.C. Sega Go to the team select screen. Choose Spain and press START, choose Germany and press START, choose England and press START, then choose Croatia and press START. Play as Yuky Chan Team When you are in the Teams selection: Press DOWN-RIGHT and press START Press DOWN and press START Press LEFT Press RIGHT and press START Press RIGHT and press START Press DOWN-LEFT and press START, START, START If you hear a strange voice the code is right. Play as Yuky Chan Team...The Easy Way Go to Yugoslavia and press start,start. Go to USA a... Read More

Virtua Striker Ver. 2000

 Play as FC Sega Select France, Press Start Select Cameroon, Press Start Select Saudi Arabia, Press Start Select England, Press Start Select Germany, Press Start Select Argentina, Press Start This will make the team "FC Sega" a playable team. Play as MVP Genki (alien team) First you have to have MVP Yuki Chan and then go to Yuki Chan and press the 3 buttons and start at the same time. Play as Yuki Chan 1. Select Yugoslavia, press start. 2. Select USA, press start. 3. Select Korea, press start. 4. Select Italy, press start. 5. A new team will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. ( Yuki Chan )... Read More

Bubble Bobble

 Unlimited run and rapid fire At the main title screen enter: Left, Jump, Left, Start, Left, Fire, Left, Up, Start. If this is done correctly there will be a message in the bottom left corner of the title screen a red "POWER UP!". NOTE: This code will not work if the cheat option dip switch has been turned off. Original Bubble Bobble At the title screen press: Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Right, Start buttons for player one.It will say at the bottom of screen: ORIGINAL GAME. The game will give the PORTALS in some screens,if you can get in them you will get LOADS of diamonds. Super Bubble Bobble For harder bad guys, at the title screen press: shoot, jump, shoot, jump, shoot, jump, right, then the 2p start button. "Super" should appear above the title if you did it correctly.... Read More

Mortal Kombat 2

 Fight Smoke To fight Smoke, press DOWN + START on the Bridge stage when Dan says "Toasty!" Pong Get 250 fights (the number of battles at versus screen) and a message will appear transporting you to another dimension. Both players can now play Pong, who ever wins continues to play. Fight Jade To fight Jade, work your way to the match before the mystery fight (the one titled "?"). During this battle, defeat your opponent using nothing but low kicks. If you manage this feat you'll fight Jade in the next battle. Fight Noob Saibot To fight Noob Saibot, get 50 wins in a row.... Read More



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