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The Grid

 Three Digit Codes Before you select your character you can use the keypad to enter in a three digit code to unlock all sorts of cool stuff. Finish the three digit code by hitting the # button. 5 codes can be entered per game. Try these on for size: 327# This code will return you to the game as fast as possible once you've been killed. 937# Instant Basic weapon load-out. While others are still scrambling around trying to get weapons, you'll be fragging away. 244# Big Head Mode. Your characters will have big heads. 930# Play in the Grid World Arena. All participating players must enter this code for it to work. 782# Subzero from Mortal Kombat. 726# Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 529# Lawyer - The audiance member 226# Camera man - a guy in yellow with a camera 574# Cristy - Co-Host with blonde hair 375# Darla - Black co-Host 256# Cleao - Co-Host with black hair 474# Gridman - A green guy 876# Trom - A burnt guy 441# More money, no mega-gun 444# More money, on super move 442# More money, no b... Read More

Terminator 2

 Playing Tip As soon as Jhon gets in the truck, start shooting the tires. If you do this you'll make it to Skynet on your first try.... Read More


 Free Game To get a free game on Robocop,unplug it(if you can find the cord) wait a sec. then plug it back in then immediatly press the one & two player buttons. It should show the beginning story as if you put a quarter or token in it.... Read More

Crisis Zone

 Boss 1 Tips The tank in the mall can give you some extreme points IF you know what to shoot at and create combo's out of: -6 side guns (3 on each side of the tank) -1 gattling gun (the gattling gun on top of the tanks primary gun) -1 primary gun (it's obviously the big gun on the tank -2 rocket launchers (on either side of the tank) These parts of the tank you can start shooting at right away, but there are 4 other places of interest that only open up once certain parts of the tank are destroyed: -2 back rocket launchers (when you thought they were done, there's more, located on the back part of the tank) -2 more gattling guns (inside the tank, last part of tank to destroy) Note that the rockets that are being fired at you can be destroyed: -Large rocket (that come from the side launcher's of the tank) These take more than one bullet to destroy. -Groups of orange rockets (come from the back launchers of the tank) These can be taken out with one bullet, but be careful and fast. Boss 2 T... Read More

Metal Slug 2

 Hidden Gem In the second level (mummies), go all the way to the right and you should see a dead guy with his hand up. Jump down and stab him with a knife. He will hold up a gem. Grab the gem and run away fast. After you take the gem, he will hold up a stick of dynamite and self-destruct. More Hostages on the Second Level Before blowing up the entrance in the second level jump on the barrel and then jump press forward and shoot. Do this twice to get two hostages. (you must have the shot-gun) Extra Gems on Level 2 To get extra gems in the level with the mummies, shoot at the "Eyes" in the background. In mid level, you can jump from the wooden platform to the right, to find two chests with a 30,000 point gem and a 1,000 point gem. Extra Help on Level 1 Right before the battleship on the first level there should be a guy hanging above you. Shoot at him and he will help you. Extra Help on the Train Stage On the train stage shoot the smoke that comes out of the train and you will get 3 guys!... Read More

Area 51

 Secret Level In the office building, you will go into a series of 2 or 3 doors with nameplates on all of them, shoot them all and then you will go into a secret room with power ups and an alien girl at the bottom. Secret Level 2 On the forklift ride shoot all the barrels before and after the ride. There would be a parcially hidden barrel you would have to shoot to the left of the forklift. This would leed you to egg cellent where you shoot eggs and baby aliens. Secret room 3 On the helicopter ride, shoot all of the boxes with flames on them. If done correctly, you will be sent into "X Marks The Spot", which is a room where you keep breaking the glass on a wall with your guns to reveal a picture of a female policeperson lying there in a very inviting position. Hidden Level On the forklift ride shoot all the barrels before and after the ride. There will be a parcially hidden barrel you will have to shoot to the left of the forklift. This will lead you to "egg cellent" where you shoot egg... Read More

Raiden Fighters JET

 Reach the Secret "Real Battle" Levels You can reach the 2 "Real Battle" levels (the 1st is shown in the Demo) : 1. The Slave planes attract the little 100pts medals near them : Move the medals over other (flying or ground) 100pts medals to grow one medal as big as you can (up to 2048000pts), then catch it and do the same, until big golden Raiden Fighters' I/II medals appear. 2. Make the more points you can with these medals and finish Level 40 (the boats) without losing lives (you'll get lots of bombs in this level to fight the boss safely). Perhaps you'll need to complete some other conditions, like killing quickly ("Quick Shot") the big plane so it comes again and again up to 4 times. If you succeed, a special message will tell it to you at the end of Level 40. Secret planes To play with the secret planes (i.e. Slaves and Fairy), do the following : - to start a game, press SIMULTANEOUSLY [START]+[SHOOT1]+[BOMB1]+[SHOOT2]+[BOMB2] - at the plane selection screen, press once again [STAR... Read More

San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

 Building Trick In the intermedieate course, play till you come to a sharp corner with a buildng corner with glass. After completing the turn you will see a black truck with the words "Magic" or something. Go under the truck, there is a ramp under the truck, (go about 90 mph) then you will be on a building. Speed up and make a left turn. there will be a check point there. Go though. Good luck staying inside the cones! Change Wheel Resistance To change your wheel resistance, press Music and View 3 at the car select screen. Extra Cars At the Car Select screen, press and hold View #1 to gain access to four new cars. (A Bus, Dodge Viper, Punch Buggy, and a new Extreme Car.) No Drones To turn the drones off, press Music and View 2 at the car select screen. Playing Tips When you go through the 3rd checkpoint on the advanced course, you come to a fork in the road. Turn left and go up the hill. At the top of the hill, turn left and jump onto the bridge between the ground and the bridge you are ... Read More

Magical Drop 3

 Bonus Characters Here is a VERY simple code to get 4 secret characters. At the character select screen press the "C" button 3 times... thats it! The new characters should be above all the rest of the characters.... Read More

Arena Skateboarding

 Free Games Insert the amount of quarterstokens needed. Now when selecting a skater kick the nose of the simulation board, then the tail 3 times the nose 2, hit the choose on the right side 3 times then hit the choose button on the left side once. Pick the smallest or lagest skater (in highth) Of the 3rd jump hit the tail of the simulated board and hold it for ABOUT as long as your in the air. when you cross the finish line if you've done the code correctly the music will continuie instead of stopping (or vice versa on some machines) and it will say on the screen FREE GAME and the speakers will say it in Japanise, Italian, French, or German depending on the third jump. Plus if you do the 3rd jump for exactly 11 seconds you will get to play as the characters below: Bum (Male) Bum (Female) Dog Jet Robber Cop (eats Donuts when you pick up time bonuses) Grim Reaper Chuckie Jason Sub-Zero Duke Nukem or the normal characters. Repeat this code as many times as you like!... Read More

Sonic Championship

 Super Sonic Start the game with Sonic and defeat the first eight enemies without losing. When you fight Metal Sonic, win the first round, at the second round start hyper mode by pulling the joystick back and pressing Punch and Kick at the same time. Sonic will then change to Super Sonic and you can't lose any health.... Read More

Time Crisis

 Extra Life Shoot ten consecutive people without getting hit A life cross will begin to appear. Keep shooting people without getting hit. If you hit 40 people in a row without getting shot, you get a free life. It's hard to do but it is worth it.... Read More

U.N. Squadron

 Extra Money At the begining of the game have one player join in later than the other. The player that starts second will get an extra $10,000.... Read More

Virtua Cop 2

 Get Machine Gun (1st Level) On the first level, after the robbery has occurred but before the car chase begins, riddle the square-shaped painting with bullets to uncover a machine gun.... Read More

Final Fight

 Hidden Stuff Gaining extra points - To gain jewels and other high points items from breakable stuff like barrels, dustbins. Execute the jump + down attack move. (Cody - headbutt, Guy - Elbow). When doing the move, rapidly jag controller left to right. Usually, jewels will appear instead of other cheap things. Crewing Gum - When fighting Eddie B. (Cop), you will notice that he spit out a wad of gum. That thing will give you about half a life if you pick it up. Last Boss - Cody is able to punch away the bolts that the last boss fires. No other character can do it. Off the wall attack - Besides doing the normal off the wall flying kick, you can change it into a flying elbow drop by doing down + attack. Hidden Gems - On the way to the last boss, there is a stage when there are some pillars. Located at the bottom of each pillar are gems. Make sure you get them. Super Combo This super combo can be easily executed with Cody or Guy, but it's a bit tougher with Haggar. To begin, initiate a punc... Read More

Zombie Revenge

 Change outfits Step 1:Insert coin Step 2:Select any character Step 3:Hold down "STAR" (don't let go) Step 4:Press either punch or kick to start the game. P.S don't let go of the "Start" button until you are able to control your character.... Read More

Killer Instinct

 Play as Eyedol Select Riptor, and hold Left while pressing Quick Punch and Kick, when the Versus screen appears, immediately change to holding Right and pressing Medium Punch, Fierce Punch, and Fierce Kick. The game should then say "Eyedol". Shrink Players On one of the platform stages (i.e. Cinder's stage), play as Fulgore. Back the other player to the edge of the platform, and start a combo, ending it with a teleport (B,D,DB+Fierce Kick). Now when you press either side's Start button, you'll shrink that player. NOTE: This will only work on machines before version 1.5 of the game. Double Speed As soon as each player has selected a character, hold RIGHT on the joystick and simultaneously press all three punch buttons. (In a one-player game, the first player must do this with both controllers.) Hold these buttons until the prefight match screen appears and release them after you hear the swooshing noise for the second time. This code doubles the normal spped of the game, but it must be ... Read More

Virtua Striker VS

 Performance Mode To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game.... Read More

Pocket Fighter

 Play as Dan To play as Dan, ighlight Ken and press RIGHT on the joystick. Dan will appear to Ken's right. Play as Akuma To play as Akuma, highlight RYU and press LEFT on the joystick. Akuma will appear to Ryu's right.... Read More

19XX: Battle Against Destiny

 Stronger Bombs By holding the bomb button you can charge your bomb to a stronger level. Change First Stage Music At the title screen, press Up, Right 9 times, Down 4 times, Right, Right. If done correctly, a sound will be heard and the first stage's music will be replaced with the theme from 1942.... Read More



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