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 Play as Wangtan's blue tranformation To play as Wangtan's blue special, at the character select screen push and hold all three buttons; punch,kick,and jump while holding the joystick up. Then when you transform you will battle as Wangtan's more powerful blue transformation Big Head Mode To get big heads hold down all buttons for 30 seconds.... Read More

Harley Davidson: L.A. Riders

 Hidden Music Track When you select your bike, press and hold the foot brake. Select your tranmission with the start button. Hold both of these until the race begins. Now scroll through the music and a new track called "Jingle Bells" will be there.... Read More

Alpine Surfer

 Play as a Penguin Hold both SELECT buttons during the select screen, then press the VIEW CHANGE button 7 times. If you did it right you'll hear a penguin sound.... Read More

Battle Garegga

 Harder Mode At the Title Screen, press B, Start. Special Mode (Hard + Second Round) At the Title Screen, press A, B, C, Start. Bonus Plans At the Title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right A, B, C, Start. Extended Mode (Second Round) At the Title Screen, press A, Start... Read More

Top Skater

 Special Taunts Let me just go straight to the point. This code only works for Ken-Ta, Ash, J and Keith. If you have a "S" class, after the replay the guys will do a different pose than novice mode.Like for example, Ken-Ta breakdances than do a "round da' world", with his yo-yo. Super Deformed Mode At the stage select screen, press the left select button nine times, right four times and left five times. Next lean the board forward (step on the front of the board) and press both the left and the right select buttons simultaneously three times. When you get to the character select screen each character should appear in super-deformed mode. Auto S-Class Trick When in a half pipe, head as far vertical up as you can. before reaching the top, hit the back or front of the board down 2 times. You should get an automatic S-class trick. Big Head Mode At the Course Select screen, press Left 9 times, Right 9 times, Right 4 times, Left 4 times, Right 5 times, and Left 5 times. Next, lean forward on ... Read More

Scud Race

 Special Rocket Car While choosing the car at the car selection screen, hold down the START button until the game opens the Transmission selection, then let go of the start button. It may only work for the Super Beginner Track. Note: if the car becomes a small thin rocket car as the confirmed car, it means the code works. Time Lap Mode While selecting your transmission at the Transmission Selection screen, hold down the START button until the race starts. Note: The code is confirmed if you see a "TIME LAP MODE" on the screen at the Transmission Selection Screen. Secret view points Hold Start,press View button 3 Hold View button 4,press View button 1+2+3 Unlock Hidden Vehicles (Super Beginner) To unlock the hidden vehicles, select "Super Beginner" course. Then, at the vehicle selection screen, hold down the Start button while choosing an automobile.... Read More

Last Bronx

 Strange Weapons At the character select screen, press START 13 times then press Punch, Kick, etc. to select the character. When the game begins your character will use a wierd weapon (Corn, Fish, Broom, etc.)... Read More

Storm Blade

 Auto Fire At the title screen, hold B and press START, then choose any plane with the A button.... Read More

Maximum Force

 Pool Deck When you are under water were all those toxic cans fall down. Shoot everything in sight. The drain on the bottom, the yellow thing in front of you, the lights on the left and right and, all the cans comming down. Then when you turn shoot both the yellow things in front of you, the lights and, all the cans. When you finish you will go up and see the pool deck. You can shoot almost everything and get points. You will go down and come back up and you will proceed with the game as normal (the easiest gun to do this with is the shot gun.) Chicken Hunt Bonus Game To play the chicken hunt bonus game, shoot all of the buttons in the elevator on the second mission. Duck Hunt Bonus Game To play the duck hunt bonus game, shoot the posters that hang from columns in the second mission. Secret Rooms Mission 1, Scene 1: Bachelor Pad After the section with the boat, hit the three square white cans. Two near the middle of the screen in front of the brown crate and one in the lower right corne... Read More

1943: The Battle of Midway

 Choose your weapon Hold these buttons at beginning of each stage to activate the weapon: Stage - Weapon - 1P side - 2P side 1 - Shotgun - down - A 2 - Shotgun - A - B 3 - Laser - upright+A+B - down+B 4 - Shotgun - downleft+B - leftup 5 - 3way - A - up 6 - Auto - left - right+B 7 - Shell - upleft - down 8 - 3way - left+A+B - A+B 9 - Laser - downright+A+B - rightdown+A+B 10 - Shell - upright+B - downright 11 - Auto - upleft - right+A 12 - 3way - right+A+B - rightup+A 13 - Auto - up - down 14 - Laser - upleft+A+B - right+A+B 15 - Shell - downright+A - left 16 - Auto - right+A - left... Read More

Crazy Taxi

 Pickup Swimmer at Beach Snorkeling near the reefs outlying the west beach is a customer... But to pick her up, you'll have to drive into the ocean! Here are the cabby's directions to the beach: At the beginning of the game, grab the person who's nearest to you. (She will want to be taken to the cable car stop.) After arriving at her destination, let her out and make a sharp left. Snatch the customer with the outrageously large hat. (She will ask to be taken to the West Side Beach.) When you have arrived at the beach, drop her off and head straight into the water! Power Slides Like reckless driving (i.e., 'Crazy Throughs'), power-slides can increase your fare. To power-slide, suddenly throw the car into reverse then back into drive again while sharply turning the steering wheel. Ride a motorcycle Insert coin(s). Press (and hold) the accelerator and brake pedals. Push Start. Push gearshift up. Release accelerator and brake pedals. Choose driver. Push gearshift down. Press Start. Start Ga... Read More

Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble 3

 Super Game Left, Start, Bubble, jump, up, down, start, right. You get the second set of levels when this code is used. It does nothing special on a machine with Extra Mode enabled. I recommend avoiding this code until you have beaten the game in normal mode, so you don't miss part of the story. Power Up up, right, left, down, up, right, left, down. Doing two clockwise cirles causes Bub and bob to have permanent shoes, blue gum, and yellow gum.... Read More

War: Final Assault

 Alternate Characters At the Character Selection Screen, move the joystick to the right or the left to show the alternate characters that can be selected. All Hidden Characters and War Master rank Insert your credits and start. At the main menu, go and click on "ENTER I.D." Enter your name as Lee, then enter your P.I.N number as 6969, then hit end or enter. If done correctly, you will see that it says you have War Master rank at the bottom right in the box with green words. To select your character, move your joystick left or right. Become Executioner at any level Highlight the guy with the sunglasses and press the view button 5 times. Move the joystick left or right once or twice and you can become the executioner even if you are a grunt. Become the armored guy with spikes in that game "Mace" I don't know the guys name, but to pick him, highlight the short guy that has the shot,(Sgt.Gunn) press the "View" button three times then press right. Free game on deathmatch even if you lose Wai... Read More

Mortal Kombat 3

 Kombat Kodes To use these codes, Player One must enter the CON 1 code first, then Player Two enters the CON 2 codes. Codes must be entered on the Versus Screen. Play as Smoke: Con 1: Tap HP x 2, BL x 9, HK x 2 Con 2: Tap HP x 2, LP x 2, BL x 2, LK x 3, HK x4 Unlimited Run: Con 1: LP x 4, BL x 6, LK x 6 Con 2: LP x 4, BL x 6, LK x 6 Dark Kombat Con 1: LP x 6, BL x 8, LK x 8 Con 2: LP x 4, BL x 2, LK x 2 Blocks Disabled Con 1: BL x 2 Con 2: BL x 2 Player 2: 1/4 Energy Con 2: LP x 7, LK x 7 Fight Motaro Con 1: LP x 9, BL x 6, LK x 9 Con 2: LP x 1, BL x 4, LK x 1 Fight Shao Kahn Con 1: BL x 3, LK x 3 Con 2: LP x 5, BL x 6, LK x 4 Play Galaga Con 1: LP x 6, BL x 4, LK x 2 Con 2: LP x 4, BL x 6, LK x 8 Fight Noob Saibot Con 1: LP x 7, BL x 6, LK x 9 Con 2: LP x 3, BL x 4, LK x 2 Player One Quater Energy Con 1: LP x 7, LK x 4 Pyscho Kombat Con 1: LP x 9, BL x 8, LK x 5 Con 2: LP x 1, BL x 2, LK x 5 No Life Bars Con 1: LP x 9, BL x 8, LK x 7 Con 2: LP x 1, BL x 2, LK x 3 Throws Disabled Con 1:... Read More

Samurai Shodown 3: Blades of Blood

 Disappearing Enemies To make an enemy dissapear or hang up choose Galford as "bust" and charge him to "upper-grade" level. As the words "En Garde" appear, get close to your opponent and perform an overhead crash on them. As your opponent goes down, quickly perform a slow PLASMA BLADE and immediately perform Galford's SUPER MOVE when the Plasma touches the enemy. Boss Code This cheat works only on two-player mode. At the fighter select screen, hold Start and move the cursor over to the following characters starting at Haohmaru: Genjuro, Basara, Kyoshiro, Ukyom Rimruru, Haohmaru, Shizmarum Nakorurum Hanzo, Amakusa, Gaira, Galford, Shizmaru. With the cursor on Shizmaru, wait until the timer reaches 03 and then simultaneously press A and B. If you did this correctly, Zankuro's picture will appears in the middle of the bottom row of characters.... Read More

Indianapolis 500

 Turbo Charged Engine First choose manual transmission. When you are racing and you are in sixth gear go into the pit area. If you did this right it will switch you into first gear and you will be going about 265 mph in first gear! Pace Car To get the pace car, hold down the START button and the brake pedal while choosing transmissions. Keep holding it until the race starts. Police Car Cameo Press the START and VIEW buttons while holding the BRAKE and ACCELERATE peddles. Next, select automatic or manual transmission, then press START, VIEW, BRAKE and ACCELERATE again. If you did it right, a police car will appear and run the course backwards.... Read More

Motocross Go!

 Secret Bikes When selecting bikes, while turning the handle to full throttle and holding the brake, select your bike with the view button. The YZ400 gives you a transparent player with a visible heart. The YZ250 gives you a player in a black jumpsuit. Race Alone Hold brake, gas, and view while you insert your coins. Keep thm pressed until you start the race.... Read More


 Game Options While selecting Track, press and hold view 1 for Mirror Track. While selecting Track, press and hold view 2 for Expert Mode. While selecting Racer, press and hold view 1 for No Drones. Time attack mode At the racer select screen, hold the view 1 button when making your selection. When the race starts, there will be no computer controlled opponents. Turbo Boost While racing tap the gas twice for an extra boost of speed.... Read More

NBA Hang Time

 Cheat Codes Enter the following cheats in the boxes at the botton of the screen on "Tonights Match-Up" screen. The turbo buttun changes the first box, Shoot button changes the number in the middle box, and the Pass button changes the number in the Third box. Tourament Mode: 111 Baby-sized players: 025 No music mode: 048 Goaltending on: 937 Maximum block: 616 Maximum steal: 709 Maximum speed: 284 Hyper speed: 552 Stealth turbo: 273 Unlimted turbo: 461 No pushing: 390 Fast passing: 120 Outdoor court: 200 ABA ball: Press Right, Right, Shoot, Turbo, Pass Big Head: Press Up, Turbo, Pass Huge Head: Press Up, Pass, Turbo Shot percentage: Rotate the joystick clockwise once... Read More

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

 Change Teams To change teams during a game, push the joystick RIGHT while holding the Pass button for two seconds at the player substitution screen. Expand Roster To expand the team roster, hold the joystick down at the player select screen and press Pass three times. Then rotate the joystick 360 degrees and push the Pass button again. Allen Iverson-ize Your Players To make your players cat-quick, press any button five times at the Match-up screen ? before it begins to fade. Then hold the joystick DOWN and press Shoot as the screen fades. Baby Mode At the match-up screen, hold the joystick Down/Right, and then press Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, and Steal. Submitted by - Michael Ernstes Big Heads At the match-up screen, hold the joystick Up and press and hold Turbo/Pass as the screen fades. Hidden Characters Enter these codes on the "Initials" screen. Hold L1 + R1 while entering them. Player Initials Birthdate AIR MORRIS WIL 1/1 BARKER PCB 5/9 BARKLEY BRK 2/20... Read More



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