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DVD Video


Futurama - Season Two

 Cartoon Yearbook Photos (REGION 2 ONLY) The easiest way to find them is using the Title button on your remote control: Disc 1 – Title 12, Disc 2 – Titles 18, 19, Disc 3 – Titles 9, 10, Disc 4 – Titles 10, 11 or you could find them as follows: Disc 1 (1 egg) From main menu, select Episode “I Second That Emotion”. Press ENTER. Keep going DOWN. Nibbler’s head will be highlighted. Press ENTER. You will see a yearbook photo of Matt Groening. Disc 2 (2 eggs) From main menu, select Episode “The Lesser of Two Evils”. Press ENTER. Select any option then go LEFT. The little alien creature will be highlighted. Press ENTER. You will see a yearbook photo of David X Cohen. From main menu, select Episode “A Bicyclops Built For Two”. Press ENTER. Select any option then go LEFT. A disc with a star will be highlighted. Press ENTER. You will see a yearbook photo of Eric Kaplan. Disc 3 (2 eggs) From main menu, select Episode “How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back”. Press ENTER. Select SCENE SELECTION t... Read More

Pat Benatar: Choice Cuts

 Making Of.. Featurette View the video for "Love Is A Battlefield". When Pat is throwing the drink in the man’s face in the bar, press the [Enter] key on your remote control and you will be taken to a hidden [Making The Video] featurette.... Read More

Best of Bowie

 Alternate Take On disc one, program your remote to Title 2, Chapter 1 to see an alternate take of "Oh, You Pretty Things" where Bowie edits out the "Earth is a B**ch" line and almost starts laughing. This was take two of the song and has never been broadcast. "Miracle Goodnight" Video Go to the track listing display on disc two. Leave the player alone for five minutes, and the video for "Miracle Goodnight" is yours! "Day-In-Day-Out" Remix The "Day-in-Day-Out Remix" appears every second time you select 'Day-In-Day-Out' from the track listing menu. Ziggy Movie Ad On the track listing menu, move to [Ziggy Stardus and press [Righ, then [Enter]. A page advertising the Ziggy movie dvd appears. Bonus Interview Clip On the track listing menu, move to [Drive In Saturday] and press [Righ, then [Enter]. A brief interview clip from the same show as the performance is then yours. Hidden MTV Video for "Blue Jean" During the hidden "Jazzin For Blue Jean" video, when Bowie's love interest selects a vi... Read More

Nightmare on Elm Street Collection, The

 Bonus Alternate Ending To find the second alternative ending to A Nightmare On Elm Street go to the 'Labyrinth' section of the Nightmare Encyclopaedia disc. Now enter the first door on the right and pick up the key on the floor. When you are back in the main hall, walk forward once, and then enter the door on the left. Now walk forwards twice towards the wooden door, then turn left. In the corridor, turn right to face the locked door and highlight the lock and press enter to use your key. You will now be in a room with a large bust of Freddy. Back out of this room immediately and you will find yourself in a room filled with clocks. Back out of this room immediately and you will now be in from of a door that says "Fire Exit". Walk towards this door once until you can see the glass up close. Now enter "20" on your remote to see the second alternate ending. DVD Production Credits Select the New Line Cinema logo from the [Main Menu] of the Nightmare Encyclopaedia disc. This will access DVD... Read More

Shriek If You Know What I Did...

 Hidden Trailers Highlight the Trimark logo at the [Main Menu]. Press [Enter] to view trailers from Crocodile and Killer Bud.... Read More

Poison Ivy: The Last Seduction

 DVD Production Credits From the [Main Menu], arrow [Down] until the New Line logo highlights. Click on it and the DVD credits will appear.... Read More

Jeepers Creepers

 Origin of the "Duel" From the [Main Menu], go to [Scene Selection]. On the bottom, where it breaks it down by chapters, higlight the [1-4] chapters. Press [Up] and you will higlight a stitch in-between the scenes. Press [Enter] and you will see a clip of Richard Matheson telling us where he got the idea for the "Duel". All Eyes on You When you are at the [Main Menu] page, highlight [Languages] and then hit [Lef to highlight the rope. Then hit [Enter]. Instead of seeing various excerpts to the right of the screen you see the eye of the villian moving around staring at you. Director Makes a Cameo Access the [Filmography] of Writer/Director Victor Salva. Press [Up] on the remote until the v-shaped stitch on the upper right corner of the screen is highlighted. Hit [Enter] and see the director's cameo as one of the bodies nailed to the wall of the Creeper's lair.... Read More

From Hell

 DVD Production Credits On disc one, go to the [Language Selection] menu. Highlight [Main Menu] at the bottom and press [Righ. The eye at the top will open. Press [Enter] to view the hidden dvd production credits. Bonus Documentary On the disc two, you are given the first of two pages of [Special Features]. "Jack the Ripper: 6 Degrees of Seperation" is your first choice. Press [Righ once and you've highlighted what looks like a fishing hook in the carving tools. Press [Enter] and you are treated to a 40-minute '70s style show about Steven Knight, the author of the book that inspired the graphic novel that the Hughes Bros based the movie on.... Read More

An Evening with Kevin Smith

 Which Super Hero Would Kevin Be? On disc 2, access the Trailers menu then scroll to the Spiderman trailer and press Right. The E=MC2 will turn yellow. Press Enter.... Read More

Charlottes Web

 Spider Trivia Select the Meet the Animals game option at the main menu. Highlight any animal then press Up to highlight Charlotte.... Read More

For Love of the Game

 Bonus Featurette Go to the [Bonus Materials] section, and play the trivia game. After you get all 15 questions correct without using all of your 3 strikes, you get to watch a bonus featurette. Answers: The correct answers to the quiz are: 1-c,2-b,3-c,4-a,5-b,6-a,7-c,8-c,9-b,10-c,11-a,12-a.... Read More

No Doubt: Rock Steady Live

 Bonus Footage from Jamaica Go to the [Song Selector] menu, from there go to [Don't Speak] and press [Lef. One of the speakers on the boom box lights up green. Press [Enter] and you will access some hidden footage of the band in Jamaica.... Read More


 View All Endings First you have to select [Play Movie]. Then you are asked to select either the film with one of the three endings selected at random or view the home video version with all three endings. To get this to work you have to view the movie with a random ending. Once you have made that selection you can either watch the movie or scan through it. Either way, the film has to play out completely. Once the credits end you are returned to the [Main Menu]. Now arrow [Down] to the [Theatrical Trailer] and arrow [Down] again. This will highlight the magnifying glass in the lower left corner. Then press [Enter]. It takes you to the hidden [Special Features] menu where you can view each ending of the film individualy. After each ending you can return to the menu to view another one of the endings.... Read More

nWo - Back in Black

 Hidden Trailers On both [Extras] menus, press [Righ on both the [Next/Back] or [Resume] buttons to see either 1 of 3 nWo/WWF trailers from before "No Way Out 2002" or a 4 minute interview segement from WCW circa 1996.... Read More


 Hidden Stuff Footage: Go to the Special Features screen. Press Right, Right, Left, Right. The video on the right of the screen will spin and you will have access to the hidden features menu... Alternately, whenever you see Bam's heart-o-gram press enter on your remote to access the respective scene.... Read More

Surviving the Game

 Special Thanks At the [Main Menu], push [Lef. This will highlight, in red, the New Line Home Video logo, press [Enter]. Hidden Trailers Go to [Special Features], select [Cast & Crew]. Select Charles S. Dutton, on the 6th page of his filmography is a camera icon next to "MENACE II SOCIETY", press [Up] to highlight, then press [Enter] for the trailer. Select John C. McGinley, go to 3rd page, do the same as you did for Dutton to view a trailer for "SET IT OFF".... Read More

Saving Silverman (SE)

 Hidden behind-the-scenes footage On the "SPECIAL FEATURES" menu, highlight "FILMOGRAPHIES" then press Right on your DVD remote, the picture of Jack Black should turn into the mascot he portrayed in the film. Press Enter to watch outakes from him romping around in the suit. If you press Right once more you'll highlight Steve Zahn who should now have a racoon above his head. Press Enter to see some behind-the-scenes footage of the racoon attack.... Read More

Justice League: Paradise Lost

 Hidden Trailer Go to the [Watchtower] in [Special Features]. Highlighting [Features], move the cursor to the [Righ to make an image of the Javelin 7 appear. Press [Enter] to access a hidden Justice League trailer.... Read More

Life as a House

 DVD Production Credits From the [Main Menu], highlight [Select a Scene] and press [Righ. This will highlight a hidden movie reel. Click on the reel to see the DVD production credits.... Read More

Highlander: Endgame

 Hidden Trivia Game On the main menu of disc 1, push the left arrow on the remote. A watcher emblem should highlight in yellow. Hit enter. It will tell you there are 5 more on the disc like it. Once you read all 6, you can play the trivia game. Level 1 is easy, 2 is semi-easy, and level 3 is hard. Answers: Level 1 : A,B,C,B,A,C,B,C,A,C,C,B,B,C,C,B Level 2 : A,A,B,B,C,C,A,C,C,B,B,C,A,A,A,B Level 3 : A,C,A,C,B,A,B,B,C,B,C,C,C,A,B,C Watcher Files 1. In the [Main Menu] Press either the [Lef or [Righ arrow. The watchers emblem should appear. Select it. 2. Go to [Bonus Material] and select [Feature Audio Commentary]. Make sure that either On or Off is highlighted, then press the [Lef arrow. The watchers emblem should appear. Select it. 3. Go to [Bonus Material] and choose [More]. Select [Deleted Scenes]. Make sure that [Main Menu] and [Bonus Material] are not highlighted. Press the [Lef arrow. The watchers emblem should appear. Select it. 4. Go to [Captions]. Make sure that [Main Menu] and [P... Read More



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