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DVD Video


Chasing Amy

 Complete Intro Select the [Color Bars] to see a complete intro from Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Ben Affleck, and Scott Mosier.... Read More

Old School

 Bonus Deleted Scene From the [Main Menu] go to the [Audio Setup]. From there, hit the [Down] arrow key on your remote control until the word "Frank" is highlighted. Now press the [Enter] key on your remote and you will be treated to a short clip featuring Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell watching the "Girls Gone Wild" video.... Read More


 Bonus Deleted Scenes Insert the second disc and from the [Main Menu] go to the [Deleted Scenes]. Select [Nex here to go to the second screen of the deleted scenes and then highlight scene 9 Ė [Can I ask Your Name?]. Press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and a highlight will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Press the [Enter] key now and you get to see some additional scenes that never made it into the final film.... Read More

Cold Creek Manor

 Scrapbook Go to the [Deleted Scenes], when the menu options come up after the Director's intro, press the [Righ arrow to underline "The Struggle at the Devil's Throat". Press the [Up] arrow. Press [Enter] to see the scrapbook that belonged to Grady Massie.... Read More

Dead Alive

 Hidden Trailer Go to the dvdís [Main Menu] and press the [Lef arrow key. This will highlight the Trimark logo. If you press [Enter], you will see the trailer for "The Tommyknockers".... Read More

Usual Suspects, The

 Hidden Interview, Outtakes On the main page of Side B, arrow [Up] to highlight "The Usual Suspects" in yellow type. Click [Enter], and you'll be taken to the code page. Select the four items in chronological order and you'll be taken to the interview of Editor/Composer John Ottman by Jeff Bond, Senior editor of Film Score Monthly, and interview outtakes (with Benicio Del Toro, Chaz Palminteri, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Baldwin, and Bryan Singer) separately. The correct order if you must know is: Quartet, Guatemala, Redfoot, Broken cup, select these in order (by pressing enter on each one) and your sub-menu will appear.... Read More

Jerry Maguire: Special Edition

 Hidden Footage Insert the second disc of the set and select the [Special Features] from the [Main Menu]. Then, select [Director and Cast Commentary]. On the following screen, highlight the [Mission Statemen menu entry and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control, which will highlight a small rectangle in the upper left corner of the screen. Press [Enter] now, but donít be surprised if nothing happens. You are unlocking the easter egg. Now, highlight the [Mission Statemen menu entry once again and this time press the [Up] and [Righ arrow key at the same time. This will highlight the word "Jerry Maguire" in the computer keyboard on the screen. If you press [Enter] now you will be treated to over 5 minutes of candid backstage footage as the director and cast prepare for the video commentary that is part of the DVD.... Read More

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

 DVD Production Credits In the [Main Menu] of the disc, highlight the Newline Home Video logo (hit the right button). The egg gives special thanks for the films data, the movie design and the production services on the dvd.... Read More

Rock, The - Just Bring It

 Hidden Match Go to the [All The Extras] section and go down to [Lillian Thinks About...]. Press [Lef 2 times and it will bring you to a hidden match from 9/24/01 of "RVD vs. The Rock" for the WCW Championship.... Read More

Die Hard

 DVD Production Credits Insert the first disc from the set and from the [Main Menu], go to the [Language Selection] submenu. Here, highlight the entry for [English] subtitles and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the image of Bruce Willis. Press [Enter] now and you will get to see a credit screen. Outtakes with Music From the second discís [Main Menu], select [From The Vaul and then [Outtakes]. Select [The Vaul and on the next screen press the [Righ arrow key twice. This will highlight a small gun on the screen, which will give you the chance to watch the outtakes with music only.... Read More

South of Heaven, West of Hell

 Special Thanks On the [Main Menu], continue pressing the arrow [Down] or to the [Righ past the [Audio] selection (or up or left above the Play Movie option) until the Lions Gate logo is highlighted for a very brief word of thanks.... Read More


 Strip Show This is sort of a cheat. Go to the bonus features. There should be deleted scenes. Select that the go to pole dance. It is a woman who is pole dancing. The clip lasts around three minutes.... Read More

Dirty Dancing: Ultimate Edition

 Bonus Behind-the-Scenes Insert the second disc of the DVD set and on the [Main Menu] highlight the menu entry [Interviews]. Now press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and the image of the dancers will disappear. Press [Enter] now and you'll have the chance to see 5 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes footage from the rehearsal and shooting of the movie's final dance scene. Interview Featurette On the [Main Menu], select the [Interviews] menu entry this time and in the following menu, highlight Kenny Ortega's name. Press the [Lef arrow key on your remote now and the dancers will appear on the screen. Now press the [Enter] key and you'll get to see an on-location interview featurette with many of the principal cast members. The 60's Make a Comeback Select the [Music Videos] menu entry on the [Main Menu]. On the following screen highlight the entry [(Iíve Had) The Time Of My Life] and then press the [Lef arrow key. If you press [Enter] now you will get to view a featurette on the... Read More

Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle

 Dragonheart commentary: Note: The following can only be done if you are not using DTS sound. Select the "Languages" option at the main menu. Select the DTS sound icon then select the "Yes" option at the prompt. When the DTS introduction appears, you will hear a segment of director's commentary from the DVD version of Dragonheart... Read More


 Bonus Trailers From the [Main Menu] go to the [Extras] submenu and there highlight the [Posters & Stills] menu entry. Now press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and a zombie skull will appear. Now press the [Enter] key and you will see about 30 minutes worth of trailers of movies by the director, spanning the length of Fulci's career.... Read More

Cabin Fever

 Hidden Stuff Trailers: Highlight the Lion's Gate logo on the Main Menu and press Enter to access bonus movie trailers. The reel is closed out by director Eli Roth coming on screen congratulating you on finding the easter egg.† Menu Timeouts: The disc contains a series of menu time-outs that you can find in the Scene Selections. Simply go there from the Main Menu and don't do anything. Just wait until the menu has looped a few times. Eventually the party-obsessed cop will show up and treat you to a brief clip. Try various Scene Selection pages for different clips, and if you pay attention to them you will realize that these clips actually create a small story.... Read More

Clerks: The Animated Series Uncensored

 Animation On the Main Menu of clerks animated let the dog walk by 3 times, the fourth time he walks by he will stop and smile while going to the bathroom at the foot of silent bob.... Read More

Anger Management

 Behind-The-Scenes Go to the [Audio Setup] then go to [English] and press [Up]. The cat's eyes will highlight. Press [Enter] to see a bonus Behind-The-Scenes featurette. Fun with his Dog Go to the [Special Features] area and then to the [Deleted Scenes]. Once there, press [Up] when over the [Candy Store] scene and you'll highlight the switch of one of the electric shavers. Press [Enter] to see Adam Sandler having some fun while feeding his dog.... Read More

Moulin Rouge

 Gag Reel Insert the second disc of the set and from the [Main Menu] select the [More] option. In the next screen, highlight the [Back] menu entry at the bottom and then press the [Down] arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight a fairy. Press [Enter]. From the second page of the [Main Menu], choose [The Design]. Press the [Down] arrow three times to highlight [Costume Design] and press [Enter]. "A Courtesan?s Wardrobe" will be highlighted. Press [Enter]. Press the button recommended to step forward four times. Then press the [Up] arrow and when the green fairy appears, press [Enter]. You will see Kidman and McGregor in what appears to be an outtake where McGregor has a microphone problem. Behind the Scenes Now select [The Dance] on the second menu of the disc. On the next screen select [The Dance] once again and then highlight [A Word From Baz]. Press the [Righ arrow key on your remote. Go back to the main menu of the second disc and select [This Story Is About?] In the fol... Read More


 Scene sequence Insert Disc 2. Watch the trailer from the movie, then press Play when Kaneda first appears with goggles. A sequence of scenes from the movie set to a techno soundtrack will begin.... Read More



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