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 Bonus Trailers Scroll [Down] to [Subtitles] on the [Main Menu], then press the [Righ arrow key to access two trailers for two other Studio Home Entertainment movies.... Read More

Ben Stiller Show, The

 Find a hidden commentary On the second disc, go to the special features. Highlight any of the features and hit right. The picture of Bob Odenkirk in costume will light up. When clicked, the Melrose Heights 90210-2402 sketch will play with commentary.... Read More

Little Nicky

 80's Rock Video (Region 2 ONLY) In the UK edition there is a hidden 80's music video. Go to [Special Features] then press [Lef a few times. Eventually, you'll select an icon in the bottom right-hand corner (1984). Select it and there is an 80's rock music video. First Glimpse of Lord of the Rings If you go into [Special Features], you will come across three paths, choose [Central Park] (the middle path) and this will take you to the list of features. On this screen, you'll see Nicky sitting on a park bench. Keep on hitting [Lef on your remote until a halo pops into view over his head. Finally, hit [Enter], sit back, and enjoy the first appearance of the Lord of the Rings trailer on any DVD! DVD Production Credits Make sure you are at the [Main Menu]. Press the [Righ button until you see a small New Line Cinema logo in the lower right corner change from black to white. Press [Enter] on your remote control.... Read More

House on the Edge of the Park

 Bonus Music Video & Slide Show From the disc's [Main Menu] go to the [Extras] section. Once there, select the [Interviews] menu entry and on the following screen highlight the menu entry that reads "David Hess and Family". Now press the [Righ arrow key and you will highlight a blood-splattered stain on the screen. Press [Enter] and you will get to a trivia game consisting of 10 questions about the history of the film. If you answer all these questions correctly you will be treated to a music video by David's son, Jessie Hess. The video is then followed by a slide show consisting of the movie's foreign lobby cards.... Read More

Blair Thumb, The

 Hidden Clip Insert the DVD and on the [Main Menu], highlight the [Death House] menu entry and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the Blair Thumb symbol. If you press [Enter] now you will get to see a short clip of a house-exploration-by-flashlight with a surprising cameo encounter.... Read More

Patriot, The

 Hidden Sequences At the [Main Menu], select the [Special Features] option, then choose the [Visual Effects] selection. Select either the [How a Patriot Loses his Head] or [Recreating a Digital Army] option. When you enter either of these two options and play it, you will notice that there are three different sections on the screen playing footage. Press [Lef, [Righ, [Up], or [Down] to see small yellow arrows appearing in all different sections that are playing footage. Each arrow will tell you something different when selected... Read More

Welcome to Mooseport

 Bonus Outtakes Go to the [Special Features] menu. From [Outtake Reel] press [Lef to reveal Ray Romano with moose antlers. Press [Enter]. Go to the [Special Features] menu then to the [Deleted Scenes] menu. From [Play All] press [Lef to reveal Gene Hackman with moose antlers. Press [Enter].... Read More

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Seven

 Previously On Insert the last disc of the set in your player and from the [Main Menu] go to the [Special Features]. Select the menu entry [Featurettes] and on the following screen highlight the entry for the [The Last Sundown]. Now press the [Lef arrow on your remote control and the Buffy logo will be highlighted, giving you access to the "Previously on Buffy" reel from the show's 100th episode.... Read More

Babylon 5: The Complete First Season

 Hidden Promo Clip Insert disc 6 of the set and from the [Main Menu] select [Special Features]. There, select the [Universe of Babylon 5]. In the following menu, select [Data Files] and in the sub menu that follows, highlight the menu entry that reads [Battle of the Line]. Now, press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and the "%" logo will appear on the side of the screen. Press [Enter] and you will get to see a generic "Babylon 5" promo clip.... Read More

Peter Pan

 Hear Music from the Movie Go to the [Main Menu]. Move the cursor to the far [Lef (it should be on [Play]) and move the cursor [Lef one more time. You will be taken to a list of all the music from the film with the option to listen.... Read More

Vincent Price: The Sinister Image

 Bonus Footage Insert the DVD and from the [Main Menu] select the [Bonus Features] menu entry. In the following menu screen, highlight the menu entry that reads [Return to Main Menu] and then press the [Down] arrow key on your remote control. You will then see a 15-minute outtake from "Vincent Price: The Sinister Image" where the host David Del Valle and Vincent Price watch and comment some specific performances from Price's career.... Read More

2019: After the Fall of New York

 Blooper Reel On the [Main Menu] select the menu entry [Extras]. In the following submenu highlight the [Radiation] sign using your directional keys on the remote control and then press the [Lef arrow. A large green "Radioactive" sign will appear on the screen and give you access to a blooper reel featuring actor Michael Sopkiw flubbing his lines.... Read More

Depeche Mode: One Night in Paris

 Hidden Footage On the disc 2, there is an easter egg featuring Martin Gore singing and putting make up on at the same time (4'45"). The quickest way to get to it is to go to Title 11 Chapter 1.... Read More

Man On The Moon

 Hidden Clips At the main menu, select the "Bonus Materials" option. Select Andy Kaufman's biography and advance through the screens. Press Up to highlight the small picture of Andy Kaufman that appears on the various screens. Press Enter to play short clips of him performing.... Read More


 Bonus Trailers From the [Main Menu], highlight the Lions Gate logo and press [Enter].... Read More

Die Another Day

 Bonus Angles on HiJinx (REGION 2 ONLY) On disc two, select [Image Database] from the [Main Menu], then select [Sets And Locations]. The seventh picture in the series is of Halle Berry exiting the sea. Press [Enter] on the remote to be taken to the secret menu. From there you can select one of the three angles used to edit this scene, all three at once, or switch between them during play mode by using the angle button on your DVD's remote control.... Read More

David Blaine: Mystifier

 LEVITATION SCENE Wait for the DVD menu to start, it will have all these animated quotes in the background, leave the menu till it repeats its background music and animations a few times, then a special thing will happen, just leave the menu, and you will see a hidden video scene where he does the levitation.... Read More

Starship Troopers (Special Edition)

 Special Effects Test Footage Insert the first disc of the set and navigate to [Special Features]. Select [Filmographies] and then select [Paul Verhoeven]. On the second screen of Verhoeven's biography press the [Up] arrow key on your remote control to display a Federal symbol over his face. Now press [Enter] and you will have the chance to see several minutes of bug test and other special effects footage, including a swarm of infantry bugs in the shape of a smiley face.... Read More

Sound of Music, The

 Sing-A-Long On disc two, when at the [Main Menu], move your selector to point to the movie name. A small green shadow of a TV appears on a space near a mountain. Press [Enter] on that TV, then you can access the Sing-a-Long menu with all of the song sequences from the movie... Read More


 Bonus Horse Footage On the [Bonus Features] screen push [Up] to highlight [Main Menu] and hit [Lef to highlight a circle on bottom left of the screen. Press [Enter].... Read More



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