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DVD Video


Rare Birds

 Hidden Trailers Highlight the Lions' Gate logo in the lower right portion of the [Main Menu]. Press [Enter] and you should see three trailers: "Rare Bords", "Monster's Ball" and "Lantana".... Read More

Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me

 Dr. Evil Feature Go into the Special Features menu, stick around for 30 seconds and wait for the Evil rocket to take off through the middle, leaving behind the E logo. Click on the 'E' logo and get taken to an EVIL menu. In it you can find failed Evil plots from various movies and 2 links to Dr Evils songs in the movie. NOTE: Some versions of the DVD will also have a 20-minute Comedy Central special acessible from this same location.... Read More

Galaxy Quest

 Hidden Interviews From the disc's main menu go to the [Cast and Crew Biographies]. In the biographies of actors Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub, Daryl Mitchell and Sam Rockwell you will find small buttons that you can highlight using your remote. If you press [Enter] they will reveal some interview clips with the star talking about the movie. You can find the same buttons in the biographies of director Dean Parisot and the movie's Creature Effects crew. Alien Audio Channel While watching the movie, press the audio button on your dvd remote and if you keep pressing it, you can view this movie in an alien language.... Read More

Standing in the Shadows of Motown

 Hidden Video On disc two, click on [More], then press the [Righ arrow key to the top of the microphone, click on the microphone and you will get a bonus rap video.... Read More


 Hidden Stills, TV Spots and Deleted Scenes Added to the end of the "Making of..." featurette and a few bonus features. Go to the last chapter (#4) in the featurette and scan carefully thru the end titles. If left alone to play, at the end of the featurette are stills that will last about 20 minutes. After that, two deleted scenes are followed by a few TV spots.... Read More

X2: X-Men United

 Some of the other mutants make an appearance When Mystique is hacking Stryker's files, there is a list of the real names of some mutants. Below is a list of those names along with their mutant aliases: 1. Guthrie, Paige (Husk) 2. Guthrie, Samuel (Cannonball) 3. Harada, Keniucho (known as The Silver Samurai) 4. Kane, Garrison (Weapon X) 5. LeBeau, Remy (Gambit) 6. Lensherr, Eric M (Magneto) 7. Maddicks, Artie (Artie) 8. Madrox, Jamie (Multiple Man) 9. Mahn, Xi'an Coy (Karma) 10. Maximoff (2) (Wanda and Pietro, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Names weren't specified) 11. McTaggart, Kevin (Proteus) 12. Moonstar, Danielle (Moonstar) 13. Munroe, Ororo (Storm) There are also folders on the other computer: 1. Omega Red: The Russian Super Soldier 2. Muir Island: The Scottish Mutant Research Facility 3. Project Wideawake: The Sentinal Project 4. Franklin Richards: The Mutant Born son of Sue (Invisible Woman) and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) of the Fantastic Four 5. Cerebro: Built by Xavier and... Read More

Golem, The

 Bonus Clip From the [Main Menu], go to [Special Features]. Go to [Creation]. Once there, highlight [The Film] and press [Lef arrow with your remote to see a short clip of an alternate Creation scene. Bonus Trailer Back at the [Creation] menu, highlight [The Novel] and then press [Lef arrow to see the trailer from the original "Frankenstein". Hidden Promo From the [Main Menu], highlight [Start Film] and press [Up] to see a promo for Kino's restored version of "Fritz Lang’s Metropolis".... Read More

Once Upon a Time in the West

 Bonus Trailer Insert the second disc of the set and on the [Main Menu] highlight the menu entry [Documentaries]. Now press the [Lef arrow key on your remote and the title "Once Upon A Time In The West" will be highlighted. Press [Enter].... Read More

Blair Witch Project, The

 Hidden Trailers From the disc's main menu, go to the [Special Features]. Now press the arrow down key on your remote control until you highlight the well-known [Blair Witch] stick-figure symbol. Now press [Enter] and you will see 2 teaser clips for 'The Blair Witch Project' as well as a trailer for the upcoming 'The Stand'.... Read More

Saving Silverman

 Behind-The-Scenes Go to the special features menu and highlight [Filmographies]. Press Right and the picture of Jack Black will change to his Eagle Mascot costume. Then press [Enter] to watch various takes of his cheerleading. Alternatively, after Jack Black turns into the eagle press Right twice more and the picture of Steve Zahn will change to him with a racoon on his head. Press [Enter] to see the making of the racoon scene.... Read More


 Djinn Takes Control Enter the [Skip To Chapter] screen but do not make any selections. Remain at that screen and the Djinn will ask you to make a wish. Continue to remain at that screen and the Djinn will say that he will make a wish for you. Continue to wait and the Djinn will select a chapter for you.... Read More


 Hidden Trailer At the [Main Menu] highlight [Play Movie!] then scroll [Up] to the Lions Gate trademark and select it to see a trailer for "Hit Me". Screenplay Ad Go to the [Audio Setup] menu and then press the [Up] arrow key on your remote control until the ant at the top of the logo is highlighted. Now press [Enter] and you will get to see an advertisement for the Secretary screenplay.... Read More

Terminator 2 (Ultimate Edition)

 More Options Insert Terminator 2 disk 2 into the dvd player (This works better when played on computer). Go down to data hub but don't open it. Keep highlighting the data hub for 30 seconds and eventually, on the left hand side of DATA HUB there will be a rectangular box that will light up for a few seconds. It will either be an electric circle or say "Join the resistance". Quickly scroll over to the rectangular box and press enter. With a mouse on the computer, simply put the cursor onto the box and press return on the keyboard. The menu will then change to loads of different options that show you the storyboards and things of making the film. submitted by: Neil Addison... Read More

Blood: The Last Vampire

 Hidden Trailers, Clips At the [Main Menu], click to the [Righ and the three sets of logos can now be selected. Hit [Enter] on one and watch the trailers and miscellaneous clips.... Read More


 Bonus Featurette On the [Main Menu] page, wait for Scooby-Doo to be startled by the ghost. When he drops the Scooby Snack in his mouth, you'll be able to highlight it. Highlight the snack and press [Enter] on your remote to access a short featurette on adverse weather conditions during the filming of the movie.... Read More

Sugar & Spice

 DVD Production Credits At the [Main Menu] screen, higlight the [Play Movie] option and then press [Up]. "Credits" will be highlighted on the "Game Board", directly beneath the [All Access Pass] option.... Read More


 Hidden Trailer At the [Main Menu], click [Bonus Materials], then scroll [Down] to [Recommendations] and click. On the next page, press [Up] on your remote control and you will notice a movie reel is now highlighted. Click on the highlighted icon and the movie trailer for "Twins" will play.... Read More


 Hidden trailers: Highlight the Trimark logo at the main menu, then press Enter to view two trailers from the movie.... Read More

Mulan 2

 Tour On the [Main Menu] go to the [Special Features] section, press [Enter] and once in there on the first topic, press the [Righ button. You will then see a symbol light up. Press the [Enter] button to go on a tour.... Read More

Steve Vai: Alien Love Secrets

 Hidden Images Go through the discography screen by screen, and every time you see a cover of one of his records, press the arrow [Up] key followed by the [Enter] key. This will bring up images of Steve, his band or even alternative cover artworks for the respective albums.... Read More



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